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Feel The Vibe
from 4/4/08 to 4/20/08 ... Hope you got that sticky
A newly Blonde Beyonce and Jay-Z were spotted at L'Avenue restaurant in Paris today, having dinner to celebrate their wedding anniversary.  Now the two were ...
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A Moment Of Sincerity From A Man Who Rarely Shows It, For The Woman Who Truly Deserves It
We all know Prince Von Anhalt and his crazy antics around town in front of the cameras. Well, he actually finally had a truly sincere moment ...
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Yenn Wants To Give U Her Music.. AND an iPad Mini to Play It On
Pop/Dance/ Electronic artist/ singer/ songwriter YENN is set to release another chart topping single for the summer entitled “I Don’t Need You to Love Me” ...
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Karissa Shannon Shows Off Her Sheer Elegance
Karissa Shannon was leaving out of Lemon Basket with boyfriend Sam Jones and twin sister Kristina Shannon last night and she reminded us how difficult ...
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Jay-Z And Newly Blonde Beyonce Celebrate Their Anniversary In Paris
Prince Von Anhalt Has His First Sincere Moment In Front Of The Cameras For Whitney
Yenn Wants YOU To Win A New iPad Mini !!!
Karissa Shannon Shows Off Her Sheer Elegance

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One Response to “maksim_chmerkovskiy_peta_murgatroyd_sunofhollywood_06”

  • Karen says:

    Honestly, I don’t see too much real affection here. They both look sad and their body language is very apart with only that one finger connection. Is it a funeral or a movie premiere? When I saw the title of your article I expected to see hugging and kissing. It’s hard to believe these two aren’t on the rocks based on these pics.

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