Watch The Tornado In Action As It Rips Through The St. Louis Airport posted by on April 25, 2011

In the wake of the weekend’s devastating tornado in St. Louis, the Internet has picked up a fairly terrifying surveillance video showing the twister ripping through a concourse at  Lambert International Airport. The video shows frantic visitors and employees running  for cover as the facility gives way to the high winds.

The massive tornado blazed a path of destruction 22 miles long, tearing through Concourse C of the airport, opening up a hole in the ceiling, and smashing hundreds of its glass windows. Though nearly 100 homes were destroyed and thousands damaged in Friday’s storm, the tornado claimed no fatalities—something that locals are hailing a miracle, with such a powerful weather event moving through a densely populated city. And incredibly, Lambert airport has reopened and flights began departing yesterday.

My sister was in St. Louis at the time of this incident.  Thank God she and everyone else in St. Louis stayed safe !

In the video below, you can see TSA agents running for the bathroom as debris begins flying through the concourse:


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