Ne-Yo Defies In Front Of PD’s Eyes As Commander-In-Chief Of His Pimp Ship Flyin’ High posted by on June 27, 2011

"If You Wasn't A Guest At This Here Party Mr. Matrix Singer Songwriter Neyos, I Swear I'd Write Cha A Damn Ticket !!"

This is probably one of the pimpest entrances to any party I’ve seen.  Ne-Yo pulls up to the “Creme Of The Crop” Post BET Awards Party at Mr. Chow’s in Beverly Hills.  The party is the annual celebration dinner after every BET Awards, held by the IGA Group, Interscope Geffen and A&M Records.

So imagine what was going on in this Beverly Hills Police Officer’s mind, as he sees Mr. Anderson… I mean Ne-Yo, pulling up in his SLS AMG Benz, Gullwing Doors fully opened and flared out, one leg up and one hand holding his cell phone to his ear.  Well, IGA had the entire street of Camden Ave. blocked off, so technically Ne-Yo’s not breaking any laws here.

But you know that dude was itchin, wishing he could bust out that ticket book, and try to get that commission.  Cause I don’t believe in that “quota” crap… You don’t get people acting like that for free.  He MUST get a cut of that money, especially if tickets turn into Failures To Appear, and quadruple in value.

"Get Off The Phone" "Movaphukka Do You Know Who I Am? I'm Ne-Yo" "Sorry For The Mixup"

Anyhow, the party was slammin, and had guests which included Snoop, Jermaine Dupri, Keri Hilson, Jo Jo.

And in reference to the title, did anybody realize in the song “Knock You Down” with Keri Hilson, Ne-Yo and Kanye West, in Ne-Yo’s lyrics he says “I used to be commander in chief of my pimp ship flying high“.  But all the radio stations nationwide started bleeping out the word “ship” cause they thought he said “pimp s#!t”.

Stupid right?


Exclusive Photos: www.SunOfHollywood.com


Exclusive Photos: www.SunOfHollywood.com

Snoop Is Still Representin’ For Them Gangsters In Hollyworld… Like The Hilton Sisters??? posted by on April 1, 2011

What's a Dogg Without His Treats? Snoop And A Nice Bleez

daamnit if the entire West Coast didn’t come out for Snoop’s party to launch Blast from the makers of Colt 45 and Snoop’s new album “Doggumentary” which was released on MySpace earlier this week…    Kurupt, Warren G, Too Short, DJ Quik and … wait, hold  up !! Paris and Nicky Hilton?

Wire Image: Who woulda Thought Paris and Nicky would be reppin Thug Life !!

Now if this were to have happened back in the day, Snoop might’ve risked losing some “street cred”… but lucky for him, not only is he a superstar in his own right, but Hip-Hop culture is completely intertwined now with Pop Culture.  As a matter of fact, having Paris and Nicky at your Hip-Hop party probably adds to your street cred, cause it shows just how much your music crosses all boundaries.

And boy, was Colt 45 really trying their hardest to sell that “Blast”… They sure did the damn thang… They even brought out 101 Damenations lookin fine and crowdin up the entire sidewalk across Sunset Blvd. outside of Trousdale, where the event was being held.

Colt 45's 101 Damenations

Outside of the club, DJ Quik gave love to Nate Dogg’s families to the cameras… and in addition to that, it’s lookin like DJ Quik may just be down to work with the kid.  Stay tuned and I’ll keep you posted on that shizz.

Other celebrity guests included Ryan Cabrera, Megan Goode, Chris Evans, and Natasha Henstridge, as well as the always beautiful Ashlan Gorse from E!. You know that chick is tall as fu*k!!

And you know what, it def felt like an old school West Coast Gangsta Rap party since there was like 6 squad cars of sheriffs outside, just itchin and waitin for some whoridaz.

Luckily, there wasn’t one.  Keep the peace ladies and gentlemen

btw, u know people have been wondering why Snoop would release his new album on MySpace.  Execs were telling the company they need to turn it around or else… I guess this is their first step in heading back into our culture… and they must’ve paid Snoop some major loot $$$