Who Will Have To Cough Up A Quarter Mill? Sean Stewart Or Fiancee Chantell Kendall posted by on May 9, 2011

Either one of yous, or Botha yous needs to give me a Quarter Million Dollars !!

Sean Stewart, son of Rod Stewart, just found himself in the middle of a legal mess that could cost either him, or his fiancee Chantell Kendall (pictured above) a Quarter Million Dollars for a car rental !! Yikes… You should’ve gone Budget.

The two careless lovebirds rented a Bentley, well, at least Chantell did and apparently it’s looking like she didn’t take out a rental insurance policy, because somebody totalled the Bentley in Hollywood on Sunset Blvd, near the star studded BOA Steakhouse, causing a $145,000 loss to the rental company.

In addition, the rental company is asking for an addition $70,000 in damages for lost revenue on the vehicle while it was being replaced.

Right now, the issue is who was driving the Bentley?  The lawsuit filed in April claims that Sean was the one driving the car back in September of 2010.  However, a rep for Sean contends that a “female” was driving the car at the time of the incident, and that Sean was merely a passenger.  Which female is this?  If it was Chantell, don’t you think they would’ve said so?  Who is this mystery woman?

Chantell Kendall seems to be having a Marilyn Monroe moment... Only in black.. .

In the end, somebody’s gonna be responsible for a hefty sum if there was no insurance policy taken out, and that’s a lotta loot for a Daggone rental.  Hell, you coulda got a Bentley for that much… hehe..  And that’s really gonna suck for two newlyweds, unless good ole daddy comes to the rescue.

That’s a lot of money that could’ve gone to the wedding, or for a baby gift for Sean’s sister, Kim Stewart, who recently announced her pregnancy with Benicio Del Toro to be the father.  That makes Benicio’s child soon to be Rod Stewarts grandchild.

Now that is a spawn I’m looking forward to meeting.  Just call it a special child.

Lesson Learned: Never Rent A Car Without Buying Insurance


Photos: www.SunOfHollywood.com


Photos: www.SunOfHollywood.com

Lee DeWyze Makes Millions Of Middle-Aged Midwestern Mama’s Mad… Goes Public With His Girlfriend ! posted by on April 25, 2011

Come on Jonna, no need to be shy... You weren't last week

Lee DeWyze was spotted this week shopping at The Grove in Los Angeles with his girlfriend Jonna.  In this pic, Jonna is looking incredibly shy, and trying her best not to have her face seen by cameras.

You weren't so shy there now were you? Lee DeWyze and gf Jonna at the OK Mag Party

However, it was a very different story last week at the OK! Mag Party. At the party, Jonna proudly displayed herself as Lee’s female companion for a brief moment on the Red Carpet.  In her defense, she probably was prepared to be photographed and had her make-up and her hair did, and wasn’t expecting such attention at The Grove.  Well, get used to it young lady.  The Grove, Los Angeles, and American Idol Winners are definitely fodder for photogs.

And by the way, it’s smart you keep a low profile.

Who knows when some middle-aged mom from the midwest who’s stalking out your boyfriend decides to retaliate against you for claiming their man meat.

Photos: Wire Image / www.SunOfHollywood.com

The Patridge Family Is The New Partridge Family… Only With A Dad… And A Tipsy A$$ Momma posted by on April 15, 2011

Trust me... their momma is buck wild

Audrina Patridge showed up to last night’s OK! US Mag party, in part with Vh1 and Bongo at the Lexington Social House in Hollywood.. and Audrina brought her entire village peeps, including her crazy tipsy a$$ momma causin mad drama on the red carpet.

They just need to make music in their garage now

The OK! party turned out to be more of a dud than expected, but I would definitely have to say the one who really kept the party goin, was of course… Audrina’s momma Lynn Patridge.  As you may know by now, Audrina has her own reality show that will be on Vh1 very soon, and of course her entire family will be featured on the show, which is why they’ve been making red carpet rounds with her lately.  So Audrina was interviewed and said the best member of her family for the show is her mom.  She said just give her a glass of wine, and let the cameras roll and it’s non-stop laughs.

Audrina's pigeon toed mama goes in for the kill on Casey

Lynn lays a wet one on daughter Casey

I would definitely have to agree, but it seems to me like she had more than just one glass of wine.


Audrina likes it when she touches herself

It's Amazing !! It's like looking in an extended mirror... FOR THE BOTH OF US !!

Photos: www.SunOfHollywood.com