Breaking News: Jay Cutler And Kristin Cavallari Engaged !! Kristin Gets To Keep The Same Initials posted by on April 25, 2011

Smart move Kristin.. This won't take a whole lot of getting used to

27 year old Jay Cutler has asked 24 year old Kristin Cavallari, star of “Laguna Beach” and “The Hills” to marry him, and she said yes. Jay surprised Kristin with a trip to Cabo San Lucas with the specific intent of asking Kristin’s hand in marriage. Jay reportedly got down on one knee overlooking the ocean while presenting Kristin with a 5 carat diamond ring. Kristin has stated that she is madly in love and couldn’t be happier. Jay came into the NFL out of Vanderbilt University playing for the Denver Broncos in 2006 and has been with the Chicago Bears since 2009.

Congratulations to the couple. And for convenience sake, glad to see that K.C. is still going to be K.C., unless she decides to make her name Kristin Cavallari-Cutler, then she’ll be K.C.C., which would probably get confusing in an email situation when she says “CC me?”, and her friends will say, “CC what? Which CC are you talking about?”

Keenan Cahill Made Jeremih And 50 Cent’s “Down On Me” A Bigger Hit Than They Did posted by on April 25, 2011

Keenan Cahill is Ca-Killin the Game

Keenan Cahill is a young modern day hero.  If you don’t know him by now you’re obviously not on the internet and need to crawl out from under your rock.  He lip syncs to some of all the greatest pop hits and is so well choreographed, hilarious and animated with what he does, he never gets less than a Million hits per video.

Even 50 perCENT of a Million Dollars on a video budget couldn't beat out Keenan

So it’s no wonder why he even caught the attention of 50 Cent, and the two decided to make their own video for Jeremih‘s song “Down On Me” which features the rapper who has the 9 lives of a cat, one for each bullet he’s taken.  But what they didn’t know was that 50’s version with Keenan was the video that actually made “Down On Me” a true bona fide hit.  Keenan and 50’s video was posted 5 months ago and now has 30 Million views.  The official video with Jeremih and 50 was posted to YouTube about a month later, and is now sitting at 25 million views… still quite impressive, but nowhere near Keenan’s version in his bedroom, and that’s not even counting the copycat video posts that also have views in the millions.

Let’s do the math… out of their collective total, Keenan MORE THAN DOUBLES what would have been the 25 Million plays alone, bringing the grand total to 55.  And let’s not mention the fact that Keenan’s video already made the song a more well known hit than radio had at the time.  He probably boosted 10 of the 25 Million plays they got.

When you consider Keenan and 50’s version cost $0 and some time, versus Jeremih and 50’s version which probably cost upwards of $500,000… Keenan and 50’s version is one of the best video / music single marketing tools of all time.

What makes it even more gangster, is Keenan didn’t even clean up his room… NOT EVEN FOR 50 CENT !!

Check out the two videos below, and you tell me which one is more entertaining.

This Year Is All About Aubrey… Soaking Up The Oxygen !! posted by on April 25, 2011

Go Aubrey ! It's your O'BerffDay... We gonna party like it's your O'Berffday

So this is a special post I’ve been meaning to write about for quite some time now, and that’s about Aubrey O’Day suckin up all the Oxygen… You hear that?  That’s the sound of you not breathing !!

I'm Gone With The Wind.. Of The Kisses Blown.. It Must Be A Sin

Not forrealz.  But let’s just start this off by saying that the year 2011 has definitely been kicked off to a great start… if your name is Aubrey O’Day.  Aubrey saw the start of her own reality show on Oprah Winfrey’s Oxygen network, and her premiere was the highest rated in the network’s history.  This is no small feat, as this is the first reality show from Oxygen to real make its mark into the mainstream before introducing all of its future up and coming projects.  The Oxygen will soon include shows with Paris Hilton, Brooke Mueller, Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott, and not to mention, another one of my good friends, Jaimie Hilfiger.

Aubrey is an expert in giving and receiving pleasure ;)

I’ve known Aubrey for a couple years now through mutual friends and industry events, and I have the pleasure in saying I’ve partied with the girl, hung with the girl and gotten to know that she is nothing but an absolute sweetheart.  In this biz, that is incredibly difficult to find.  Not only do the circumstances of success tend to get to the head of those in the limelight, but the difficulties and stresses from this world can also change people for the worse.  It is clear to me that Aubrey was raised right, and she intends to stay that way.

If you only knew how few celebrities take time out to give back to those that love them

She has come a long way from her days of Danity Kane, and is now starting to see the full splendor of her own career come to fruition, as a strong minded woman with a straight head on her shoulders, ready to tackle to the world and all the shady men that run it.  Nothing in this world says sexy and sweet, than Aubrey O’Day when her eyes sneak a peek.

Dear Steve Rifking... You will soon lose one of your greatest stars, talents, and assets if you choose unwisely

On top of her newly successful show “All About Aubrey”, she is also seeing the beginning of her solo music career.  Aubrey just recently signed a solo recording deal with SRC/Universal Motown, and her first single, “Automatic” made it to the Top 40 downloads on iTunes in just a matter of a few hours and a little help from her truly loyal friends and fans.


Have you downloaded "Automatic" yet? How could I not? It was automatic

But don’t let the sweet and sexy fool you.  Aubrey is ready to take charge in this man’s world, and she isn’t taking “Man” for an answer.  She was recently spotted outside of Katsuya, giving her girlfriend’s shady companion more than just a mouth and a shove full outside of Katsuya in Hollywood.  If I were you, I wouldn’t just think twice of doing Aubrey dirty, but as we now know, you should definitely not even consider crossing one of her good friends… Or you will get it !

Don't mess with Aubrey and her crew... She aint afraid of lawsuits and she aint afraid of you

Yeah.. That’s me screaming out all crazy, as always.

And just recently, Aubrey was seen outside of Mr. Chows in Beverly Hills, just one day after the hugely successful debut of Automatic on iTunes.  She was seen telling the media to reach out to those in support of her to convince her record company to shoot a video for her debut single.  Aubrey of course has had her fill of difficult Executives in the past of her music career *cough* PUFFY *cough* .  But at this point in her life, it is obvious that Aubrey is ready to take charge and ready to press forward, even if that means calling out those that pay you when she knows they’re not giving her the focus she needs.

It's a Celebration every O'Day for Aubrey O'Day

And if friendships and loyalty mean anything to you, than her friendship with Jenna Jameson should speak volumes.  A woman like Jenna, who is at the top of her industry, is not one who can just trust anybody.  So for her to have a friend who has stood by her for years, in Aubrey, shows that Aubrey is definitely somebody that you would wish was in your circle, and never left.

March 27th, 2008 Jenna Jameson and Aubrey O'Day holding hands.. with a dirty big man over them


March 27th, 2011: Exactly 3 years later... Jenna Jameson holding hands with Aubrey O'Day, and yet another dirty big man.. Coincidence? Yes or No?

So here’s to Aubrey, one of the most amazing women in the industry.  And with the fortitude and vision she is beginning to show in just the early stages of her career that is ready to take off like never before… There is no doubt in my mind that Aubrey will soon become her own Executive, calling her own shots, filming her own shoots, and not waiting for a single man to tell her yes.

The “Yes” is yours.

P.S.  Aubrey always gives love in return:

Aubrey Gives Love And Props To Prophecy

Photos and Video: www.SunOfHollywood.com

Lesson Learned: Celebrities WILL Ditch Their Longtime Civilian Companions For Industry Meat posted by on April 25, 2011

Yes... They WILL divorce you for someone in the industry

This week we saw two major events amongst celebrity couples.  1) Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes got married in Malibu, California. 2) Amy Smart announced her engagement to Carter Oosterhouse from HGTV’sCarter Can

What makes these two couples worth talking about in this post?  Eddie, LeAnn and Amy all dumped their longtime former companions for someone more prominent in the industry.

Eddie was married to Brandi Glanville, a make-up artist who is also the mother of his two children.  The two were married for 8 years before Eddie began his alleged affair with LeAnn, also married at the time to Dean Sheremet, also for 8 years !!

So they both dumped their spouses of 8 years, to get with the more prominent, more famous and wealthier person.

I guess Amy made the Smart move.. A guy who's good with his hands ;)

Now, on to Amy Smart.  Amy was dating actor Brandon Williams, and the two had been together more than half their lives, since they were teenagers in junior high.  They were at once engaged, but ended their relationship.  Then Amy meets Carter in November, and the two are already on the path to tying the knot.  Sucks for Brandon who’s been puttin in work over half his life.

All that’s to say is, most celebrities in the industry will do you like Jennifer Lopez.  They’ll ditch out on the Ojani Noas and Chris Judds of their lives, to get with the Puffys, Diddys and Marc Anthonys.

If you’re dating a celebrity, and you’re a non-celebrity… beware your 8th year.

And since this is the first ever “Lesson Learned” post, here’s Alicia Keys and John Mayer with “Lesson Learned

Prince William And Kate Middleton To Marry On Anniversary Of The Rodney King Riots posted by on April 25, 2011

If you two can eat KFC... You should respect April 29th

Not forrealz… Them is just look-alikes.

But hey, maybe the fake Prince William and the fake Kate Middleton ought to let the real couple know that they’re about to get married this Friday… on the 19th Anniversary of the L.A. Rodney King Riots.

I understand they’re Brits, and probably don’t realize the date they chose… But would you want to get married on such a date that is forever solidified as one of the most historic moments of Civil Unrest in America?

I know I wouldn’t.  I’d be afraid our marriage would burn.

Coincidence? Yes or No?

I will share with you a verse from one of my songs, “Our Own Home“, detailing the Rodney King Riots, and you tell me if you would want your wedding on this day:

’92 April 29th, More power to the people

Exit out the front door to a world less equal.. It needs

No introduction as the odors of a burning land

has got my legs shakin’, now they feeble

But now we know no evil, forget the hearin’, speakin’ or sayin’

Even Vigilante store owners got their Tech’s sprayin’

Pandemonium. Mobbin’ mentalists versus Right Wing Fundamentalists

The top two on the rival street credential list

They make a pact of unity, for gettin’ back community

No man is safe, not even with Diplomatic Immunity

Who could it be? Oppressed over Oppressor

No man will ever willingly say, “Yes Sir” forever

Revolutionary, Gettin’ Scary, Any Means Necessary

Repercussions, Narrow Minds, Committin’ Hari Kari

The City of the Angels got the Devils Comin’ Out

Executive declares the air a new Apocalypse now

“Our Own Home”

- Prophecy

Watch The Tornado In Action As It Rips Through The St. Louis Airport posted by on April 25, 2011

In the wake of the weekend’s devastating tornado in St. Louis, the Internet has picked up a fairly terrifying surveillance video showing the twister ripping through a concourse at  Lambert International Airport. The video shows frantic visitors and employees running  for cover as the facility gives way to the high winds.

The massive tornado blazed a path of destruction 22 miles long, tearing through Concourse C of the airport, opening up a hole in the ceiling, and smashing hundreds of its glass windows. Though nearly 100 homes were destroyed and thousands damaged in Friday’s storm, the tornado claimed no fatalities—something that locals are hailing a miracle, with such a powerful weather event moving through a densely populated city. And incredibly, Lambert airport has reopened and flights began departing yesterday.

My sister was in St. Louis at the time of this incident.  Thank God she and everyone else in St. Louis stayed safe !

In the video below, you can see TSA agents running for the bathroom as debris begins flying through the concourse:

Former “Destiny’s Child” Member, Farrah Franklin, Arrested Over The Weekend For Disorderly Conduct posted by on April 25, 2011

3 Hours? for $100? Beyonce makes than in 1/100th of a second


Former “Destiny’s Child” member with Beyonce Knowles and Kelly Rowland, Farrah Franklin, was arrested over the weekend in Culver City, California for Disorderly Conduct and released on just $100 Bail 3 hours later… Really? It took you 3 Hours to find $100?

The 29-year-old was arrested at 6:45 am and it’s reported that there was alcohol involved in the incident.

Franklin was a member of Destiny’s Child in 2000 before she was reportedly ousted by Beyonce and Kelly

Media Scrutiny Over Ryan Phillippe’s Personal Life Cause The Actor To Call It Quits posted by on April 25, 2011

"I'm not the guy you read about"... You said that the last time we read it

After 20 years as an actor since he began on the recently cancelled Soap Opera “One Life To Live”, Ryan Phillippe has decided to call it quits.  He has made it evident that his decision for this is primarily based on his fatigue from being under the scrutiny of today’s celebrity media.  His failed marriage with Reese Witherspoon, his former relationship with Abbie Cornish… to his current relationship with Amanda Seyfried while being bombarded with possible fatherhood with former girlfriend, Alexis Knapp, the “Cruel Intentions” star has had enough.

He does however wish to stay in the entertainment industry, but would rather focus on positions behind the scenes.  He has already made the decision to move out of Los Angeles and away from the constant hounding of the media’s presence here.  He has said he would like to move to New York’s SoHo District where he will spend a third of his year.

He will not be able to stay too far away from Los Angeles for too long.  He still has children to tend to.

Nearly 500 Taliban Prisoners Escape Through Underground Tunnels posted by on April 25, 2011

I don't know about you... But I would get the FU@K up outta there

Taliban militants tunneled at least 480 inmates out of the main prison in southern Afghanistan overnight, whisking them through a 1,000-foot-long underground passage they had dug over months, officials and insurgents said Monday.

The militants began digging the tunnel about five months ago from a house within shooting distance of the prison guard towers. It was not immediately clear whether they lived in the house while they dug. They meticulously plotted the tunnel’s course around police checkpoints and major roads, the insurgent group said in a statement.

The diggers finally broke through to the prison cells around 11 p.m. Sunday night, and a handful of inmates who knew of the plan unlocked cells and ushered hundreds of inmates to freedom without a shot being fired.

Officials at Sarposa prison in the city of Kandahar, the birthplace of the Taliban, say they only discovered the breach at about 4 a.m., a half hour after the Taliban said they had gotten all the prisoners out.

ATTENTION: The Real Reason We Need To End All Our Wars posted by on April 25, 2011

Life is Short, and it happens only once.

There is no reason why we as people and human beings should be separated from our loved ones for so long, in such a heartbreaking manner… Especially with the notion that our loved ones may never come home.

It’s time to end our wars, cause in the end, nobody wins.

BTW: Don’t try and hold back your tears. I guarantee you, it will only make it worse

Kris Jenner’s Mommy Management Pressures Add To Khloe Kardashian’s Insecurities Over Weight posted by on April 25, 2011

Kris... It's time to ease up on your kids.. You all are rich enough as it is

Khloe Kardashian has broken her silence and finally become vocal about how fed up she is with the whole world commenting on her weight.  She has recently made statements that the unrealistic images desired by Hollywood and its Industry make it difficult for her to have a healthy perspective on herself.

“I always get comments on my weight, People (probably her momma) want me to be a certain size. I am a size six, and in the normal world, that is not fat—but to Hollywood, sometimes being a six is way too big. But when the world literally gets on you every single day and tells you, ‘You’re fat, you’re fat, you’re fat,’ eventually you are going to break and agree.”

But what stands out most are Khloe’s statements regarding her Mother, Kris Jenner’s pressure to succeed, especially as it is directly correlated with the success of one of their endorsement brands, QuickTrim.

“The reason why I blew up was because my mom told me that I am too fat and that I am ruining what we all worked for. We have a brand, QuickTrim and this and that—and that I am ruining all of the that single-handedly. To have that pressure and to have someone tell you that, I snap and I break down and I cry.

“My weight has been a struggle for me my entire life, and I know it will always be a struggle for me, but I try to be healthy, diet and exercise as best as I could. Everyone falls off every now and then, but I am trying to live a healthy life and do what is best for me.”

While I’ve joked around about Kris Jenner pimping out her kids, it is clear now that the driving force behind the Kardashian family powerhouse has begun to go overboard.  Truth be told, the family made $65 Million Dollars last year.  How much do you think they made before that?  Maybe $30 Million?  What about the year before that?  Maybe $15 Million?

So conceivably, the family has netted, Oh, I would say about $100 Million over the course of the last 3 years.  That’s a huge amount of money, in a very short amount of time.

If Khloe wants to sit on her non-skinny ass a little longer, she might as well.  I can see how it would be a problem with QuickTrim.  Either the pills work, and Khloe’s not taking them, or the pills don’t work. And it doesn’t help that her older but smaller sister is Kim Kardashian. Well, in the end, we know none of the Kardashian sisters are taking QuikTrim, and it’s all about the loot.. (that’s L$$T in the eyes of the greedy).

And in the end, it’s looking like Khloe really has the last laugh.  Because when everybody was trying to hook Khloe up with a date, and couldn’t, she still managed to somehow nab herself an NBA Champion faster than Kim and Kourtney can maintain a steady, normal-minded boyfriend.

Props Khloe.  Tell your moms to ‘SHUTYERTRAP“… OR “SHUTHOLE

Photo: www.SunOfHollywood.com

Updated Commentary: Not to say that this would be a guaranteed instance to occur.. but let’s say perhaps one day we find the long term effects of QuickTrim is something like a Hydroxycut, where people realize the formulas in these diet pills / weight burners may have harmful health risks. Not to say this may happen, but it definitely can when you’re dealing with any type of pill of this nature.

Should that happen, maybe Kris would realize her folly in losing her daughter’s relationship, even though she was the only one to keep you from being attached to a brand that you are disappointed in. Sorta like a prepaid MasterCard, only lives could be lost.

Rule to all: Never let business come in between family. We all will eventually have to pass on from this world, and when that time happens, you’ll wish you never let the business tear you apart from the only real thing you had, and that was the lives and hearts of your loved ones

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