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Curtis Young Gave Em Their Quick Fix Of Greatness
Curtis Young is still on his Industry tear and showing no signs of letting up. Last night, the #SonOfChronic stopped by Krayzie Bone's "The Quick Fix ...
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Admit it.. You want Marc Anthony out the picture
Hey, I'll snort anything J. Lo any day foo, if you wanna forfeit your place in line, I'm right behind ya. Steven Tyler has recently been ...
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I Think Lindsay Lohan Has Taken Too Many Blows To The Head... And Is Begging For More
Lindsay Lohan looks like she may have done one too many pharmaceuticals this week ! After praising Chris Brown's performance, which Jay-Z refused to recognize, Lindsay ...
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Marston... You Have Become The Shame Of Your Family.  You Are Your Family's Shame
Ouch... That's gotta hurt. The Ladies Man Himself, Hugh Hefner, just tweeted how disappointed he is in his son, Marston Hefner's "behavior".  Marston, Hugh's clone that ...
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Curtis Young Stops By Krayzie Bone’s “The Quick Fix Show”
Steven Tyler Is Livin’ The High Life As An American Idol Judge… But Refuses To
Lindsay Lohan Wants To Get Beat By Chris Brown… I Mean, Meet Chris Brown
Hugh Hefner Tweets His Disappointment In Son Marston Hefner’s Behavior

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