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Can You Believe Omarosa Shies Away From Michael Clarke Duncan’s PDA ????
Who would have ever thought that there would come a time that Omarosa Stallworth would actually try and play coy. Well she did just that when ...
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What part of the word "FREE" do you NOT Understand ????
MTV is giving away FREE TICKETS to Attend the Video Music Awards, and SunOfHollywood.com wants to make sure you know how !! TheĀ VMAs are right ...
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No Truer Words Have Been Spoken: "I Wish He Was Here"
When we stopped to chat with Kurupt after Snoop was Honored at the BMI Event this weekend, he had a lot to say about The ...
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Dodge Vipers Are No Match For Angel Hazel Greenz
  Korrina Rico... aka "Hazel Greenz" forgot that she was only visiting Earth, and accidentally displayed some of that Superhuman Strength and Beauty as only Celestial ...
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Can You Believe Omarosa Shies Away From Michael Clarke Duncan’s PDA ????
MTV Wants YOU To Attend The Video Music Awards
Kurupt Thoughts: Snoop Dogg Honored… Tupac Remembered
Korrina Rico Flexes Her Angelic Beauty And Strength While Lifting A Dodge Viper

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