Kim Kardashian Paris Robbery : French Police Arrest 16 Suspects posted by on January 9, 2017


So does that mean this robbery actually happened then ??

French Police have announced that they’ve made 16 arrests in connection to Kim Kardashian‘s Jewelry Robbery last year in Paris.  The robbery, which caused Kim to leave Social Media for months, was questioned for its authenticity, leading to worldwide speculation as to whether or not the incident actually occurred or if it might have been a publicity stunt or insurance scam.

According to French authorities, the takedown was a result of DNA Evidence from a piece of recovered jewelry that matched DNA from the scene of the crime.

Bad guys can’t get away with anything these days.

I’m sure more will be heard about this story today so Stay In Tune

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The Shannon Twins Love Their Voyeurs… And Kristina Bares Her Sheer Elegance posted by on October 24, 2011

Even If You Have Double Vision... Walking Anywhere With The Shannon Twins Is A Step In The Right Direction

The Shannon Twins took a Studio break this Saturday night, after a long studio session of workin on their Hot tracks that are about to take the world by storm, and have them seeing and hearing in Stereo… thanks to the Double Vision provided by these Blonde Bombshell DNA-alikes.

The girls showed up with some of their female friends to let it be known that their both ready to party the night away.  Karissa dressed in Red and Kristina in Black, the twins wowed the traffic on Santa Monica Blvd. before walking into Voyeur in West Hollywood.

Kristina Shannon Shows Us What She's Got... And Believe You, Me, It's A Whole Heckuva Lot

And if anybody remembers when Karissa did the same, Kristina decided to be the one to show off her Sheer Elegance this time around.  Something about black outfits and flashes… Quite the mix for the Voyeur types.


Exclusive Photos: www.SunOfHollywood.com and Anthony Monterotti

BTW: Check out Anthony Monterotti’s Fashion Blog at ModaAntonio.com


Exclusive Photos: www.SunOfHollywood.com and Anthony Monterotti

BTW: Check out Anthony Monterotti’s Fashion Blog at ModaAntonio.com

Detroit: Tell Us How You Really Feel…. About Charlie Sheen posted by on April 4, 2011

So we’ve all heard over the weekend that Charlie Sheen bombed his first show in Detroit for The Violent Torpedo Of Truth Tour.

But it’s looking like the truth is, the show violently torpedoed south as a big bomb.

Now while reports have shown that his Chicago show fared a little better, let’s hear what the fans who watched Charlie’s show in Detroit had to say about the Disappointment.

Props to Hollywood.TV and my boy G-Hollywood for baring the Detroit climate to bring it to you live

Charlie Sheen Bombs In Detroit… Is Anybody Surprised??? I’m Not posted by on April 3, 2011

Charlie Sheen : While Defeat Is Not An Option, Victory Has Yet To Be Attained

Charlie Sheen bombed the opening show of his “My Violent Torpedo Of Truth / Defeat Is Not An Option” Tour, at the Fox Theater in unruly Detroit.  I would have to say this, everybody knows Detroit can be a  tough crowd, so I’m actually even surprised that they considered making Detroit the opening city for a show that clearly lacked the proper preparation.  But to me it is no surprise that this show was not well received.  Reports state that Charlie seemed very unprepared and unfunny, and was eventually booed off stage.

While a name on a Marquee may seem promising...

What people fail to recognize is that Charlie Sheen’s brain is on the fritz and fried.  I remember watching interviews with him 10 years ago and thinking to myself “This guy’s mind is not right. He’s done waaay too many drugs” and this was ten years ago.  Think about how much damage he’s received to the cranium after an additional decade of decadence and drug induced debauchery.  Even Snoop was afraid to show face on this one,  and Snoop aint afraid of nuffin !

Charlie Sheen's Star is dimming for the whole States to see


What people also fail to recognize is that when it comes to Hollywood, Film and Television… You’re really only as good as your scripts, which is written by writers who sit at a desk for hours a day, perfecting single lines, punch lines, and fluidity of dialogue.  Guess what… Charlie Sheen hasn’t written a script in his entire life, so don’t be surprised that he was unable to produce the same comic prowess as his episodes of “Two and a Half Men”.

Charlie Sheen went from headliner to Bench player in just one night !!

And we know Charlie isn’t surprised, as a matter of fact, he may have even anticipated the move, as the fine print on the back of each ticket let every purchaser beware that no refunds would be given.  It seems to me like Charlie’s tour is a little more hype than hoopla.  And there’s definitely hype about his sold out tour, as I’m being told by insiders it’s not sold out at all, and in fact many shows are struggling with hundreds of seats left to be filled.  Fat chance of that happening after last nights debacle.

Well Charlie, all your years of drug use, woman abuse, Calipornication and arrogance in the Hollywood limelight has caught up to you.  It looks like you should’ve listened to what your father had to say back in your “Wall Street” days…


“I don’t go to sleep with no whore and I don’t wake up with no whore… That’s how I live with myself”

Should’ve listened to your father Charlie.

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