The Sachika Twins Celebrate Their Birth Daze With Omarion And Gary Dourdan posted by on December 19, 2011

Omarion Brings In The Birthday Celebrations With Sach2Ka

Fashion Designers / Identical Twins To-Nya And To-Tam Sachika celebrated their Birthdays… Well, it’s technically only one Birthday cause it’s the same day, but day(s) because it’s for the both of them, at Sur in West Hollywood.

Gary Dourdan Doesn't Need Forensics To Know That To-Nya Sachika Is Damn Fine !!

Your Vision Is Like In-N-Out Burger... You're Seein' Double Double... Sachika Twins with Omarion and his Younger (damn near Twin) brother Orion

Lee V. Ho with Fly Girls Nicole Williams and Tammy Tran

Omarion Brings On His Rosey Surprise

Omarion and Gary Dourdan came to join in the fun in celebrating the birth of 2 Beautiful Identical Twin Females that have a knack for designing their a$$es off !!  Omarion brought his younger brother Orion along for the celebration.  Even though Omarion and Orion aren’t Twins, they definitely look alike enough to where you’d swear you were looking at two sets of identicals when the 4 are photographed together.

@1Omarion... Always The Ladies Man... Now Twice As Pimpin'. He should change his Twitter Handle to @2Omarion

Omarion was also kind enough to bless 3 ladies… Both Sachika Twins, and the lady selling roses, after making a solid purchase of roses for the two.  His blessing in return was a couple of identical hugs.

Party Over Here !!!

Omarion Takes A Bite Out Of Rhyme

DAMN THEY FINE !!!! To-Tam Sachika, Tammy Tran, Ha Kim, To-Nya Sachika and Nicole Williams

The twins were also joined by friends Lee V. Ho and Publicist Ha Kim.  And the party was definitely not lacking in beauty with ladies like Model Nicole Williams, Tammy Tran and Tricia Love Vargas to brighten up the spot.


Nicole Williams Proves to The World That America's Next Top Models Do In Fact Eat... Some Of The Time... In Very Small Portions

Wine-O on Image 69 Yo

Get Ready To Make Your Identical Wishes Ladies !!!!

We’ve got more from the Sachika Twins and their Birthday Celebration coming up so Stay In Tune !!

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com

Exclusive Photos:  SunOfHollywood.com


Exclusive Photos:  SunOfHollywood.com


Gypsy 05 Likes Music That’s Live.. So They Brought Jeremy Piven And His Band “Bad Decisions” posted by on October 21, 2011


"Bad Decisions" From Left to Right: Benj Heard, Alex Mercier, Jaco Caraco, Jeremy Piven, Todd Morse and Bryce Soderberg

Todd Morse On Vocal Cords

The Start Of The Show For Gypsy 05

Gypsy 05 gave a light and airy Fashion Show at Vibiana on Wednesday night, one to tickle the visual senses with both the style and designs, as well as the amazing visual which accompanied each model across the catwalk.

And as mentioned earlier, Jeremy Piven and his band “Bad Decisions” were the guests of honor for the LA Fashion Week Event.  In addition to Jeremy, the groups members include Todd Morse, Alex Mercier, Benj Heard, Jaco Caraco, and Bryce Soderberg.  But when the band walked the Red Carpet, they were accompanied by friend and honorary member, Deryck Whibley.

Gabrielle Loren and Beverly Mitchell

Sachika Twins Giving Every Man Double Vision

Stephanie Pratt and Gabrielle Loren

The Red Carpet was filled with Amazing and Lovely ladies such as Stephanie Pratt, Fashion Designers To-Tam and To-Nya Sachika, Russian born Pop-Singer, Grace Valerie also joined the mix, which was rounded off by Gypsy 05’s Supermodel of Choice, Sirai Givaty.  Oh yes, and we will never forget to mention the lovely Gabrielle Loren, who graced the carpet with her presence for OnTheMike.TV.

Grace Valerie Lookin Quite Gypsy 05

Beverly Mitchell and her Husband Michael Cameron

Princess Theodora Of Greece & Denmark

Deryck Whibley and His Homey on a Bada$$ton Marton

Inside, the Fashion show, Piven and “Bad Decisions“, along with Beverly Mitchell and her husband Michael Cameron were seen spectating on the sidelines, just a few seats over from Stephanie Pratt.  After the show, the band took to the stage where the entire crowd rocked on along with Princess Theodora of Greece & Denmark, Edwin & Aldis Hodge from Red Dawn and Leverage… and the woman who really stole the show, Mayra Leal, who you may remember from Machete alongside Danny Trejo and Lindsay Lohan.

Mayra Leal And A Smile So Real

The Pivenator On Drums

The Hodge Brothers, Edwin And Aldis Hodge

We’ll be sharing more from this event, so be sure to Stay In Tune…

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Photos: www.SunOfHollywood.com

Video: Hollywood.tv


Photos: www.SunOfHollywood.com

Video: Hollywood.tv


Photos: www.SunOfHollywood.com

Video: Hollywood.tv