Pope Benedict Resigns And St. Peter’s Basilica Is Struck By Lightning. But Is It A Sign From God?? posted by on February 13, 2013

Heed The Signs From Angry Skies ... Or Those Disguised As Media Lies

So we’ve all heard the news yesterday that Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation due to his deteriorating health and advanced age, making him the first Pope to resign since Gregory XII in 1415.

But the craziness comes with the news that Lightning Struck the top of St. Peter’s Basilica just hours after the announcement as a storm brewed over Rome that day.  Now we’ve got everybody wanting to know what it means.

Yes, we all know by now that Pope Benedict has a past with Nazi Germany… Leading many to believe he was a part of the iLLuminati or there to further the Anti-Christ agenda… but he can’t be completely blamed for it.. he was only a child at the time.

However, those who are “truthers” “conspiracy theorists” or those into “Endtime Prophecy” have been circulating some sketchy rumors over recent years with all that’s been going on in our Global Condition as well as the progression of a New World Order.  Those people somehow came up with the conclusion that according to Biblical Prophecy, that Pope Benedict may have in fact been the 2nd to Last in Line of the Papacy.  The predictions are that whoever was to hold that position after Benedict would be the Last & Final Pope to reign while the world saw its end… with many even believing this Final Pope could himself be the “Anti-Christ”.

Well of course, those that know me know I don’t believe in any One Person or One Being to be the Anti-Christ, but rather a Body or Group of Individuals who reign in power and carry out the Dark, Satanic and Devilish deeds that turn this world.  But whatever the case may be of the Last Pope, I think this strike of Lightning may in fact give validity to those prior predictions of Pope Benedict being the 2nd to Last.  We all thought the office wouldn’t transfer until Benedict passed away, but with his resignation, that moment will come much sooner than previously thought.  Could the strike of Lightning be the sign that the next Pope will In Fact Be The Last ???  The strike of Lightning certainly seems to suggest so.

But my other question, is who in the Freak took this photo ? And how did you just so happen to catch it at the exact same time this lightning bold decided to come down in its fraction of a second life-span ?  Looking at this photo, I honestly doubt it’s a video frame, but a still photo itself.  And how did the photographer manage to catch and predict this lightning ?

All of those questions lead me to believe this photo could actually be fake.. and the reports just the same.  So is it a sign ??

Let’s put it like this.  If it is a sign from God, I would be slightly concerned.  But if it was a faked photo, I would be just as concerned.  Because with all the recent fake media events going on, like the Sandy Hook Hoax, it’s obvious the Media is on full Fake Propaganda Mode.  And if this Lightning strike is a part of that fake propaganda, then that within itself is also a sign… a sign of the deceptive world we are living in, as prophesied in the Bible and other books of faith as signs of the end of days.

So whether it was real or fake… I would consider both scenarios to be a sign of God.  Both to brace ourselves for what’s to come, whether it is in fact from God as a warning, or if it is manufactured by those humans who defy God

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Mysterious “V For Vendetta” Themed Videos Surface On The Net… Addressing The State Of Our World posted by on April 30, 2011

There are some mysterious videos surfacing on YouTube and starting to quickly go viral, as the videos are being copied by other user profiles and spreading, of someone protraying Hugo Weaving’s character of “V” from “V for Vendetta“, only he addresses the state of our current world. The videos are under the YouTube profile “VideoForVanquish“, the most recent video urging the public to purchase physical silver to help take power out of J.P. Morgan Chase, and its connection to the Federal Reserve.

Nobody knows who’s putting these videos out, and there’s been about 4 so far. Rumors around the streets of Hollywood is that it’s a celebrity who’s also a 9/11 conspiracy theorist. I doubt its Jesse Ventura, and even though he’s jobless right now, I also doubt it’s Charlie Sheen.

Check out these videos and the videos on the profile “VideoForVanquish” and tell me what you think.

Pretty intense shizz.