Cher Lloyd Launches Her “Brat Pack” Shake At Millions Of Milkshakes posted by on August 2, 2012

From Across The Pond To Span The Globe

UK Pop Sensation Cher Lloyd launched her “Brat Pack” Shake at Millions of Milkshakes in West Hollywood last night and she definitely had more than a pack turn out for the event.

In fact there was probably about 1,000 or more fans lined up outside all around the streets of West Hollywood, some even waited since as early as 5am to see the British girl with her funny faces.

The Simon Cowell / X-Factor Protege even tried to take pics with all of the eagerly awaiting fans until the Sheriff’s In Town had to shut her down.

We’ve got more coming up from this experience, so Stay In Tune

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com

Photo: SunOfHollywood.com


X-Factor: Simon Cowell And Paula Abdul Kiss And Make Up posted by on May 9, 2011

These two are looking more like an Ex-Factor

Looks like they finally got the X-Factor Show on the road, as the four judges finally came together for the auditions held at The Galen Center in Downtown Los Angeles at The University Of Southern California on Sunday.

And my, Paul and Simon are looking might affectionate aren’t they?  Well, with good reason.  It’s like Simon’s saying, “Sorry about that American Idol contract situation.  But hey, Here’s your new contract“.. .and Paula’s saying “Thanks for the Loot”.

Cheryl Cole's got Big Hair.. and Tiny Feet. No really, where her feet at? They like disappeared. And it looks like her legs are on backwards

As far as Simon’s concerned, American Idol is soooo last decade.  It’s all about the X-Factor now, and the way things are looking, it may just put American Idol to shame.  But hey, I’m sure 20 Million viewers can be fans of both shows.  Either which way, we’re glad to see Simon’s new baby startin’ to crawl.

Will you be watching this season?

Antonio "L.A." Reid in the City that gave him his name


Photos: WireImage/Williamson


Photos: WireImage/Williamson


Paula Abdul Finalized As The Fourth X-Factor Judge… Cheryl Cole In Town And Ready To Roll posted by on May 8, 2011

Its.. About.. To Go.. Down

Paula Abdul has just finalized her deal with Simon Cowell and his new monster machine, “X-Factor“.  Paula will be joining Simon, Antonio “L.A.” Reid, and Cheryl Cole as judges.

Cheryl flew into Los Angeles yesterday, and the entire judge panel is set to hit downtown Los Angeles today, for auditions for the show.

Will you be there?


Jennifer Lopez Is Too Hip !! posted by on May 4, 2011

Either Jennifer Lopez is too hip... Or the other chick is not hip at all

Jennifer Lopez had her record release party for the “Love” album at Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood last night.  And Jennifer these days is looking extremely hip…. like shootin twins out your pelvis like projectiles kinda hip.

It’s either that, or they made a mistake of standing her next to a formless mannequin who doesn’t have nearly the J. Lo booty that’s so phat you can see it from the front.  Rare things.

Ya know those optical illusions in school back in the day?  Like, which line is longer?

a.  >—-<


b.  <—->

Now let’s apply that to J. Lo booty:


Which line is wider? Or are they the same ??

Yeah… That’s what I thought.


Photos: WireImage/John Shearer

Nicole Scherzinger Set To Host “X-Factor” posted by on May 3, 2011

She can be my X-Factor any day :)

Simon Cowell’s looking like he’s trying to have another hist TV show on his hands, cause X-Factor is getting poppin !!

Not only did we just recently find out that he’s bringin’ on two fine ladies.. Paul Abdul and Cheryl Cole, but now we find out he’s bringing on EVEN FINER NICOLE SCHERZINGER !!!

Nicole is set to be the host of X-Factor, and thank God he didn’t decide to go with another Metrosexual Ryan Seacrest type.

Ya know, when you look at Paula, Cheryl, Nicole, and Simon’s former girlfriend, Terry Seymour, I would have to say I think we’ve found Simon’s type.

I aint mad atchya Simon.  Fill up the roster with more of “your type” please, and I will tune in !!


Steven Tyler Is Livin’ The High Life As An American Idol Judge… But Refuses To Snort That J. Lo posted by on May 1, 2011

Admit it.. You want Marc Anthony out the picture

Hey, I’ll snort anything J. Lo any day foo, if you wanna forfeit your place in line, I’m right behind ya.

Steven Tyler has recently been quoted that his experience in front of the cameras, bright lights and millions of viewers as an American Idol Judge is one of the greatest natural highs he’s ever experienced.

While Steve has spent the majority of his life as lead singer for Aerosmith, he of course indulged in the many pharmaceutical pitfalls that most musicians find themselves in, landing himself in rehab a whopping EIGHT TIMES !!!!!

And in the times where he and the band forced themselves to sober up, he claimed they experienced music so much more powerfully, as their high was derived from the music, and no longer the drugs.

Well, Steve is trying to fool himself into thinking his natural sobriety tops his years of drug use once again, claiming the curtains and other minor elements of the show are just like drugs, but he said he “Doesn’t snort J. Lo”.

Hey, when you have years of habitual partying under your belt, you too will probably compare everything in life to a drug of some sort.

At least Steve recognizes his dangerous indulgences, and stated he’s lucky to be alive, and if left up to his own devices, would be dead several times over.

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NKOTBSB = “New Kids On The Backstreet Boys”… Do They Know What They’re Sayin’ Right There ?? posted by on April 28, 2011

How dare i make fun of such staunch supporters

So I’m sure everybody saw the performance of NKOTBSB on DWTS.  And while everybody seemed to get lost in the hypnosis of the OIJPOAIDJFKLJA style letters and acronyms, somebody in PR should’ve realized what they were really saying here.

I understand NKOTB ends in B, and BSB starts with B, so you would think it’s the logical place to link the two names (or acronyms of names) together to form your super group.  But what you’re really saying is:


Umm… Okay, yeah you should’ve thought that one through gentlemen. This gives a whole new meaning to the term “Boy Band”.

And maybe that ‘s what they always meant by “Backstreet“…

Somewhere Lance Bass is saying “Where do I sign up?”


Photo Credit: WireImage / Kravitz

Paula Abdul And Cheryl Cole To Complete The X-Factor Judge Panel posted by on April 24, 2011

The Judge Panel On X-Factor Just Got A Whole Lot Cuter

The deal is pretty much complete, and it looks like Simon Cowell is going to be bringing a few old friends on board to join the judge panel of the American version of X-Factor. American Idol pal Paula Abdul, and British X-Factor judge Cheryl Cole, also from British girl group “Girls Aloud

The two hotties will be joining Simon and Antonio “L.A.” Reid as the 4 judge to complete the American X-Factor judge panel.

With this confirmation, it looks like Simon’s got himself a perfect plan.  He has told people that L.A. Reid was his No. 1 choice for a judge on X-Factor.  But reuniting Paula is a great move considering her abrupt departure from American Idol, which many speculated was due to financial negotiations over her contract.  In addition, Cheryl was apparently broken-hearted when Simon had claimed he only wanted Americans to be the judge on X-Factor.

Maybe Simon was just keeping his own X-Factor up his sleeve in Cheryl Cole.  And being that Simon has such an overbearing personality as a judge, the 3 of them look like they may have a pretty balanced panel.

Are you excited for the show to begin?  Auditions across America have already begun

Exclusive Hotzpotz: Jennifer Lopez Dines On Italian posted by on April 7, 2011

Jennifer Lopez... You're the first Hotzpotz

Exclusive Hotzpotz: Jennifer Lopez has been spotted dining at West Hollywood Italian eatery Cecconi’s after filming tonight’s episode of American idol.

In fact… she’s still there right now

Photo: Wireimage

Lee DeWyze Has A B-Day Surprise… A Shake, And A Cake… And His Melody’s Size posted by on April 4, 2011

Lee DeWyze and his birthday surprise / Millions of Milkshakes and ladies that cry


So this weekend was full of surprises.  Now let me be completely honest with you.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen an entire episode of American Idol all the way through, and if I did, it was once or twice 5 years ago.  I swear I’ve only seen a few segments of it over the course of its 11 seasons.  So I was completely unaware of Lee DeWyze, and as it turns out, dude is an amazing musician.  And I think RCA is continuing to not make the best choices with their best artists, as we’ve seen problems in promoting and marketing other great musicians on their roster, such as Christina Aguilera.

And when you take into consideration the overall American Idol winner’s success rate.. You’ve really only got Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and Jennifer Hudson.  Damn, that’s a .273 batting average.. not very impressive at all considering AI is supposed to be the premiere talent contest on television.

Nobody seems to use real candles anymore. Next, the real trick will be when you blow out your candles... and they stay that way

Lee DeWyze celebrated his 25th birthday at Millions of Milkshakes in the Westfield Culver City Shopping Center….

Wow, how thoughtful that this cake would shamelessly plug www.SunOfHollywood.com ;)

And I think the best birthday gift this dude can get, is for RCA to get off their ass and start pushing both of em better, cause they have 2 very strong talents that they’re not bustin their asses for… as they should !

He has the women under his spell... they're blinded by the light, it's time they learn braille

Lee and Millions of Milkshakes will also be donating 50% of the proceeds from their shake will be donated to Feeding America between the dates of April 2nd to July 2nd, so check out that shake and know that half your loot is feedin a kid who needs it.

And for those of you who are fans of Lee, check out his live performance, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it… Especially the crazy midwestern middle aged stalker chicks who cried for him the most.

Click here for more pics, live performance, interview and shake and b-day celebrations with Lee De Wyze