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Watch out there Zach... Stormtroopers don't take kindly to Vulcans
Zachary Quinto made a surprising visit to Tyler Shields's Art Exhibit in Downtown Los Angeles today.  You see him here mingling with a Stormtrooper. So it's ...
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Chris Brown Apologizes For Getting “Caught Up”… Tyson Beckford Is Well Pleased… And So Will Be Karrueche
You've all heard about this past weekend's Memorial Day Weekend Chaos with Chris Brown, Tyson Beckford & Karrueche Tran... It looked like it was ...
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The Sun Shines Brightly On This Beautiful Face That's Always Smiling
Yeah, that sounds about right.   When you have someone as indescribable as Paula, where words in virtually any language just don't do her justice, English, Portuguese, ...
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Racist Receipts: Papa John's Pizza
An Employee of Papa John's Pizza was terminated this weekend, after printing a receipt with the name "Lady Chinky Eyes" written across it. Minhee Cho, a ...
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Star Wars vs. Star Trek: Zachary Quinto Shows Some Brotherly Love… Behind Tyler’s Shields
Chris Brown Apologizes For Getting “Caught Up”… Tyson Beckford Is Well Pleased… And So Will
Paula Labaredas Is A Ray Of Sunlight In A Heart Shaped Bottle
Racist Receipts R Ruining Restaurant Reputations

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One Response to “audrinapatridge_mgm_sugarfactory_jeans_sunofhollywood_10”

  • FrankieT says:

    Guess it was a daytime appearance so looking marginal is acceptable but even so it looked like Audrina Patridge left her curves behind! Compared to recent celebrity visitors to the Sugar Factory like Jayde Nicole, Nicole Scherzinger, and Karina Smirnoff Audrina looked the like shapeless dowdy mom of the group. The one sided hair style is very good either. Audrina has certainly looked better than that before!

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