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Jordan Carver and The Owner Of The Currywurst US, Kai Loebach, Share a really big Sausage
  Haha !! No Joke, Jordan Carver made it apparent that she knows her way around a good and big sausage !! Jordan Carver stopped by The Currywurst ...
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I Would Call This... An Atomic Ginger Saki Bomb
The Howe Twins, Melissa Howe & Carla Howe, Love doin it Busty Big for B-Day Bashes... Just as they did last night at Supper Club in ...
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The Most Grandiose of Gross Divas Ariana Grande was caught on Camera doing some strange things last week. Like lickin donuts she didn't buy in a ...
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According to Jerry Seinfeld's Fame... Chivalry Is Dead
And it's all because of that damn pesky Wall Of Intrusion thanks to the Media !! Jerry Seinfeld was spotted leaving Madeo's Restaurant in West Hollywood ...
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Jordan Carver Likes Big Sausage
Go Howe Twins !! It’s Your Birthday !! With Angelica Bridges, Corey Feldman, Christiane Kroll
Ariana Grande Apologizes For Lickin On Deez Donuts
Jerry Seinfeld Shows Us Why Show Business Is No Longer Chivalrous

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One Response to “maksim_chmerkovskiy_peta_murgatroyd_sunofhollywood_06”

  • Karen says:

    Honestly, I don’t see too much real affection here. They both look sad and their body language is very apart with only that one finger connection. Is it a funeral or a movie premiere? When I saw the title of your article I expected to see hugging and kissing. It’s hard to believe these two aren’t on the rocks based on these pics.

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