I think you're at a loss for words... Thanks to Sophie Turner your mind just blurs

How could I not get the “HOT On The Horizon” party crackin without one of theee HOTTEST and most amazing ladies this world will ever have to offer… ever.. Forever Ever, Forever Ever !?!?!!!

That’s right, the world’s most beautiful Aussie with the entire package from beauty to brains is the first ever to kick off “HOT On The Horizon” because she’s seriously on the verge of taking over this world by Tuscaloosa size storm… as well as the hearts of men and ladies alike.

The Beauty of Sophie Turner's Flower Power... And the Face between

Now you know You've Died and Gone to Heaven If you're able to see not 1 but 2 Sophie Turners !! Doesn't that fu@k up the Space Time Continuum or something???

Sophie Turner graces the streets of Hollywood and Beverly Hills every time you might be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of this Angelic being walking by.  She’s like a traffic accident on the side of the freeway, everybody has to stop, stare and look… Rubberneck style, giving her the nickname Sophie The Head-Turner by the folks over at The Heyman Hustle.  She rose to International Superstardom when she appeared on Australia’s Reality TV Modeling Competition “Search For A Supermodel” crushing the competition and all their distant Lasts… Securing herself a modeling contract with “Ford Models“.   Sorry ladies.. You just weren’t meant to be like Supermodel Sophie.

Sophie Turner and another SunOfHollywood.com favorite, Aubrey O'Day... Two Wild Ladies just waiting to be Unleashed

Sophie’s got a lot on her plate right now, working her way towards not only being one of the most beautiful faces you have ever seen, but is carving herself a strong path towards becoming an acclaimed actress on top of her modeling accolades.  She’s been working on Indy film after Indy film, choosing thought provoking roles that can only do justice of one whose mind outshines her aesthetics… if that’s even possible.

Everyone at FHM.com is left somewhat Brain Boggled... Actually, more like COMPLETELY Brain Boggled !!

Sophie Turner is one of the top women searched on Google, and even ranked #2 in Google searches earlier this year.  I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure #1 is just around the corner.  I definitely know she’s #1 in FHM.Com’s book, recently posting an online article appropriately entitled “Sophie Turner Is So Hot It Doesn’t Make Sense”.  In addition to FHM, Sophie’s face is a frequent rushing wind gracing the online pages of Sports Illustrated.com and Maxim.com , and is a regular correspondent on “The Gossip Queens” on TV’s “The Logo” Channel.  And can you believe she even did a photo shoot for Playboy and managed to keep her clothes and her integrity intact?  Truly rare indeed.

Yeah... You know you wish Sophie could touch you too

Really though… I feel sorry for the competition amongst the ladies out there in this Industry… Cause there is no competition when Sophie IS the best… And what makes that even more fu@ked up for all the ladies out there, is that Sophie Turner is a fully licensed Attorney out of her native Australia.  Yeah, in other words she’ll run circles around your brain, logically, after you’re already dimwitted from being frozen in her gorgeous features.  In other words, not only does Sophie have the looks that will make you follow her like a fool… but she’s got the brain to be your Leader as well.

She's Once In A Lifetime like Halley's Comet... If you're lucky enough, don't ever let her pass you by

So keep your eyes out for Sophie as she keeps creepin on the come up.  And believe me, you’ll never miss her once you’ve seen her.. Especially after it ruins you for all the rest of the world’s women.

Be sure to check out more of the Happeningz in Sophie Turner’s life and career by visiting her website at:


The appeal of a Hammock never looked so tantalizing

And if you can’t live without Sophie Turner in your life… As I’m sure the majority of the world’s population would agree…

Pick up one of her HOTA$$ Fly posters here:


Peep Game Ladies And Gentlemen… Like You’ve Never Peeped Game Before


So close... And yet.. So far.. Cause that's what I would call some Million Dollar A$$ets


Photos and Video: www.SunOfHollywood.com


Photos and Video: www.SunOfHollywood.com

This Year Is All About Aubrey… Soaking Up The Oxygen !! posted by on April 25, 2011

Go Aubrey ! It's your O'BerffDay... We gonna party like it's your O'Berffday

So this is a special post I’ve been meaning to write about for quite some time now, and that’s about Aubrey O’Day suckin up all the Oxygen… You hear that?  That’s the sound of you not breathing !!

I'm Gone With The Wind.. Of The Kisses Blown.. It Must Be A Sin

Not forrealz.  But let’s just start this off by saying that the year 2011 has definitely been kicked off to a great start… if your name is Aubrey O’Day.  Aubrey saw the start of her own reality show on Oprah Winfrey’s Oxygen network, and her premiere was the highest rated in the network’s history.  This is no small feat, as this is the first reality show from Oxygen to real make its mark into the mainstream before introducing all of its future up and coming projects.  The Oxygen will soon include shows with Paris Hilton, Brooke Mueller, Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott, and not to mention, another one of my good friends, Jaimie Hilfiger.

Aubrey is an expert in giving and receiving pleasure ;)

I’ve known Aubrey for a couple years now through mutual friends and industry events, and I have the pleasure in saying I’ve partied with the girl, hung with the girl and gotten to know that she is nothing but an absolute sweetheart.  In this biz, that is incredibly difficult to find.  Not only do the circumstances of success tend to get to the head of those in the limelight, but the difficulties and stresses from this world can also change people for the worse.  It is clear to me that Aubrey was raised right, and she intends to stay that way.

If you only knew how few celebrities take time out to give back to those that love them

She has come a long way from her days of Danity Kane, and is now starting to see the full splendor of her own career come to fruition, as a strong minded woman with a straight head on her shoulders, ready to tackle to the world and all the shady men that run it.  Nothing in this world says sexy and sweet, than Aubrey O’Day when her eyes sneak a peek.

Dear Steve Rifking... You will soon lose one of your greatest stars, talents, and assets if you choose unwisely

On top of her newly successful show “All About Aubrey”, she is also seeing the beginning of her solo music career.  Aubrey just recently signed a solo recording deal with SRC/Universal Motown, and her first single, “Automatic” made it to the Top 40 downloads on iTunes in just a matter of a few hours and a little help from her truly loyal friends and fans.


Have you downloaded "Automatic" yet? How could I not? It was automatic

But don’t let the sweet and sexy fool you.  Aubrey is ready to take charge in this man’s world, and she isn’t taking “Man” for an answer.  She was recently spotted outside of Katsuya, giving her girlfriend’s shady companion more than just a mouth and a shove full outside of Katsuya in Hollywood.  If I were you, I wouldn’t just think twice of doing Aubrey dirty, but as we now know, you should definitely not even consider crossing one of her good friends… Or you will get it !

Don't mess with Aubrey and her crew... She aint afraid of lawsuits and she aint afraid of you

Yeah.. That’s me screaming out all crazy, as always.

And just recently, Aubrey was seen outside of Mr. Chows in Beverly Hills, just one day after the hugely successful debut of Automatic on iTunes.  She was seen telling the media to reach out to those in support of her to convince her record company to shoot a video for her debut single.  Aubrey of course has had her fill of difficult Executives in the past of her music career *cough* PUFFY *cough* .  But at this point in her life, it is obvious that Aubrey is ready to take charge and ready to press forward, even if that means calling out those that pay you when she knows they’re not giving her the focus she needs.

It's a Celebration every O'Day for Aubrey O'Day

And if friendships and loyalty mean anything to you, than her friendship with Jenna Jameson should speak volumes.  A woman like Jenna, who is at the top of her industry, is not one who can just trust anybody.  So for her to have a friend who has stood by her for years, in Aubrey, shows that Aubrey is definitely somebody that you would wish was in your circle, and never left.

March 27th, 2008 Jenna Jameson and Aubrey O'Day holding hands.. with a dirty big man over them


March 27th, 2011: Exactly 3 years later... Jenna Jameson holding hands with Aubrey O'Day, and yet another dirty big man.. Coincidence? Yes or No?

So here’s to Aubrey, one of the most amazing women in the industry.  And with the fortitude and vision she is beginning to show in just the early stages of her career that is ready to take off like never before… There is no doubt in my mind that Aubrey will soon become her own Executive, calling her own shots, filming her own shoots, and not waiting for a single man to tell her yes.

The “Yes” is yours.

P.S.  Aubrey always gives love in return:

Aubrey Gives Love And Props To Prophecy

Photos and Video: www.SunOfHollywood.com

Southwest Airlines Cracks Under Pressure… Over 300 Flights Cancelled posted by on April 3, 2011

Wanna get away? I think Southwest is ready to book a flight outta here

See… This is why I don’t like to fly

Southwest Airlines cancelled over 300 flights for a 2nd day in a row as it continued to inspect almost 80 planes they’ve grounded for damage similar to that of the 737 that had to make an emergency landing in Yuma, Arizona yesterday. Mechanics discovered a tear along the “lap joint” which showed extensive cracking that was undiscovered in previous maintenance checks. This definitely doesn’t sound good for Southwest’s future business. In fact, I bet a lot of people are going to sell short their stock or throw money into some put options.

The plane in yesterday’s emergency landing had 118 passengers, many of whom felt the end was near for them, prompting them to send text messages to loved ones like “Our plane is going down! I love you”. I would hate to be on a plane in a situation like that.

The plane originally tried to (more…)