I Guess He’s Not All The Way Yeezus After All… Kris Jenner’s Talk Show Cancelled !!! posted by on August 28, 2013

It's Okay Kris... You still have another show you and your family can be Scummy on

Could this be the beginning of the end for Reality TV’s Worst Family ?

Kris Jenner’s talk show has now officially been cancelled, thank Jesus… even after an attempt to boost ratings levels by having Kanye West show up and discuss his life with Kim Kardashian and baby North West.

He also even debuted North’s first photos on the show as opposed to receiving Millions of Dollars from a Publication.  They then gave the photos out to All Media with the copyright “KrisJennerShow”… Still not enough !!

Considering that the show has now been cancelled, they should’ve opted for the Millions.

I guess not everything Kanye touches turns to Platinum.

And all that with recent headlines of Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian’s marriage on the rocks… Because Lamar might be smoking the Crack Rocks…

Could this mean the beginning of the end ?

I certainly Hope so… Come on, they’ll still have their money.. and hopefully America can gain back its decency

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com

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