D Strange Da County Star Is Taking Over The Hip-Hop World… One Virginia Beach At A Time posted by on February 13, 2012

D Strange Da County Star Is Set To Be A Worldwide Supernova

D Strange Da County Star Is The Hottest Dude Set To Unleash More Than Just A Few Lines Of Fury And Destroy The Hip-Hop Scene… While Speaking To The World Through The Place He Calls Home… Virginia Beach.


Lyrics Written By The Hands Of Lightning / Separatin Men That Make It From Those That Only Might Be

Here’s a Dude who’s been puttin’ in Straight Werk For His Own Label, County Star Inc., To Get That Buzz Out There As It Should Rightfully Be.  His Tracks are Certified Club Bangers And Ready To Rock This Great Nation Of Ours.  In addition to his hustle grind, he’s been rippin the Mixtape Circuit with his recent Joint Venture with Interscope Records “Certified Beach Boys” and promoted by the Medina Street Team, bringing the Dudes of the VA Beach to the World.  Don’t get it twisted, this is a dude who’s very familiar with this World, since he even discovered his own love for the art form while overseas in Okinawa, Japan.

And as if the Interscope Mixtape joint wasn’t enough, Strange has also been makin a buzz through his other projects, “DJ Kid Quest Presents: The County Commissioner Mixtape” and his upcoming album “Welcome 2 Strange County

That Dude May Look Strange... But He Sure As Hell Aynt D. Strange

But it doesn’t stop here.  D Strange is set to be a Household name, as both music to your ears, and Fashion for your frames…As he’ll also be releasing his own clothing line Religious Nitemare which is also getting put out there with their “Who’s Going To Sign Him ???” Campaign.  There’s no doubt there will be a few Executive Heads buttin heads and trying to outbid one another to get this dude’s knowledge out to the streets.

Check out D Strange Da County Star’s latest single, “Da Man / I’ll Be Back” featuring Tony Knuckles by clicking on the audio player below, as well as the Official Music Video

And if you’re trying to bump this *ish in your ride, be sure to do it the legal way,

by purchasing and downloading “Da Man / I’ll Be Back” through iTunes by Clicking Here

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Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com






Shawn Marion Of The NBA Championship Dallas Mavericks Gets His Millions Of Milkshakes posted by on August 4, 2011

Shawn Marion Gives SunOfHollywood.com A Super Sexy "Over The Shoulder"

Shawn Marion stopped by “Millions Of Milkshakes” at the Culver City Westfield Shopping Center yesterday to get his own Signature Milkshake, as everyone does.

Shawn Marion... He's Such A Player

It was really interesting though, considering that Shawn belongs to the team that usurped the Lakers on their path towards solidifying a Three Peat Dynasty.

This Dude Came All The Way From Tsunami Land To Get Shawn's Autograph... And To Give Him "The Finger"

This little girl walked by while walking her Pet Balloon... Too Cute To Not Show You

But it was all love at the mall.  As soon as Shawn came out, tons of fans began to crowd around and show nothing but support for dude in the City of Angels.  Shawn was also seen with Kirstina Colonna, who’s so hott she melted all the Milkshakes, so I had to save more pics of her for another post.  Stay In Tune !!

Too Many Milkshakes Were Lost In The Hottness Of This Picture... So I had To Save More Pics Of Kirstina Colonna For Another Post

But let’s just hope Shawn and the Dallas Mavericks don’t do it again next year.  We’d definitely like to see Kobe get a 6th ring !!

A Man Of The People... Behind Enemy Lines


Photos:  www.SunOfHollywood.com


Photos:  www.SunOfHollywood.com


Photos:  www.SunOfHollywood.com

Hurri-Kim “KardASIAN” Lee Helps Tornado Victims With A Few Celebrities posted by on June 3, 2011

Kim Lee.. Bringing smiles to people across the nation... In more ways than one

HurriKim Lee her Whirlwind Publicity Tour by launching her own signature Milkshake at Millions of Milkshakes last night.

Kim’s shake is appropriately named “The Hangover GTox” Shake, because it includes the GTox Formula patented to help remedy Hangovers… Clever huh?

Sleepy Brown Likes The Way Kim Lee Moves

What makes this shake a more monumental event though is that proceeds from the shake will go to benefit Tornado Victims in the U.S., as well as Tsunami Victims in Japan, through the American Red Cross.

Lane Garrison Came Out To Support The Tornado Victims

Leave it up to Kim to not just be beautiful, but to do beautiful things as well.

And Kim was also joined by a great group of individuals who also came to lend their support, not just to Kim and her Milkshake, but also to the American Red Cross as well.

Kim Lee... And Dijon Talton Who's In Glee

Kim Lee and Sammy Sarpong

Her guests included Lane Garrison from Prison Break, Dungeon Family Member Sleepy Brown, Dijon Talton from Glee, Miss California Latina Cindy Salaves and Sammy Sarpong.

Kim... Do you ever get the feeling nowadays that somebody's watching you?

Oh yeah, and not to mention she also brought down a few of her fine lady friends, which can never be a bad thing.

Kim Lee And Miss California Latina Cindy Salaves Show Us "!! FINE !!" In Double

I’m Seeing “!! FINE !!” In Triple !! I Gots To Get My Eyes Checked

And by the looks of the swarming photographs demanding to be signed, Kim’s rise to Superstardom is not taking any breaks.

They Just can't Get Enough... EZ Is Even Trying To Film in 3D !!

She’ll also be making an appearance Saturday June 4th at Splash Nightclub in Downtown Sacramento.

Her appearance will be at 11pm and Splash is located at :

815 15th Street

Downtown Sacramento, 95814

So if you’re in the Sacto area, be sure to come down and catch a glimpse of Kim Lee’s continued rise to Superstardom.

You don’t want to miss it.

And Congrats Kim, and doing so well, and doing good things while you’re at it as well.

Jesus it's Kim !! Blowing Kisses In The Wind !!


Photos: www.SunOfHollywood.com


Photos: www.SunOfHollywood.com

Hotzpotz: Heidi Klum Is NOT Afraid Of Radioactive Sushi… And Seals Like Fish, But Not Paparazzi posted by on May 4, 2011

Sushi is still Risky Business, But Heidi Klum And Seal Are Down for the Challenge

Hotzpotz: Heidi Klum and Seal were spotted at Matsuhisa, a Sushi restaurant in Beverly Hills that is quite often frequented by Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson, since they are both connoisseurs of “fish“.

Heidi and Seal had dinner tonight with the kids.  Now we all know Seal does not take kindly at all to photogs… Probably because he knows tabloid media didn’t care much for him since he married Heidi.  Which is understandable, he hasn’t had a hit in a decade, and he probably hates the fact that photogs follow his fine a$$ wife everywhere she goes.

But the dynamic duo and their kin had to call the police, because way too many shutterbugs showed up, causing them to feel a sense of danger about their exit.  The police were later called which scared away more than half of them.

Photo: www.SunOfHollywood.com



Downed Sony Playstation Network Could Be Large Scale Identity Theft posted by on April 26, 2011

Almost 100 Million people may be regretting all their hours of online gaming

In the worst  outage suffered by the Sony Playstation 3 Network since 2006, Sony has had to shut down its Playstation Network and Qriocity music service since the evening of April 20th, after revealing an “external intrusion” that was malicious.

The shutdown affects some 77 Million gamers who have way too much time on  their hands and play war and fantasy role playing games with other players from all over the world.  The United States has some 36 Million PS3 gamers online, with Europe in at 32 Million and Asia comprising 9 Million of the total, mainly in earthquake stricken Japan where Sony is Headquartered.

At first it seemed a security breach that just caused the network to shut down.  But now the heads of Sony fear the possibility that credit card information belonging to its 77 Million users may in fact be stolen.  From what is reported, it is still too early to tell, but it is definitely something the company has not ruled out.

The organization known as “Anonymous” which has targeted Hustler Magazine, Gene Simmons and of course the Church of Scientology, was originally thought to be the culprit behind the attack, but has denied any involvement in the incident.

The breach could possibly cost the company Billions of dollars.  The attack also comes at a bad time for Sony as it just released “SOCOM 4” which is one of Sony’s biggest online game franchises.  The outage is also giving an edge to Microsoft’s XBox gaming platform.  Microsoft requires a $60 a year membership for their network, but Sony’s is free of charge.  While that may help Sony with having problems of refunding membership costs, it will have little consolation to those who use their PS3’s to access services such as Netflix, Vudu or Blockbuster Online.

Sony said the 3-digit security code information located on the back of customer credit cards has not been stolen, hopefully making it difficult for fraud criminals to use customer credit lines.


Rumors Swirl In The Science Community That The “God Particle” Has Been Found posted by on April 26, 2011

This image shows where the 17-mile long Large Hadron Collider sits underground in Geneva, Switzerland

A note leaked onto thee internet this week, alleged to have been sourced from the scientists working at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in Geneva, Switzerland claiming that they have found the elusive Higgs Boson Particle, the elementary particle that is theorized to lend mass to all matter, giving it the nickname, “The God Particle“.  The existence of the God particle has, at least possibly up until now, exists only in theory, postulated to solve the inconsistencies in theoretical physics.

The search for this particle is the main reason behind the conception and creation of the LHC, which is the world’s largest particle collider, primarily built and funded by European countries.  It is an underground circular tunnel, 17 miles in circumference, and approximately 600 feet below the Franco-Swiss border in Geneva, Switzerland.  It’s beginnings received much controversy and opposition from critics that believed that smashing protons into each other at nearly 100% the Speed of Light could create small Black Holes that would eventually lead to the destruction of our world.  Regardless of this contention, those that supported the project believed it could lead scientists to understanding the fundamental roots of the existence of our universe and how all was formed and created.

While nothing is yet confirmed, the success of discovering the God Particle still remains uncertain.  I also wouldn’t doubt that perhaps the buzz of a rumor could be used deceptively, to deceive the public into believing in the success of the LHC, or perhaps as pursuit of further funding.

What I do know is this.  We are way too ahead of ourselves.  Particle Accelerators, in my opinion are crossing over into dangerous territory, much like the Nuclear Reactors that are housed all over the world, and also responsible from the current soon to be global crisis from the Fukushima Daiichi plant in Japan.  If we had to build a $10 Billion Dollar underground tunnel, causing particles to act in a way they are not meant, then we definitely weren’t meant to find the God particle in the first place.  When it comes to all reactions of this nature, at the subatomic level, you are starting a process that may not end. These are the same reasons why even spent fuel rods are a huge radiation risk for months, even years, requiring the supervision and care that easily failed in a time of disaster such as the March 11th Earthquake and Tsunami.

One day, the energy created in one of their tests will result in a failure, of which the consequences may be catastrophic.


Yeah... We're definitely on our way

Hotzpotz: David Beckham And His Balls Are Not Afraid Of Radioactive Sushi posted by on April 16, 2011

These boys have balls

hotzpotz: David Beckham and two of his sons had sushi for dinner on Friday Night, despite hazardous occurrences across the globe. The three Beckham boys were spotted having dinner at Matsuhisa on Friday night, located in Los Angeles’s Restaurant Row. Victoria Beckham was noticeably absent, as most pregnant women are unable to eat sushi.

This sushi restaurant is also quite frequented by Lindsay Lohan, Samantha Ronson and Christina Aguilera.  Hmmm… Sounds like all three girls like fish.

Photo Credit : Wire Image / Noel Vasquez

Japan Hit By Two Major Aftershocks… Nuclear Threat Level To Surpass Chernobyl posted by on April 12, 2011

A Nation Seeks Refuge... But There Is Nowhere To Go

The already devastated nation of Japan was hit by not one, but two more major aftershocks yesterday, both measuring 6.3 on the Richter scale.  And as if that wasn’t enough for Japan to have to endure in a day, the government raised the level of their looming Nuclear crisis to equal that of the 1986 Chernobyl disaster, considered the worst in history.  With all that is yet to come, the disaster which resulted from damage to the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant as a result of the March 11th 9.0 Earthquake and subsequent Tsunami, will easily be the worst Nuclear disaster in World History.  What makes matters worse, is the government has expanded its restricted area, and the tap water, food, soil, air and seawater continues to be contaminated.

World financial markets have already begun to take a beating this morning as well on the recent news, with Japan’s stock market droppping the most since the original quake happened just a month ago.

Hotzpotz Couples Night #4: Fergamel Continues To Benefit The Red Cross posted by on April 10, 2011

Fergamel Indeed Continues To Relieve Those Who Are In Need

Hotzpotz Couples Night #4: Last we saw of Fergamel, they were at the Relief Run in Santa Monica for The Red Cross as well, benefiting those victimized by the Earthquake and Tsunami that ravaged Japan.  It was Fergie’s birthday and they definitely seemed to have a lot of fun in their charitable offerings, not to mention the fact that Josh couldn’t keep his eyes off of Fergie’s behind. Now we catch them helping the Red Cross yet again for their “Red Tie Affair” held at the Fairmont Miramar Hotel in Santa Monica, California.  Is it me or does it seem like this Hotel has been getting a lot of major action lately?

And just like the Relief Run, Fergamel saw some help from another celebrity friend of theirs yet again… Ms. Paris Hilton


Work it girl... For a good cause

It’s awesome to see more celebrities and celebrity couples leveraging their fame to encourage the masses to benefit our world for the greater good.

Let’s keep it up and continue to make this world a better place… After all, it’s the only one we’ve got, and we all have to live in it


Photo Credit: Wire Image / Michael Bezjian

Japan Gets Rocked Again By A 7.4 Magnitude Earthquake… Thankfully No Tsunamis posted by on April 7, 2011

I pray for mercy over the land of Japan, and for that of our fallen world

Japan was rocked Thursday by yet another powerful Earthquake measuring 7.4 on the Richter Scale, and located closer to the coast of Japan than the 9.0 quake which struck on March 11th, triggering a powerful Tsunami that devastated the island nation.

This latest quake in a string of earthquakes and aftershocks since March 11th triggered a Tsunami warning in one prefecture and advisories in others. The warnings were (more…)

More Earthquakes Felt Around The Globe.. Latest Victim: The Greek Island Of Crete posted by on April 1, 2011

Thank God no Tsunami hit Crete.. Where there is very little higher ground

Since the disastrous earthquake in Japan that led to a triple crisis struck on March 11th, it seems our world has seen a whole string of earthquakes all across the globe.  The latest in this line of temblors struck on the southern Greek island of Crete, with reports showing the quake was felt as far as Turkey and Egypt

The quake had a preliminary magnitude of 6.2 and struck off the southern coast of Crete at 4:29 p.m. (1329 GMT, 8:29 EDT), the Athens Geological Institute and the German Research Centre for Geosciences in Potsdam, Germany, said. The U.S. Geological Survey gave a slightly lower preliminary magnitude of 5.9. Magnitudes recorded by geological institutes often differ.

Local authorities said there were no immediate reports of damage or injury but with this constant string of disasters, I’m pretty sure the citizens of Crete were quite frightened of any impending possibilities of Tsunami heading their way.

And after the disaster in Japan, it’s no wonder many conspiracy theorists are wondering where the source of all this is coming from.