EXCLUSIVE: John Mayer And Katy Perry Visit Spearmint Rhino Strip Club In Vegas posted by on September 9, 2012

These Two Went To Go See Boobs And Booties... Vegas Style

SunOfLasVegas.com Exclusive: I guess The Prince Harry Vegas Party Continues !!

Remember when I told you John Mayer and Katy Perry are DEFINITELY Still ON since the 2 were Spotted at the Wynn Casino & Hotel in Las Vegas last night ???

Well, apparently, the Two capped their evening off catching the Naked Nude Lady Action at the Spearmint Rhino Strip / Not-So-Gentleman’s Club in Las Vegas.

How Skanky of those Pop Singers.

From what some of my Insiders at the Joint told me, Katy was looking Hot… John… Not so much.  Maybe he’s stressing out about recently being sued over an alleged involvement with a Ponzi Scheme.  Sux John.   No wonder ya gotta look at tay tays to get your mind off.

I guess they’re trying to spark up some bedroom spice, since John seems to be accustomed to Jessica Simpson’s Sexual Napalm and all.

Man, Vegas just doesn’t Quit does it ??

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfLasVegas.com, SunOfHollywood.com

2 Tornadoes Approach NYC Before The Twin Towers Anniversary posted by on September 9, 2012

These Twin Towers Did Not Fall... They Moved

As we approach the Anniversary of the Attacks of September 11th, 2001 that brought down the Twin Towers, New York City was “attacked” by a different set of Twins… Tornadoes.

A Storm built up over New York City, leading to the creation of 2 Tornadoes that touched down in Queens and Brooklyn.  The First Twister moved through the Breezy Point section of the Rockaway peninsula in Queens.  The 2nd landed about 10 miles away in the Canarsie section of Brooklyn also near the water, about seven minutes later. The National Weather Service said winds were up to 110 miles per hour, and several homes and trees were damaged.  This strange phenomenon that is usually characteristic of the Midwest, has occurred in recent years in New York, with Tornadoes birthing in the Big Apple in 2007 and 2010.  This even happs just 3 days prior to the 11th Anniversary of the Attacks of 9-11 at the World Trade Center.

Hurricane Isaac Occurred on the 7th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

This along with the many Earthquakes that have rattled Southern California with Beverly Hills as the Epicenter, this 2nd Half of 2012 is in fact turning out to be some Serious Shizz.

fyi: 3 Days Before the Earthquake And Tsunami In Japan on March 11th, 2011 thousands of dead fish washed ashore on the coast of Redondo Beach. Both Japan and Southern California Share the Pacific Ocean and the land beneath it

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com

Photo: AP