Has This Ever Happened On Your Late Night Drive-Thru Run ??? posted by on April 14, 2011

Yeah,, That's one tough act to swallow

Let’s hope not.  Cause this definitely never happened to me before tonight !!

Ya know, lately I’ve tried to slow down on my late night drive-thru runs, knowing it can’t be healthy for you.

But of course, I always ignore my warnings for self-preservation, and decided to go for it anyway.  And I don’t know what’s worse… not getting the meal i was hoping for, or knowing i will never be able to look at those meals the same way ever again.

What makes that even more f@nked up, is the parking lot was completely empty, which means no employees either.  So everyone was like “Let’s get the eff outta here before the fumes get to us!!”… Then, let’s not mention the irony in them tryin to pub their new Turkey Burgers… like it’s the healthy alternative to cockroach !!

The sad part is, they were required to let their customers know what was up, with the full on Carl’s Jr. logo to show it was legit,like a company letter, in order to follow their required standards with informing the public.  The damn star still even got a smile in his face, like sh!t’s still cool… IT AINT COOL FOOL !! If i was the manager of that Carl’s, I’d make the star have a sad face, with tears cryin and sh!t, talking like “I let my people down!”

For now, unless I get an overwhelming amount of comments demanding I do otherwise, I will keep the location of this particular Carl’s Jr. under wraps for now.  But at least I know not to visit there anytime soon.

But to the defense of fast food restaurants, restaurants and any food service establishment… It is impossible to serve food for an extended period of time, without having something like a fumigation becoming a necessary part of operations.  There is just no way around preventing the infestation of pests 100%.  It is just a natural occurrence when it comes to large amounts of food stored in one place at all times.

Have you had any fast food horror stories you’d like to share?  If so.. throw it down below

Photo Credit: www.SunOfHollywood.com