Bobby Brown And Lisa Vanderpump Celebrate posted by on February 28, 2013

Who would’ve thunkit ???

Bobby Brown and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Restaurateur Lisa Vanderpump are BFF’s ???

Cause they were spotted having a huge gathering at Madeo’s Last night which included my peeps, Bobby’s Wife Alicia Etheridge and my Homegirl Djata Grant… just before Bobby is going to be away for a short time stemming from his recent DUI Arrest.

And Lisa seems to be seeping her way into everywhere she can with Pop Culture, from RHOBH to being a part of the new cast of DWTS.. and now Bobby Brown’s Bestie ???

You gotta admit tho… when you’re faced with such an unfortunate circumstance as doing a Bid… It’s good to know you’ve got supportive peeps who are willing to Celebrate your time away.. just before going away.

Props from Proph

Thanks to My Mans Henry Trappler and Hollywood Uncensored for the Video

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