Kirstina Colonna Wants To Let You In On A Little Secret… That She Is Daaaamn Fine !!!! posted by on August 4, 2011

What's Her Secret ??? SunOfHollywood.com Is Intimately Written Across Her Heart

Lucky for all of us… Not everyone is into keeping everything a secret

Let me introduce you all to Kirstina Colonna.  She recently broke into the industry when she played the female version of Bieber, as the character “Justine Bieber” the huge YouTube Spoof on Bieber’s “Never Say Never” documentary, “The Bieber Movie: For Guys“… Bieber hairstyle and all.

A Little Smile To Light Up This Really Big World

Lingerie On A Rack Never Looked So Good

Even luckier for us, she left the Bieber wig at home this time, and showed us just how daaaamn fine she truly is.

She stopped by Millions Of Milkshakes at the Culver City Westfield Shopping Center for Shawn Marion’s launch, but then decided to get a little personal with us and carry us on a little journey while perusing through the realms of every man and woman’s favorite fantasy, Victoria’s Secret.  And while set in the mood of intimate apparel, she shared a few of her thoughts on recent controversies between Playboy’s Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris… And it sounds to us like Kirstina has no qualms about elderly men taking the Blue Pill.

I think I just forgot my name


And of course, yet another beauty secret of this Superstar on the Rise is her penchant for health conscious habits… like opting for a refreshing Jamba Juice on a Hot Summer Day… A day filled with her own hotness heating up the vicinity.

A Jamba Juice Smoothie In The Hands Of Kirstina Colonna... Refreshingly Hott !!

Oh, and the final beauty secret she shared with us… World Peace makes the World a Better Place… Proven by her Priceless Venezuelan, German, Italian and Native American Genetic Code, leaving an exotic flavor that Jamba Juice could never duplicate in a smoothie.

What Millions Of Men And Women Are Saying Right Now... "Please... Please Kirstina, Don't Leave Us !!!!"

So Thank you Kirstina, for making the world a better place… through World Peace…

Too bad she’s so damn hot that peace will forever be disturbed, from all the heads for her that turn.

Disclaimer: No Milkshakes Or Smoothies Were Harmed, Hurt, Or Melted In The Process Of This Super Hott Photo Shoot


Photos: www.SunOfHollywood.com


Photos: www.SunOfHollywood.com


Photos: www.SunOfHollywood.com


Photos: www.SunOfHollywood.com


Sam Jones III Is NOT “The Hollywood Connection” posted by on August 4, 2011

For anybody who has been following along, there’s no doubt that my man Sam Jones has had to stand against some trials this year.  But he has yet to speak up about HIS side of the story… That is until now.

Sam sat down with Splash Magazine’s Adriana Davalos, and details the unknown truth behind his dilemma, of helping a childhood friend in need, only to find his own life in a test of fate.  Check out the full article below or at Splash Magazine

Sam Jones III Faces The Journey Of A Life's Time

On June 22nd, actor Sam Jones III was sentenced to a year in federal prison for conspiring to sell drugs. His self-surrender date to the low-security facility in Lompoc has yet to be announced. I’ve been a fan of Jones’s work for some time, having seen most of his TV appearances (Smallville, Blue Mountain State, ER, etc.) and all of his movies (Glory Road, Home Of The Brave, Zig Zag…) I was somewhat perplexed as to how this actor, who gives off a spiritual, intense and extremely likable screen persona could be mixed up in something like drug dealing and given the moniker, “The Hollywood Connection”. So I caught up with Mr. Jones and asked for an interview to get his side of the story. He readily agreed…

Adriana Davalos: First off, why did you agree to tell me your story?

Sam Jones, III: It’s simple. You asked and it’s time for my fans and everyone else to know the truth. For two years I have been quiet about this subject because I didn’t want to damage my case in any way. I sat back and was quiet about it while the tabloids made up their own stories and said whatever they wanted about me. There were so many ridiculously untrue statements written about me and it seemed like the public would just believe what they read. Sometimes the media thinks they have a story, but it’s not really the true story until you actually dig a little deeper.

Sam Jones And His Closest Support... Karissa Shannon

AD: So tell me, what IS the story?

SJIII: First off, there are certain things about my case that I’m not allowed to talk about, but I’ll do my best with what I can talk about. I had a childhood friend that moved to California with aspirations of becoming an actor. So I was trying to assist him in that area. At some point and without my knowledge, he got into debt with who he thought were people connected to the Mexican drug cartel for 90 grand from a drug deal that had gone bad. Those people were actually DEA Agents. Once again I had no clue about any of this. He comes to me asking for help. Now understand, this guy is my oldest friend, I’ve known him since we were 14, he has a wife and three kids, he’s fearing for his life and he’s desperately asking for my help. So I loaned him $35,000 to help pay off the debt, but in order to pay off the whole of the debt, he gets the idea to use that money to buy and resell oxycontin. He got himself arrested. I put that crazy event in my past and was no longer friends with him. He told the police that he got 35 thousand from me and a year later the Feds came knocking on my door and they arrested me.

AD: Whoa. That’s messed up…

SJIII: No kidding. I thought his life was in danger.

Sam Jones And The Shannon Twins... Have A Ball When Their Luck Strikes At Lucky Strike

AD: So how did you get the tag, “The Hollywood Connection” ?

SJIII: Could have been my friend, an agent, the paparazzi, who knows? The media picked it up and suddenly I have a nickname that makes me look like I’m some sort of kingpin. It’s crazy.

AD: I heard the prosecution recanted the title?

SJIII: Yeah. At the sentencing the first words from the prosecutor to the judge was something like, “I would like to state for the record that Mr. Jones is NOT the Hollywood Connection.”

AD: It sounds like you are innocent, but you’re serving time?

(Jones went silent for a long time before speaking) I’ve known my friend for a long time. I also knew he was not a perfect guy and had a history, but like I said, his back was against the wall and he was reaching out from the 9th grade for help. But deep down, my intuition was telling me that something wasn’t right. I should have listened. That’s probably my biggest mistake. How all of this is interpreted is up to the lawyers and the courts and God. This is the way it’s played out. Anyway you spin it, ultimately I am responsible for my own action I should have just said no sorry I can’t help you.

A Memorial Day For The Memory Banks For Sam And The Twins

AD: Are you frightened at the prospect of prison?

SJIII: NO. Not at all now actually. In the beginning I was. But since all of this first happened, my faith in God has grown so strong. I’m generally a positive person and I’ve actually hired ALLENATORE, ESPOSITO,& RAFFIN, www.criminalconsultants.com is their web site. They’re consultants that teach you the ins and outs of prison, just like Martha Stewart did. They are the best in the country at what they do. They teach you how to act once inside, what situations to avoid, and that nothing happens when you’re in there and that you get out when you’re supposed to, that sort of thing. 

AD: How has all this affected your acting career?

SJIII: Well, the first thing the Feds do is take your passport. Since Blue Mountain State is shot in Montreal, that gig was over. Also, there were some in Hollywood who bought the sound bites and thought I was a drug dealer. It was pretty bizarre. You learn who you’re real friends are quick. Since the June 22nd sentencing though, when the prosecutor “removed the tag”, I’ve actually had a few offers and am reading some scripts. I also have a script in development that I co-wrote, and I have received some phone calls of apology. Go figure.

AD: So what have you been doing with your time?

SJIII: I’m a workaholic, so that sudden slow down threw me for a loop. But just a small one, because like my mom always told me when one door closes another door opens. I’ve been dabbling in music for years, so I took the time away from acting to really dive in, something I wanted to do for a long time. Now I have an album in the works and in two weeks I’ll be shooting a music video of my new single “Juice & Vodka” with Karissa Shannon. Also, though I’ve been doing this before all this happened, I mentor inner city kids every Saturday at the Mark Ricks Sports Camp. Ironically, I teach them about thinking before they make decisions that could affect their lives. I tell them about my own personal experiences. I teach them to be leaders, not followers. I also tell them that I expect my message to reach each and every one of them, I tell them that they are lucky that I’m going to jail so now they will never have to go because they get to learn from my life experience. It’s funny, I’ll probably miss those kids the most when I’m away.

AD: Have you learned anything from this experience?

SJIII: Listen to your intuition. It’s given to us by God. We know what right and wrong is, we know that uneasy feeling. Sure, life can be confusing sometimes, but if you listen to your intuition, really listen, you’ll do the right thing.

To hear Sam Jones, III up coming single ft. Karissa Shannon, check out the video below:


Photos: Splash Magazine and www.SunOfHollywood.com


Photos: Splash Magazine and www.SunOfHollywood.com


Shawn Marion Of The NBA Championship Dallas Mavericks Gets His Millions Of Milkshakes posted by on August 4, 2011

Shawn Marion Gives SunOfHollywood.com A Super Sexy "Over The Shoulder"

Shawn Marion stopped by “Millions Of Milkshakes” at the Culver City Westfield Shopping Center yesterday to get his own Signature Milkshake, as everyone does.

Shawn Marion... He's Such A Player

It was really interesting though, considering that Shawn belongs to the team that usurped the Lakers on their path towards solidifying a Three Peat Dynasty.

This Dude Came All The Way From Tsunami Land To Get Shawn's Autograph... And To Give Him "The Finger"

This little girl walked by while walking her Pet Balloon... Too Cute To Not Show You

But it was all love at the mall.  As soon as Shawn came out, tons of fans began to crowd around and show nothing but support for dude in the City of Angels.  Shawn was also seen with Kirstina Colonna, who’s so hott she melted all the Milkshakes, so I had to save more pics of her for another post.  Stay In Tune !!

Too Many Milkshakes Were Lost In The Hottness Of This Picture... So I had To Save More Pics Of Kirstina Colonna For Another Post

But let’s just hope Shawn and the Dallas Mavericks don’t do it again next year.  We’d definitely like to see Kobe get a 6th ring !!

A Man Of The People... Behind Enemy Lines


Photos:  www.SunOfHollywood.com


Photos:  www.SunOfHollywood.com


Photos:  www.SunOfHollywood.com