Why I Believe The Screams On New 9-1-1 Tape Belong To Trayvon Martin posted by on May 15, 2013

A New 9-1-1 Tape has surfaced in the case of George Zimmerman’s Murder Trial of 17 year old Trayvon Martin.  In the Tragic Audio a woman, presumed to be a neighbor in their housing community, is heard telling dispatch of the scuffle.

In the background, someone is heard screaming for help.  After a few moments of screaming, a single Gunshot is heard.. and the Screaming Stops.

This is why I believe the screams belong to Trayvon Martin.  What I honestly believe we are hearing is the very moment when Trayvon’s Soul Left our Earth, after a losing struggle against his attacker, George Zimmerman.

I Know Where The Screams Came From... And I Know Why They Stopped

Trayvon’s father says they are screams from his son, and I believe him.  There is currently a debate going on with this new audio where people think it may in fact be George Zimmerman who is screaming, which would aid in his claims of self-defense.

I agree with Trayvon’s father.  The screams sound more like that of a young man than a man in his late 20’s.  But in addition, i don’t find it a coincidence that the screams fall completely silent after the gunshot is heard.  This tells me that whoever was screaming ,also died by the gunshot… Trayvon Martin.

And one last thing.. if the person being attacked was screaming for help, why would he do so while reaching for his own gun to shoot his attacker.

In my opinion, this shows that George Zimmerman was in fact the attacker… Trayvon Martin was NOT attacking George Zimmerman… And George Zimmerman Needs to Go Down for Murder.

I'm Praying For Your Justice Little One

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com

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Why Charles Ramsey Is The Greatest Rescue Hero Of All Time !!! posted by on May 10, 2013

Even Muhammad Ali and Will Smith would Call Him The Greatest !!

In this Lost World we’re living in… and this Nauseating Entertainment Industry where we Worship Undeserving False Idols… One True Hero Has Emerged… CHARLES RAMSEY !!

A Man of True Expressions… Charles has become an Internet Sensation and a Global Phenomenon after Rescuing Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight from the home of Ariel Castro, where it is reported they were held Captive for 10 years.  The Rescue has led to 2 stories from this entire Ordeal… The girls finally being freed and rescued, and Charles Ramsey as the Dude who was at the Right Place… and the Right Time, and Destiny and History is Made.

The Interview that captured the Heart of the World was Ramsey’s Vivid Depiction of what happened when he first spotted Amanda Berry screaming for help from Castro’s Home… Complete with “Mack” Donalds as his Trusty Sidekick.  In that small 30 second interview, he gave probably the Greatest Rescue Quote of All Time

“I knew something was wrong when a little pretty white girl ran into a Black Man’s Arms…

Dead Giveaway… Dead Giveaway”

The Moment The World Stopped... And Charles Ramsey Began

And with that quote, just as they Aut0-Tuned Antoine Dodson to make “The Intruder Song“, iTunes saw the #1 Selling Download “Dead Giveaway” take the Nation by Storm.

But it didn’t stop there folks… He became a Meme due to his resemblance of “Sho Nuff” from “The Last Dragon“… but that comedy behind that resemblance is nothing compared to the Honor that is Charles Ramsey.  Cause he was interviewed by CNN’s Anderson Cooper the Day after, where he expressed his dismay that he never knew the girls were there for the entire year he lived next door… and how he wished he had.  When Anderson suggested “Reward Money“, Charles Said “Give That Money to the Victims… I have a job“.. then proceeds to bust out his paycheck as a local dishwasher.  These are words you would never hear from the mouths of anyone… Let alone a Dishwasher from Cleveland who resorts to McDonald’s for his daily sustenance.  Since he caught the attention of McDonald’s, even saluting the Hero via Twitter.. Let’s hope they try to make some healthier food for those that rely on them to satisfy their hunger when financially strapped in these Economic Times. Especially considering the only reason they were lucky enough to get Such Amazing PR is the fact that they target Lower Socio-Economic Classes.. and inevitably deteriorate their Health As Well.

FYI:  Wasn’t Bruce Lee once a Dishwasher ? Yeah.. that’s why they BOTH Kick Ass.

I personally loved when Charles said he realized their Captor was Sexually abusing them.. that had the Police not come, He himself would have been facing “Triple Life“.. meaning he would’ve beaten the Living Hell out of the Abuser, and his 2 brothers before they were released.

If you’ve heard his 9-1-1 Call.. You would probably consider him a hero just for cussin up a storm on probably The Biggest News Story of Our Year… A tragic Decade that actually has a “Happy” ending, for lack of a better word considering the circumstances.  Oh yeah, and the McDonald’s PR Campaign continued when he told the 9-1-1 Dispatcher “I was sittin here with my M(a)c(k) Donald’s Right … Eatin’ My Lil Food Right“.. “I’m Just Here With My M(a)c(k) Donalds“… or what about when he said “That’s Not My Address.. I’m Smarter Than That Brah

and “I Don’t Have a Fu@kin Clue Brah I just said I came From M(a)c(k) Donalds”

Then news surfaced of Charles’s own troubled past with Domestic Violence.  He said that his past is what taught him to be a good man today.  And being a good man today is exactly what he became… at the right place, at the right time… to put an end to 10 years of torture and torment to 3 women who had far too much taken from them.  His Past Means Nothing To Me.  Because of where he was placed that day, he didn’t just save 3 women.. He Saved the World. That within itself should be considered Adequate Atonement.

What Charles Ramsey’s Story has become is a story of Nobility, and Honor, in the most Unassuming of Places.. The most Unlikely of Characters.. well, at least in the Judgmental Eyes of a Narrow Minded America… and in an area that most would consider Impoverished.

The Bible says “Blessed are Those Who are Poor.. For They Are Rich In Spirit“.. and Right now, Charles Ramsey has proven himself to be one of the Richest Men Alive.  He has spoken from his heart, from News Journalists, to 9-1-1 Dispatchers, to Anderson Cooper, to all of our World.  His Heart is on his sleeve and he is only sugar coated by his honest and descriptive tongue, that gave us all a peak into what it was like, to discover and rescue 3 women who needed it most.

I am Thankful a Man like Charles Ramsey stumbled into our World’s View.  A Man Like Charles Ramsey could teach Our World and Everyone in it what Life is really about.

Our Celebrity Culture, and our Society as a Whole has been overtaken by Darkness and Immorality and we have Lost our Way.  The story of the Kidnappings alone should be proof of that.

But to know that a Man Like Charles Ramsey was Destined to Destroy a Dark Decade is Evidence that There IS IN FACT Light at the End of Every Tunnel.

We can only Pray for the Patience that we could one day see it.. just as Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight did when they saw Charles.

And just as we did when we saw Charles.  It’s not the Entertainment Factor.  It’s not the Hero Factor.  It’s not his “I’m Not A Hero.. I’m A Charistian.  I’m An American Speech“… but it’s EVERYTHING he is.  Even down to the nuances people tried to make fun of.

What He Has Become is Unlike Anything We Have Ever Seen.

The Greatest Rescue Hero, in A Humble Human Being.


Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com

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George Zimmerman Is Back Where He Belongs posted by on June 4, 2012

Final Chapters

In yet another wave of Good News amidst a very Trying time for our World,

George Zimmerman is back behind bars as of yesterday after My Hero, Judge Kenneth Lester, revoked his $15,000 bound after finding they Zimmerman and his wife were dishonest with the courts by not revealing the $135,000 they had received in online donations.  Rumors are that Zimmerman’s Donation pot has now grown to over $250,000.

First off, the saddest part about this whole thing is knowing that enough people were willing to donate a 6 figure pot practically instantly to help this man get away with a Racially Motivated Murder.  Considering the State of our Economy these days, and the fact that nobody helps anybody… I personally find it to be a very sad indication of where our Nation’s mindset still remains And the way it seems, will likely Forever Remain.

I don’t know about you, but I heard those 9-1-1 tapes.  I heard George Zimmerman use that Racial Slur which I won’t repeat.  You all know.  I heard the dispatch specifically order him to pursue his “suspect“.  I heard him continue to do so and we all know what happens next.

Zimmerman is seeking protection under Florida’s “Stand Your Ground Law”.  Unfortunately, in this situation, It was Trayvon Martin who had to Stand His Ground, and protected under the Law had he lived, against a Racially motivated Hate Crime and Attacker, ending the life of a 17 Year Old Man who somehow became an Icon of Modern Day Injustice.

In my honest assessment of the situation, Zimmerman started a fight with a young man who handed hizass to him, judging by the marks.  At this point, this is Trayvon Martin defending himself during an altercation that began with Zimmerman.

It is believed his Attorney Mark O’Mara will file a motion for a new Bond hearing.  After this first incident, Zimmerman will either be held without Bond, or his Bail Amount will likely be set at somewhere around a Quarter Mill… In the Least.

This will also be used as a huuuuuuge blow to the Defense, as his credibility will easily be called into question after this has been revealed.  If you’re willing to lie about $135,000, would you be willing to lie about circumstances behind an alleged Murder ?  I beLIEve so.

In a World that is Spinning Out Of Control, With Tragedies Left And Right…

One Can Only Hope For Justice In Situations That Deserve It.

Let Us Hope For Justice.

Justice For Trayvon Martin

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com