Barry Bonds Word Is Not Bond… Convicted On Obstruction Of Justice posted by on April 13, 2011

Barry Bonds with my boy Chris Hall(ywood)... In happier times

Barry Bonds was found guilty of Obstruction of Justice today in a San Francisco courtroom, but a mistrial was declared one all three counts of perjury.  Jurors were unable to agree as to whether or not Bonds knowingly lied when declaring if someone other than a doctor ever injected him.  The basis of this was if Barry Bonds knowingly had steroids administered to him.

Juror testimonies showed there were 11 people that believed Bonds childhood friend that she had witnessed Greg Anderson, Bonds’s personal trainer, injecting the hitter who now many never see the Hall of Fame.

Surprisingly, Bonds defense team rested their case last week without any eyewitness testimony or closing arguments.  To think that he lost 1 out of 4 counts makes you wonder what the outcome might have been had his team at least given it a good faith effort.

Wah Waah.

Should’ve tried Barry.  But hey, to his defense, steroids is rampant in professional sports.  And many men are making millions of dollars and being honored for their feats.  And that’s not to defend the action, but that’s to tell people to stop acting surprised.

But to the actual defense of Bonds and his character, I used to hear all sorts of things about him being a jerk.  And I can honestly say, everytime I have met him, or done something with him in the streets, he’s always been cool as a mofo, and as you see, he even took time to take a pic with one of my homeys, Chris Hall of E! Entertainment.

Exclusive Photo: www.SunOfHollywood.com