George Zimmerman Is Back Where He Belongs posted by on June 4, 2012

Final Chapters

In yet another wave of Good News amidst a very Trying time for our World,

George Zimmerman is back behind bars as of yesterday after My Hero, Judge Kenneth Lester, revoked his $15,000 bound after finding they Zimmerman and his wife were dishonest with the courts by not revealing the $135,000 they had received in online donations.  Rumors are that Zimmerman’s Donation pot has now grown to over $250,000.

First off, the saddest part about this whole thing is knowing that enough people were willing to donate a 6 figure pot practically instantly to help this man get away with a Racially Motivated Murder.  Considering the State of our Economy these days, and the fact that nobody helps anybody… I personally find it to be a very sad indication of where our Nation’s mindset still remains And the way it seems, will likely Forever Remain.

I don’t know about you, but I heard those 9-1-1 tapes.  I heard George Zimmerman use that Racial Slur which I won’t repeat.  You all know.  I heard the dispatch specifically order him to pursue his “suspect“.  I heard him continue to do so and we all know what happens next.

Zimmerman is seeking protection under Florida’s “Stand Your Ground Law”.  Unfortunately, in this situation, It was Trayvon Martin who had to Stand His Ground, and protected under the Law had he lived, against a Racially motivated Hate Crime and Attacker, ending the life of a 17 Year Old Man who somehow became an Icon of Modern Day Injustice.

In my honest assessment of the situation, Zimmerman started a fight with a young man who handed hizass to him, judging by the marks.  At this point, this is Trayvon Martin defending himself during an altercation that began with Zimmerman.

It is believed his Attorney Mark O’Mara will file a motion for a new Bond hearing.  After this first incident, Zimmerman will either be held without Bond, or his Bail Amount will likely be set at somewhere around a Quarter Mill… In the Least.

This will also be used as a huuuuuuge blow to the Defense, as his credibility will easily be called into question after this has been revealed.  If you’re willing to lie about $135,000, would you be willing to lie about circumstances behind an alleged Murder ?  I beLIEve so.

In a World that is Spinning Out Of Control, With Tragedies Left And Right…

One Can Only Hope For Justice In Situations That Deserve It.

Let Us Hope For Justice.

Justice For Trayvon Martin

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com

EXCLUSIVE BREAKING NEWS: Shauna Sand And Newly Wed Husband BOTH Arrested For Domestic Violence posted by on May 19, 2011

Which way do I go to bail myself out? This way? Thanks

Beverly Hills Police responded to a Domestic Violence Call at the residence of Shauna Sand and her newly wedded husband, A French man known only as “Laurence“.  The two were both taken into custody at Beverly Hills Police Department.

Laurence had his bail set at $20,000 and Shauna’s bail was set at a whopping $50,000.  Shauna is free after posting $5,000 Bond.  Laurence is still in custody, and we are told he will be stayin in the clinker at least until Monday.

Ironically, Shauna, former wife of Lorenzo Lamas, and former Step-Mother to Shayne and A.J. Lamas,  is no newcomer to Domestic Violence Disputes.  She was in a Domestic Violence Dispute with then Husband Romain Chavent in April of 2009, and Ironically, Romain’s bail was also set at $50,000.

Check back for further details as we get em.


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