Justin Timberlake Makes A Career Change And Starts Slangin’ Bud posted by on February 7, 2013

Things didn't work out with Bud Light Platinum's Last Marketing Guy... Justin Timbersnowflake

UnHealthy Beverage companies are snatchin up yer favorite Pop Stars like they’re Playing Cards !!

First you had Beyonce inking another Multi-Million Dollar deal with Pepsi, which also is financing her Personal Ventures to even further expand Her Own Brand… Because it will still Ultimately Benefit the Pepso Co Brand.

Then Country “I Date Everybody To Write Songs About How Horrible They Are” Ms. Taylor Swift signed on with Aspartame filled Diet Coke.

Now you’ve Got Justin Timberlake to be the first Pop Star to join this level of Pop Marketing.  Anheuser-Busch announced that Justin Timberlake is now a part of their team for Bud Light Platinum in order to help them keep a Pulse on this Culture and will help them with the Branding and Marketing of this Product.  Yeah, maybe they can do a Joint Venture with MySpace.  Sure

Taylor Swift can hold Children, but she Can't Hold a Man.. Cause She Said Diet Coke is the Love of Her Life

Bud Light Platinum has already used songs by Avicii and Kanye West’s Instrumental for the song “No Church In The Wild”, which also featured Jay-Z and Frank Ocean.  Justin Timberlake’s Song “Suit & Tie” which also has a verse with Jay-Z and Produced by Timbaland is going to be used in a 60-Second Super Bowl Style Commercial to be aired on the Grammy Awards Telecast on February 10th, 2013

What do you all think of the Corporations using your Favorite Pop Stars to Create This World Culture ? Or Do They Create The World Culture, That Creates The Pop Stars… To Further the World Culture ?

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