Maxim Magazine’s Editors Score… And Introduce The World To Elyse Dufour posted by on March 21, 2012

Elyse Dufour Leaves You And The World Just Begging For More

Looks like Maxim Magazine’s Editors Are At It Again… Selecting Tomorrow’s Hottest Starlets Today…

So now that Maxim has taken all the painstaking work out of the selection process… Let’s introduce you to Elyse Nicole Dufour … Gettin her Sugar Factory Lollipop on as The Editor’s Pick in this Months Edition of Maxim Magazine, on Newsstands now !!

Elyse is a young lady with a lot of heart and determination to make sure the world knows her name, and it’s looking like she’s doing a pretty great job at it so far.  Aside from gracing the pages of one of the World’s Premiere Mags with Beautiful Women worldwide… She’s getting a lot of film work under her belt, having already completed 3 Independent Films, with 2 more on the way.  That’s a lot of work homay.

What Does It Mean To Be Maxim Magazine's Editor's Pick ??? To Be The One Who Stands Tall Over All The World's Hottest Women

Elyse is based out of Washington D.CRight down the street from where Obama Sleeps. But she’s about to embark on some new horizons as her work demands are getting her used to some jet-setting ways, as she’ll be taking a visit to the West Coast and Tinseltown in just a few weeks… So Stay In Tune cause we’re pretty sure you’re gonna see some Glamorous Daily Activities in Hollywood as a Rising Star would.

Just as Giulini Wever was The Editor’s Pick in February, Elyse beat out hundreds of women from all over the country that are hoping and waiting for the world to get to know them… Sorry ladies, guess it’s just Elyse’s time this time.

And Elyse… Be wary of folks comin out the wood work since they now see your face is in magazine pages.

In order to have a career that lasts… Be Sure To Stay away from Snakes in the Grass !!


Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com