Shenae Grimes Laughs As A Pap Breaks Glass After Falling On Hiza$$ posted by on May 8, 2011

Talk about a poor sport for success... Grimey

Shenae Grimes shows us exactly how “Grimey” she can be.

As she was leaving the Tyler Shields event last night, and paps were trying to get some conversation out of her, she stayed mad silent… until of course a pap fell on hiza$$ and broke some glass.

She wasted no time in saying “Karma’s a bitch !!“… yeah Shenae, and so are you.  Well actually, let’s not get it twisted.  Dude who fell may have some Karma on hiza$$.

We have nicknamed him “Fingerbreaker Dave” because as rumor has it, there was a time several years ago where there were several paparazzi outside of Les Deux in Hollywood.  As the security was trying to hold off the paparazzi from Britney Spears, Dave apparently broke the finger of one of the guys, who just so happened to be one of the owners of Les Deux (who he himself had some shady circumstances surrounding him).  As a result, paparazzi were banned from Les Deux from that day forward.  Actually, I’m the one who gave him the name “Fingerbreaker” and it’s stayed all these years…. “PROPHECY” !!!!

But as paps were asking more questions, Shenae said “I hope one of you gets hit by a fu@kin’ car“.  Yeah, that’s real classy, grateful and humble of you and your success in the industry.

Then another asked “Tupac just wrote a screenplay, would you be in the movie?“… Dude, Pac’s been dead for 15 years homey.  And it’s not a screenplay, it’s the biopic that we’re hoping my boy Josh Harraway nabs the role to play the fallen legend.

Finally, the same pap asks what’s the best compliment a man could pay you.  Shenae said “Oh, now you’re getting creative“.

In all honesty Shenae, you’re the silent one.  Which means you lack the creativity for great responses.

Don’t be mad cause we know what you look like without makeup.


Photo and Video: www.SunOfHollywood.com


Photo and Video: www.SunOfHollywood.com


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