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Celeste Thorson's Heart And Soul Are Exotic As She Appears

Celeste Thorson is not just a woman who is seemingly able to relate to all walks of life… But she actually Embodies all walks of life, both inwardly and outwardly in her life’s experiences.

Celeste carries within herself an ecclectic genetic mix, being of Korean, Scottish Irish, Lebanese, Apache American and Spanish Descent.  But aside from her exotic background, she comes from an even more exotic upbringing.  Celeste has lived an incredibly full life, with her Mother and Grandmother both being Artists, and her Father as a US Marine, Celeste is a Rare Jewel who not only encompasses an inward beauty, but an outward beauty that is a direct result from the loving family she was raised in, and the various experiences she was handed by those who cared for her.

Celeste Thorson Is A Beacon Of Light In An Industry Known For Losing The Fight

I Suggest You Be Left Speechless Right Now

Beauty, Brains, Talent And Brawn / With A Combo Like This You Have To Press On

Celeste was born in Orange County, California, but grew up in New Mexico, Texas and California, and also spent time in Guanajuato, Mexico while studying at the International Art Colony of San Miguel De Allende, following in the footsteps of her Mother and Grandmother.

And what makes this Amazing Wonder tick is not just beauty, art, talent and intellect, but she also an amazing heart… becoming incredibly involved in Political Activism while still a teenager working with groups like Sierra Club, GreenPeace, HRC, Calpirg and Save the Children.

A Smile That Means The World... No, I Mean Literally

Across Ocean Shores, The World Be The Canvas To Which Her Heart Pours

But it’s when Celeste began to scratch the surface of her 20’s when she finally began to step into her calling in the Entertainment Industry.  Celeste has gone to star in shows like “How I Met Your Mother” starring Neil Patrick Harris, and Destination X, where she not only hosted, but also wrote episodes for and even performed her own Death Defying stunts on camera, showing that her beauty also encompasses brawn.

Corona Light Aynt Got Nuffin On This Celestial Light

But with that strength comes the heart of a true Pioneer and Innovator who is not just one to take opportunity, but also one to make opportunities.  Celeste has already become deeply involved in Writing, Producing, and even Directing her own projects, like her latest work “Hit Girl”, to not only express herself with greater control and artistic license, but also to give opportunities to rising artists who have a tendency to be overlooked in a Superficial Hollywood.

What you get is one of those Women and Individuals that you wish this Entertainment Industry had more of.  A true mover, shaker and motivator in a realm where the Status Quo is exactly what it is, stagnant and questionable.

Oh yeah... She'll Probably Kick yera$$ too !!

We at SunOfHollywood.com are excited to have had this Exclusive Interview with an incredibly gifted Young Lady who will clearly move Mountains when Change and Hope in the Entertainment Industry are just as bleak as the World it originates in.

So Congratulations to the Beautiful and Incredibly Talented Celeste Thorson, and we guarantee she will be your Heroine too.

Just don’t get too addicted to lookin at this Heroine’s pics ya heard ?

Just As Sure As A Flower May Bloom / Heads Will Turn When Celeste Enters A Room

Visit Celeste’s Official Site at www.CelesteThorson.com

And Follow her on Twitter at twitter.com/CelesteThorson

And be sure to check out our Exclusive Interview with this Dyanmic Inspiration by clicking on the Video below

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