J. Lo Won’t Be Able To Stave Off Adele’s 7 Week Winning Streak… Surpassing Eminem Show for Weeks at #1 posted by on May 4, 2011

Adele is Shreddin Superstar Status

This is amazing and unbelievable at the same time.  Adele’s album, “Roll” will see it’s 7th week at #1 on top of the music sales charts, with a projected total to come in at 150,000 copies sold… ON HER SEVENTH WEEK !!!! “Roll” will likely see an album sales total of 1 1/2 Million copies in the U.S. and 2 Million overseas.  Congratulations Adele, 7 weeks straight only gets seen by albums from the likes of Eminem, Taylor Swift and Susan Boyle.

Let’s put this into contrast on two grounds.  First, Eminem’s album “The Eminem Show” released in May of 2002 went 6 weeks at #1 and “The Marshall Mathers LP” released in 2000.. Now while both album sold 1.3 Million albums (in a short week) and 1.76 Million albums in their first weeks respectively, it was also before our culture has fully been conditioned to no longer buy music through internet piracy.  File sharing was just beginning then.

Other females that have hit such weeks at #1 are Susan Boyle, Taylor Swift and Norah Jones, with Taylor racking up an impressive 11 weeks at #1 for her “Fearless” album.  Fearless and powerful indeed.

But what makes this even more impressive to me, is that J. Lo pulled out every promotional vehicle you could think of… Extra with Mario Lopez, American Idol, Hard Rock Cafe appearances with fans and interviews, with major celebrity help even from Audrina Patridge and Pia Toscano… And J. Lo still couldn’t even come close to phasing Adele’s 7th week at #1 after already selling 4 Million albums worldwide.

Wow… What makes that even more fu@ked up, is that J. Lo is only likely to sell around 60,000 copies for her “Love” album’s first week in release.  Dangit, those 3 fine ladies couldn’t even pull out 20,000 albums for each beautiful celebrity lady face.  So in other words, in this instance… “Sex Did Not Sell” !!  Remember that ladies and gentlemen.  Sex will not guarantee a sale, regardless of the industry’s theorized ideal.  Even with the help of 20+ Million weekly American Idol viewers.

Holy crap.  So yeah, biggest props to Adele ever.  You’re knockin out superstars left and right.  And the way things are looking for next week, without another J. Lo promo machine type contender, Adele may just “Roll” hera$$ onto 8 weeks at #1, tying “The Marshall Mathers LP”.

Even The Three Faces Below, Couldn’t Benefit J. Lo