Paul Walker Dies In Car Crash At 40 Years Of Age posted by on November 30, 2013

When Hands Of Destiny Cannot Be Changed... Be Thankful For Each Day

Man, this is a terrible story to have to report.  But Paul Walker, most famous for his roles in “The Fast & The Furious” Died today at Only 40 years old.

Reports are stating that Paul was in Santa Clarita, California, for a Car Show to Benefit the Philippines Typhoon Survivors.  Paul was taking friends for test rides in his new Porsche GT, a $440,000 Roadster with a top speed of 208 mph, when he suddenly lost control.  He then crashed into a Pole and his vehicle burst into flames… Killing himself and the friend who was a passenger with him, just One Day after Thanksgiving.

My prayers go out to Paul’s family.  These moments make you think of Life, what is truly important, and how fragile our time here may be.

The Saddest thing to think… If he Never became Famous & Wealthy, from a Film Series called “The Fast & The Furious”… and he Couldn’t buy a Porsche GT for $440,000.. Would he Still be Alive today ??

Would his career be worth leaving this World this soon?

Thank God for Each Day.  We Never Know How Many Either of Us Will Have Left.

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