Rutgers Student Body Pissed That Snooki Got Paid More Than Author Toni Morrison posted by on April 1, 2011

You Mean Snooki Aint Worth More Than Toni Morrison??

Students at Rutgers University took to their Twitter pages to express their disdain over the school’s choice to pay Snooki $32,000 for a recent appearance to speak to their student body… a whole $2,000 more than Nobel -prize winning author Toni Morrison.  The school defended their decision noting that the student body as a whole chooses who they want to appear to speak for educational and entertainment purposes, and Snooki was their entertainers choice of the hour.

Snooki spoke to a sold out audience, so I guess when it comes to simple principals of supply and demand, they may have made the right decision as based around sheer business motives.  And while we seem to be in a generation that doesn’t like to read novels very often, they definitely like to see a little T&A…

Maybe that’s why they paid her so much more

Jalen Rose Gets Ejected From ESPN For Failure To Disclose DUI Arrest posted by on April 1, 2011

Jalen Rose And Alissa Milano look up tabloid headlines... Hopefully not Jalen's

Jalen Rose has been pulled off the air at ESPN due to his recent DUI controversy. To the credit of ESPN, it seems they’re more peeved about the fact that he waited nearly three weeks to tell his employers about his DUI, than the actual DUI itself.

Jalen was arrested on March 11th, 2011 (a disastrous day for quite a few), when Jalen lost control of his vehicle on an icy road and crashed.  He later stated that he regrets getting behind the wheel, as he thought he had the ability to properly operate his vehicle, but a blood alcohol test performed by local authorities proved otherwise.

Let’s hope that this issue can be resolved soon, because Jalen is a great guy, and everyone makes mistakes.  It’s unfortunate that this event occurred as he was in his hometown to open his “Jalen Rose Leadership Academy” to help under-privileged teens with college preparatory experience.  Let it be known that Jalen HAS NOT been terminated from his position, but merely pulled off the air as ESPN feels their integrity has been compromised with the situation.  In addition, one would have to ask, what would the outcome have been had Jalen disclosed the arrest to ESPN at the time of the incident… Hmmm…

Snoop Is Still Representin’ For Them Gangsters In Hollyworld… Like The Hilton Sisters??? posted by on April 1, 2011

What's a Dogg Without His Treats? Snoop And A Nice Bleez

daamnit if the entire West Coast didn’t come out for Snoop’s party to launch Blast from the makers of Colt 45 and Snoop’s new album “Doggumentary” which was released on MySpace earlier this week…    Kurupt, Warren G, Too Short, DJ Quik and … wait, hold  up !! Paris and Nicky Hilton?

Wire Image: Who woulda Thought Paris and Nicky would be reppin Thug Life !!

Now if this were to have happened back in the day, Snoop might’ve risked losing some “street cred”… but lucky for him, not only is he a superstar in his own right, but Hip-Hop culture is completely intertwined now with Pop Culture.  As a matter of fact, having Paris and Nicky at your Hip-Hop party probably adds to your street cred, cause it shows just how much your music crosses all boundaries.

And boy, was Colt 45 really trying their hardest to sell that “Blast”… They sure did the damn thang… They even brought out 101 Damenations lookin fine and crowdin up the entire sidewalk across Sunset Blvd. outside of Trousdale, where the event was being held.

Colt 45's 101 Damenations

Outside of the club, DJ Quik gave love to Nate Dogg’s families to the cameras… and in addition to that, it’s lookin like DJ Quik may just be down to work with the kid.  Stay tuned and I’ll keep you posted on that shizz.

Other celebrity guests included Ryan Cabrera, Megan Goode, Chris Evans, and Natasha Henstridge, as well as the always beautiful Ashlan Gorse from E!. You know that chick is tall as fu*k!!

And you know what, it def felt like an old school West Coast Gangsta Rap party since there was like 6 squad cars of sheriffs outside, just itchin and waitin for some whoridaz.

Luckily, there wasn’t one.  Keep the peace ladies and gentlemen

btw, u know people have been wondering why Snoop would release his new album on MySpace.  Execs were telling the company they need to turn it around or else… I guess this is their first step in heading back into our culture… and they must’ve paid Snoop some major loot $$$

Hollywood.TV’s Celebrity GPS: Marilyn MANson, Beckham Kicks Balls and Will Smith Makes New York Scream posted by on April 1, 2011

Today’s Hollywood.TV Celebrity GPS includes our favorite Devil Rocker, Marilyn MANson holding hands with someone not so handsome.

This segment also includes David Beckham kickin some balls before walking off the field with his Soccerpop Guild and Will Smith making New York Scream.

Steve-O looks like he’s speaking rather coherently these days, even though newly single Joe Jonas is speaking not at all.

Marilyn Manson Shows Off His New Man Son !!! posted by on April 1, 2011


Leave It To Marilyn To Give A Man A Hand

Now I don’t know if this may or may not come as a surprise to you, But Marilyn Manson, King of Satanic Rock, was seen leaving out of the grand opening of “Vivienne Westwood” in West Hollywood last night, with his own West Hollywood fixture, a man on his hand.

I guess he didn’t try to shake him off hard enough.

I don’t know what’s a creepier sight, these two in bed together as grown girly men writhing around naked and getting their make-up all over each other..  or the fact that his man looks straight out “The Cell” with Jennifer Lopez.  Trust, dude would’ve fit in perfectly with that cast.


Sam Jones III “The Black Hef” Cashes In On 2 for 1 Shannon Twins Special posted by on April 1, 2011


Sam Jones III "The Black Hef" Cashes In On 2 for 1 Shannon Twins Special

I guess one of the benefits of dating a hottie who’s an identical twin, is that you sometimes get to go out with both of em, as did pimp player Sam Jones the 3rd last night before heading out to Hollywood Hotspot Eden.

As if dating one Shannon Twin wouldn’t get you hated on enough… Dude wants double the hate.. Hey, Double the pleasure, Double the fun !!



Petra Nemcova Is A Dangerous Woman !!! To Cakes All Around The World posted by on April 1, 2011

Petra Nemcova Is a Dangerous Woman !!! To cakes all around the world

Petra Nemcova shows us that she’s just as dangerous as she is hot !!! Here she is serving up a cake full of whoop-ass at the Dancing With The Stars after party, from week #1 on March 21st, 2011 at the Abbey in West Hollywood.

I would be careful of cutting her from the next dance competition, who knows if she might treat you like a cake !!


Hello World! And Welcome To SunOfHollywood.com “The Life And Times Of Prophecy” posted by on March 31, 2011

Garry "Prophecy" Sun... The Sun Of Hollywood


Whaddup Y’all… We about to do the damn thang !  If you don’t know the name, face or the voice by now, you soon will.  Check back for constant updates on what’s going on in this world and the industry.

Be aware, Your Life May Be Changed, And Your Eyes May Be Opened