Did Lexus Really Make A Working Hoverboard For 2015 ??? posted by on June 25, 2015

Back To The Future Part II’s Hoverboard Sequence is one of the Most Memorable Moments in Cinematic History.

The actual film, which saw Marty McFly sent to the Future of Present day 2015… was released in 1989… when these levels of special effects and cgi incorporated into film were still new.. and would be even 4 years before the release of the groundbreaking Jurassic Park.

So the Hope for a Hoverboard has remained in the Minds of people for nearly 30 years. Only to be Hoaxed by recent Viral Videos of a New Hoverboard.

But is Lexus putting their Automobile Reputation at Risk ? Or are they actually using their engineer team to create a Hoverboard. The Ad “Slide” which came out has people guessing. And Lexus has confirmed that they have their “Amazing In Motion” Teams actual working on some crazy super semi-conductor powered magnets with liquid nitrogen (all sounds dangerous) contraption out in Germany and Barcelona and other secret locations away from prying eyes of Industry.

You wouldn’t be able to use it everywhere like in the movie, at least yet, and probably requires metallic surfaces. But who knows. Maybe Spielberg and Zemeckis actually imagined a 2015 where these materials were already incorporated into the ground for a new Hoverboard Generation. Giving even more weight to why the Hoverboards didn’t work on Water.

Hey.. Flex yo Skillz Lexus and hopefully you guys become the Chosen One to Pioneer and Master the Creation of the Hoverboard. But You Best Not Be Playin or you gon look dumb

Nobody Even Knows What’s Real Anymore. Do You ?

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com

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