Shooting At Excalibur Hotel In Las Vegas Ends In 2 Deaths.. Including The Gunman posted by on December 15, 2012

More Tragic Gun Violence Across Our Lost Nation

In yet another scenario of tragic and unnecessary events from Gun Violence…

A man was on the hunt for a woman at the Excalibur Casino & Hotel in Las Vegas on Friday Night.

After he found his target on the Casino Floor… He opened fire on her before turning the Gun on Himself.

The woman was taken to University Medical Center where she later died from a reported 5 Gunshot wounds.

The man was pronounced dead at the scene of the Casino Floor from his self-inflicted Gunshot wound.

Authorities currently do not know the nature of their relationship, or the circumstances surrounding the shooting.

This is just yet another addition to the long line of tragedies on Friday… after our Nation was stunned by the shooting at

Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut.. which left 30 dead including 20 students…

And a Stabbing at Chenpeng Village Primary  School in Central China.

Senseless killings from Suicidal Shooters is a primary sign… that we have Failed as a Human Society as a whole.

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com

Photo: SunOfHollywood.com , SunOfLasVegas.com