The Bodyguard Group Exercises Your Right To Bear Arms… With A Level 10 Armored Lincoln Navigator posted by on October 14, 2012

When you feel like you just need that EXTRA LEVEL of Protection… And the REST Just Aynt Enough

Introducing California’s Own Level 10 Armored Lincoln Navigator.  Level 10 as in this thing would be certified to Carry the “President”.  Again, This is THE ONLY LEVEL 10 ARMORED LINCOLN Navigator Available in California.

This puppy’s been laced with over $500,000 of that Level 10 Protection, which includes some crazy shizz like being Bullet Proof and Bomb Proof, and stopping Ak-47’s.  And it’s available for rent for as low as $500.

But check it out tho… If you need to roll legit, hit up The BodyGuard Group by Hittin one of The Links Below


The Bodyguard Group of Beverly Hills and The Navy SEAL Bodyguard Group
have the ONLY
Presidential Level 10 Armored Cars for rent in Los Angeles / Beverly Hills 90210.

This is same Level 10 Armored SUV and Cars that the
President of United States Barack Obama drive in.

They include SHOCKING Taser door handles, Smoke Screen generator to smoke
and get away from the Paprazzi,
Road spikes that flatten the tired of any car behind you,
Level 10 Fully Armored Windows and Doors that can stop
an AK-47 on FULL AUTO with armor piecing rounds, A special 500 horsepower Nitro Turbo engine,
GPS Secure scrambled phones, a 500 mile Bulletproof gas tank and more, see photos :

As low as $ 500.00 a day plus gas with advance cash rentals.

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