Why Charles Ramsey Is The Greatest Rescue Hero Of All Time !!! posted by on May 10, 2013

Even Muhammad Ali and Will Smith would Call Him The Greatest !!

In this Lost World we’re living in… and this Nauseating Entertainment Industry where we Worship Undeserving False Idols… One True Hero Has Emerged… CHARLES RAMSEY !!

A Man of True Expressions… Charles has become an Internet Sensation and a Global Phenomenon after Rescuing Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight from the home of Ariel Castro, where it is reported they were held Captive for 10 years.  The Rescue has led to 2 stories from this entire Ordeal… The girls finally being freed and rescued, and Charles Ramsey as the Dude who was at the Right Place… and the Right Time, and Destiny and History is Made.

The Interview that captured the Heart of the World was Ramsey’s Vivid Depiction of what happened when he first spotted Amanda Berry screaming for help from Castro’s Home… Complete with “Mack” Donalds as his Trusty Sidekick.  In that small 30 second interview, he gave probably the Greatest Rescue Quote of All Time

“I knew something was wrong when a little pretty white girl ran into a Black Man’s Arms…

Dead Giveaway… Dead Giveaway”

The Moment The World Stopped... And Charles Ramsey Began

And with that quote, just as they Aut0-Tuned Antoine Dodson to make “The Intruder Song“, iTunes saw the #1 Selling Download “Dead Giveaway” take the Nation by Storm.

But it didn’t stop there folks… He became a Meme due to his resemblance of “Sho Nuff” from “The Last Dragon“… but that comedy behind that resemblance is nothing compared to the Honor that is Charles Ramsey.  Cause he was interviewed by CNN’s Anderson Cooper the Day after, where he expressed his dismay that he never knew the girls were there for the entire year he lived next door… and how he wished he had.  When Anderson suggested “Reward Money“, Charles Said “Give That Money to the Victims… I have a job“.. then proceeds to bust out his paycheck as a local dishwasher.  These are words you would never hear from the mouths of anyone… Let alone a Dishwasher from Cleveland who resorts to McDonald’s for his daily sustenance.  Since he caught the attention of McDonald’s, even saluting the Hero via Twitter.. Let’s hope they try to make some healthier food for those that rely on them to satisfy their hunger when financially strapped in these Economic Times. Especially considering the only reason they were lucky enough to get Such Amazing PR is the fact that they target Lower Socio-Economic Classes.. and inevitably deteriorate their Health As Well.

FYI:  Wasn’t Bruce Lee once a Dishwasher ? Yeah.. that’s why they BOTH Kick Ass.

I personally loved when Charles said he realized their Captor was Sexually abusing them.. that had the Police not come, He himself would have been facing “Triple Life“.. meaning he would’ve beaten the Living Hell out of the Abuser, and his 2 brothers before they were released.

If you’ve heard his 9-1-1 Call.. You would probably consider him a hero just for cussin up a storm on probably The Biggest News Story of Our Year… A tragic Decade that actually has a “Happy” ending, for lack of a better word considering the circumstances.  Oh yeah, and the McDonald’s PR Campaign continued when he told the 9-1-1 Dispatcher “I was sittin here with my M(a)c(k) Donald’s Right … Eatin’ My Lil Food Right“.. “I’m Just Here With My M(a)c(k) Donalds“… or what about when he said “That’s Not My Address.. I’m Smarter Than That Brah

and “I Don’t Have a Fu@kin Clue Brah I just said I came From M(a)c(k) Donalds”

Then news surfaced of Charles’s own troubled past with Domestic Violence.  He said that his past is what taught him to be a good man today.  And being a good man today is exactly what he became… at the right place, at the right time… to put an end to 10 years of torture and torment to 3 women who had far too much taken from them.  His Past Means Nothing To Me.  Because of where he was placed that day, he didn’t just save 3 women.. He Saved the World. That within itself should be considered Adequate Atonement.

What Charles Ramsey’s Story has become is a story of Nobility, and Honor, in the most Unassuming of Places.. The most Unlikely of Characters.. well, at least in the Judgmental Eyes of a Narrow Minded America… and in an area that most would consider Impoverished.

The Bible says “Blessed are Those Who are Poor.. For They Are Rich In Spirit“.. and Right now, Charles Ramsey has proven himself to be one of the Richest Men Alive.  He has spoken from his heart, from News Journalists, to 9-1-1 Dispatchers, to Anderson Cooper, to all of our World.  His Heart is on his sleeve and he is only sugar coated by his honest and descriptive tongue, that gave us all a peak into what it was like, to discover and rescue 3 women who needed it most.

I am Thankful a Man like Charles Ramsey stumbled into our World’s View.  A Man Like Charles Ramsey could teach Our World and Everyone in it what Life is really about.

Our Celebrity Culture, and our Society as a Whole has been overtaken by Darkness and Immorality and we have Lost our Way.  The story of the Kidnappings alone should be proof of that.

But to know that a Man Like Charles Ramsey was Destined to Destroy a Dark Decade is Evidence that There IS IN FACT Light at the End of Every Tunnel.

We can only Pray for the Patience that we could one day see it.. just as Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight did when they saw Charles.

And just as we did when we saw Charles.  It’s not the Entertainment Factor.  It’s not the Hero Factor.  It’s not his “I’m Not A Hero.. I’m A Charistian.  I’m An American Speech“… but it’s EVERYTHING he is.  Even down to the nuances people tried to make fun of.

What He Has Become is Unlike Anything We Have Ever Seen.

The Greatest Rescue Hero, in A Humble Human Being.


Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com

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Pope Benedict Resigns And St. Peter’s Basilica Is Struck By Lightning. But Is It A Sign From God?? posted by on February 13, 2013

Heed The Signs From Angry Skies ... Or Those Disguised As Media Lies

So we’ve all heard the news yesterday that Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation due to his deteriorating health and advanced age, making him the first Pope to resign since Gregory XII in 1415.

But the craziness comes with the news that Lightning Struck the top of St. Peter’s Basilica just hours after the announcement as a storm brewed over Rome that day.  Now we’ve got everybody wanting to know what it means.

Yes, we all know by now that Pope Benedict has a past with Nazi Germany… Leading many to believe he was a part of the iLLuminati or there to further the Anti-Christ agenda… but he can’t be completely blamed for it.. he was only a child at the time.

However, those who are “truthers” “conspiracy theorists” or those into “Endtime Prophecy” have been circulating some sketchy rumors over recent years with all that’s been going on in our Global Condition as well as the progression of a New World Order.  Those people somehow came up with the conclusion that according to Biblical Prophecy, that Pope Benedict may have in fact been the 2nd to Last in Line of the Papacy.  The predictions are that whoever was to hold that position after Benedict would be the Last & Final Pope to reign while the world saw its end… with many even believing this Final Pope could himself be the “Anti-Christ”.

Well of course, those that know me know I don’t believe in any One Person or One Being to be the Anti-Christ, but rather a Body or Group of Individuals who reign in power and carry out the Dark, Satanic and Devilish deeds that turn this world.  But whatever the case may be of the Last Pope, I think this strike of Lightning may in fact give validity to those prior predictions of Pope Benedict being the 2nd to Last.  We all thought the office wouldn’t transfer until Benedict passed away, but with his resignation, that moment will come much sooner than previously thought.  Could the strike of Lightning be the sign that the next Pope will In Fact Be The Last ???  The strike of Lightning certainly seems to suggest so.

But my other question, is who in the Freak took this photo ? And how did you just so happen to catch it at the exact same time this lightning bold decided to come down in its fraction of a second life-span ?  Looking at this photo, I honestly doubt it’s a video frame, but a still photo itself.  And how did the photographer manage to catch and predict this lightning ?

All of those questions lead me to believe this photo could actually be fake.. and the reports just the same.  So is it a sign ??

Let’s put it like this.  If it is a sign from God, I would be slightly concerned.  But if it was a faked photo, I would be just as concerned.  Because with all the recent fake media events going on, like the Sandy Hook Hoax, it’s obvious the Media is on full Fake Propaganda Mode.  And if this Lightning strike is a part of that fake propaganda, then that within itself is also a sign… a sign of the deceptive world we are living in, as prophesied in the Bible and other books of faith as signs of the end of days.

So whether it was real or fake… I would consider both scenarios to be a sign of God.  Both to brace ourselves for what’s to come, whether it is in fact from God as a warning, or if it is manufactured by those humans who defy God

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com

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Former US National Security Advisor Warns To Global Elites That New World Order Is In Trouble posted by on November 29, 2012

Yes. He Looks Pissed... Because We Are Now "Politically Awakened"

Former U.S. National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski warned Global Elitests that the Populous Masses are becoming “Politically Awakened” to current world events, proving that Global Elitests prefer a sleeping public of Sheeple..  and this activism is making it increasingly difficult to control the masses… many to believe towards their impending New World Order, or One World Government as Prophecied in the Bible.

Please Watch The Video Below Provided by Alex Jones and Infowars.com

With all that has been going on, it is no doubt that the general population of the world has become far more interested in the iLLuminati, or Global Elites that run game on our World System.  And with recent events like Jamie Foxx professing praises to “The Lord And Savior Barack Obama” on the Soul Train Awards in Las Vegas, and with Angus T. Jones professing Satan’s Hand on his show “Two And A Half Men”, it’s no wonder the controversy is starting to create a PR Nightmare for those that don’t want the secret out.

Well, the Secret’s out.  Whachu gon do ?? Balls in the Court of those in Charge.  Brace yourselves people.  This will only make them work faster

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com

Video: Alex Jones and Infowars.com

Why The Yangtze River Turned “Biblically Blood Red” posted by on September 16, 2012

The Yangtze River Dragon Turns Blood Red For The Dragon Year Of 2012

2012 is getting intense aynt it ??

On September 8th, 2012.. 3 days before the 11th Anniversary of the September 11th Attacks of 9-11, and on the same day New York was hit with 2 Tornadoes, The Yangtze River in China managed to Turn itself “Biblically Blood Red“.

“But Prophecy… whaddyu Mean Biblically Blood Red ??”

You know what I mean.  In all those Prophetic books, like the book of Revelation, which are meant to depict the End of Days, there’s all sorts of reference to “And then this turns blood red”… Oooohhh… aaahhh..”

Well guess what folks.  The Yangtze River aynt the only thing turning “Biblically Blood Red”.  The book of Revelations itself speaks of how in the End of Days, the Moon will turn “Blood Red” (Revelations 6:12, Acts 2:20).  Last year’s Total Lunar Eclipse turned the Moon “Biblically Blood Red”

Almost 3 years ago to the day, Australia was hit with a Mysterious “Biblically Blood Red” Dust Storm.  And just as people described with the Yangtze River, local citizens said it looked “Apocalyptic“.

Well folks, the Yangtze River’s Red Expression is nothing short of a Miracle.  However the Sign & Wonder itself is still the same.  It still happened.  Faith Books don’t tell you How They Happen, or in the Physical Realm as to Why They Happen, they just tell you that They Do Happen.

So in this instance, it should be known that the Yangtze River is completely saturated with good ole fashioned Pollution.  The banks along the river are filled with Chemical Factories that dump Billions of Tons of Toxic Waste and Pollution into the water per Year.  Let’s get this straight.

1 Billions Tons would equal 2,000,000,000,000 pounds.

Yeah, that’s basically a number whose magnitude you can’t even understand.  Add to this the fact that the good ole folks at the United States of America have been sending over our Used and Disposed Toxic Computer Monitors over there to dump into the River itself.

This River supplies about 40% of all China’s Water and is the 3rd Largest River in the World After The Nile And The Amazon.  So the sign of it all turning Red in one Day may look insane, but it’s been a slow build for quite some time, and is likely just now showing itself.  But this will lead to serious problems of the people in the future, and may lead to some serious illness that could even be fatal to a multitude of millions.

I always said, if a Group’s Aim and Agenda is Rid the World of its people, it would be easy to accomplish that by striking the greatest populated countries first.  And China with its Billions of people would clearly wind up being a target.

It’s always interesting to see things that you may have been warned of in a Prophetic or Spiritual / Faith Book sense… but to see it all pan out in the Real World we live in, and to know the reasons why is a reason why I encourage you all to seek Truth and Knowledge.

But regardless as to the reasons why and how they happened… even if some dude just dumped a whole buttload of Strawberry Kool-Aid… the Sign is STILL The Same.  This Is In FACT a time where some things are about to go down.  So just Brace yourself… and Walk in Power & In Truth.

Don’t Let The Signs Of Our Times Fool You.

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com



Earthquake In Virginia Affecting New York And The Pentagon Raises Questions About End Times posted by on August 24, 2011

Citizens of New York Flood The Streets After Having Their Earthquake Cherries Popped

Many people are not only shocked and surprised by the 5.9 Magnitude Earthquake that impacted the Northeastern Seabord, but many have agreed … The End Is Near !!

Well, when it comes to the End of the World… Anybody who knows anything knows we will never know the day or the hour.  But strange occurrences, like Earthquakes in regions we know they did not exist before, has raised a lot of questions of the state of our world… Especially since our World is still feeling the residual effects of the Earthquake / Tsunami / Nuclear Disaster Trifecta that affected Japan, and ultimately our Global Ecosystem.

Regardless if these events are acts of God, Mother Nature, or “The Invisible Hand” of Man, they are still happening, and should definitely cause us as a people to choose to look inward as we face the times ahead.

I will say one thing… You should learn about HAARP, especially since HAARP is not the only of its kind, as there are mechanisms like HAARP, with the same technology found throughout our entire globe, just not on the same scale.

Those that know of HAARP, its power, technology, and science behind it, knows that this type of weaponry can definitely do what it is theorized to do, since its technologies are also built around the original invention of “The Earthquake Machine“, invented by our Human History’s most revolutionary Mind of Electrical Sciences, Nikola Tesla.  While Nikola Tesla desired for his discoveries to further the progression of Humankind, ridding the world of poverty, hunger, and wars… Those in power have managed to use his discoveries for selfish purposes of control and domination.

Those familiar with HAARP even thought it may have been responsible for the Earthquake in Japan, just as Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez accused those in control of such an “Earthquake Machine” to have tested their invention on Haiti, when they experienced their devastating 7.0 Magnitude Earthquake on January 12th, 2010.

Well, in Theory, if HAARP was used to do what it is theorized to do, the effects on an Ecosystem like ours will last far beyond an immediate Earthquake and Tsunami.  The residual effects could have been responsible for why the Midwestern United States experienced such severe Tornado systems this year.  And of course with all these events, added after the massive flooding in Queensland, Australia… one can definitely say these times are looking quite Apocalyptic.

And now to the Earthquake that rattled Virginia, The Pentagon and New York yesterday.  While many skeptics may think that our world is too large to manipulate with events such as these.. Then maybe a major quake in this region could cause someone to reconsider their opinion.  And God forbid, we as the public masses become victims of a Tit-for-Tat battle between the powerful and controlling entities that dominate our world, targeting disastrous and unstable areas, like Nuclear Power Plants and Offices of Defense, with our lives as the sacrifice and collateral damage.

And to give this entire scene an even greater sense of purpose… The Earthquake even interrupted a New York Press Conference being held by Cy Vance, the Manhattan District Attorney, who was preparing to discuss why his offices decided to ask a judge to drop the Sexual Assault Charges against Former IMF President, Dominique Strauss Kahn.  Now if events like these don’t sound like Divine Interventions to you, then I guess some of us choose to live in denial more than others.

Whoever is responsible for what is not the issue… The issue is that the times are here, and they are now.

Brace yourselves… It’s About To Get Hot And Heavy.

Times are Gettin Serious Ladies And Gentlemen.  This is the Time of Prophecy.


Apple’s iPhone And iPad Should Change Their Names To “iNvade”… Equipped With Tracking Units posted by on April 25, 2011

Y'all know what time it is...

It was recently discovered by researchers Alasdair Allan and Pete Warden that all 3G iPhones and iPads manufactured by Apple have been seriously invading the privacy of its owners, by giving a detailed map of its every location.  It was found that it doesn’t track your whereabouts like GPS, but actually triangulates your latitude and longitudinal coordinates from cell towers.

What makes this worse, is that it will not only keep a detailed map of everywhere you have been, but also your computer if it interfaces your iPhone or iPad via iTunes.  In fact, anybody can access the file it’s saved to, and check your whole mobile history.  Again, this is not like GPS, so there is no way to turn this feature off.  It is an automatic feature that has been kept a hidden secret from the public the entire time the world’s most popular cell phone has been on the free market.

To me, this is no surprise.  For those of you that are unfamiliar, the very logo behind Apple Computers is an apple with a bite taken out of it, as it is to represent the fruit that was taken from the Garden of Eden, in which Adam and Eve took a bite to let sin enter into the world.

What’s even more effed up, is that the first Apple computer, the Apple I, sold for $666.

Coincidence? Yes or No?