HOT Couple Alert: Bob Saget And Hope Dworaczyk Keep “Bob Hope” Alive posted by on April 27, 2011

I think I died and went to Hollywood Heaven ! It's Bob and Hope !! I seen a ghost and his name is Bob Hope!!

Yes ladies and gentlemen…

Bob Hope” is alive and well folks, and Bob Hope made an appearance at the Us Weekly’sHot In Hollywood Style” party at Eden in Hollywood.

Thanks to Bob Saget and Hope Dworaczyk gettin it on.. The memory of "Bob Hope" has been Resurrected

Bob Hope = Bob Saget from “Full House” and Hope Dworaczyk, Playboy model turned “Celebrity Apprentice“.

Here’s how it went down:

First, Hope left with her friend, as you see here… And they were immediately bombarded by Paparazzi and Autograph Seekers

I'm ready to bob... er, I mean, I'm looking for Bob

Her friend was making a call, looking for “Bob”, and asking “Bob” where he was parked cause they were looking for him.

All the way at the other end of the parking lot, is Bob Saget, leaving the party on his own… unassuming enough.

We're onto your little secret Bob... Don't think we don't see Hope in the middle of the "Circle of Crazies"

He hops in his ride after taking pics with a few folks, and then out of nowhere, Hope and her friend hop in Bob’s car…

Yes, we know you're eager to get home Bob.. We would be too if a Playboy Playmate was...

We were all like, “Are you Effin serious !! Bob Saget and Hope Dworaczyk?? BOB HOPE LADIES AND GENTLEMEN !!


A Dear In Headlights

Now it’s amazing that Bob Saget could nab a young Hollywood Hottie like Hope Dworaczyk.

But let’s be real here.  Right now, Bob Saget is just 3 weeks shy of 55.  Hope, on the other hand, just turned 26 years old in November.  That means Bob is MORE THAN TWICE HER AGE !!!

Now okay, I know that doesn’t sound that bad to you, but let’s make it even more fu@ked up.  Hope is only 1 1/2 years older than Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, ya know, the twin girls that play baby Michelle?  As in BOB SAGET’S baby?  Shoot, Hope might’ve even been five years old watching episodes of Full House and admiring the dad… Bob, you dirty scumbag !!

Bob, you should be ashamed of yourself. There should be no "Hope" in this "Bob Hope"

So basically, Bob Saget was pretty much able to change Hope’s diapers, as she could’ve been Kindergarten classmates with little Michelle in San Francisco.

How are you gonna try and be shy now? That dude is funny aint he?

It’s crazy to me how once people turn 18, they say it’s fair game.  I think there should be some max age limit allowed between significant others.  I mean, when you’re old enough to be in THE GENERATION BEFORE YOU… You might need to draw the line.

But hey, maybe they’re not really dating.  Maybe he’s just her mentor.

Or maybe he’s changing her diapers.

Photos: www.SunOfHollywood.com