HOTZSCHITT: EDIDON’s Resurrection Of “Thug Life 2013″ posted by on September 18, 2013

The 2Pac, Thug Life & Outlawz Legacy Continues with the Return of Edidon The Hope Dealer.. formerly known as E.D.I. Mean of Tupac’s Legendary “Outlawz“.  He’s Back in yer FAce right now with a Ridikulous Track & Video for his New Single “Thug Life 2013″ , the Opening Track to his Mixtape “O.G. Est. 1992″ Hosted by Mike Epps . And if ya Haven’t Heard.. You’ve Missed Hip-Hop This Year.

We all know we’ve been missin that Thug Life.. So we Should All be Thankful as Edidon gives that Strength of Cunning Street Wisdom Essential to the Greatest Hip-Hop Movement of All-Time.

Edi’s back to Fill that Void y’all… so you know He’s about to go Hard… speaking of which, the Song & Video for “Thug Life 2013″ also features Hard as well as the Spirit of Pac Making an Appearance in both the Video and the Hook.

The World Will Never be the Same After Pac… And Edidon is Here to Make sure you’re Reminded of What His Spirit Left Behind.


EDIDON... Keeping Outlawz Immortal... Thug Life Remembered... Making Hip-Hop The Portal, Dealing Hope Just How He Meant It

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com

Photo  : SunOfHollywood.com


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