Amber Rose Gets Her Presidential Treatment… Beachside posted by on June 23, 2011

Amber Rose And Her Venice Beach Presidential Stroll

Somewhere between Kanye West, Blue Hair, Orange Thong Bikinis and Reality Shows… Amber Rose managed to elevate herself to Presidential Level.

So much that she needed 3 strategically placed secret security dudes, just to strut her stuff on Venice Beach… And this is all before she even took off her hoodie !!

Don't be mad doggin me... I know you're here to serve and protect. I'll keep my distance

I mean, we all know that Amber’s got the voluptuous curves, but I guess those curves are starting to get so valuable, that she needs an entire security team just to keep the Venice Beach crazies off of her.

Amber Rose Keeps It Laced

And when it comes to Amber not only having deeper activities in her career, she got deeper pockets, and needs deeper security, and it’s lookin like Amber aint apparently playin’.  She even decided to hire the Security Team headed by Mason Burroughs, whose expertise and team have made him the most highly sought after Security Manager / Personal Bodyguard, that even Whitney Houston dumped that peazy and passive Kevin Costner for a team that really knows how to hold it down.

You Will Get Caught Slippin'

Yeah, so Amber Rose is apparently well aware of her soon-to-be Iconic Status, and she aint playin around when it comes to her safety.  Mason Burroughs is even trusted by the Highest Courts of Law, as you might’ve even seen him on TV’s “Judge Alex”, so Amber’s even steppin into the upper echelon levels of Judge and Court worthy protection.  And we all know Venice Beach… we’re pretty sure she needed every Security member they had.

Man, imagine what it would be like if she strolled around Venice in that infamous orange thong of hers? Dudes would’ve probably had to pull out the guns on that one.

Amber Rose Keeps It Hood

Or maybe it takes 3 dudes just to cover up one… :



Photos: www.SunOfHollywood.com


Photos: www.SunOfHollywood.com