Jennifer Lopez Is Too Hip !! posted by on May 4, 2011

Either Jennifer Lopez is too hip... Or the other chick is not hip at all

Jennifer Lopez had her record release party for the “Love” album at Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood last night.  And Jennifer these days is looking extremely hip…. like shootin twins out your pelvis like projectiles kinda hip.

It’s either that, or they made a mistake of standing her next to a formless mannequin who doesn’t have nearly the J. Lo booty that’s so phat you can see it from the front.  Rare things.

Ya know those optical illusions in school back in the day?  Like, which line is longer?

a.  >—-<


b.  <—->

Now let’s apply that to J. Lo booty:


Which line is wider? Or are they the same ??

Yeah… That’s what I thought.


Photos: WireImage/John Shearer 

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