Rutgers Student Body Pissed That Snooki Got Paid More Than Author Toni Morrison posted by on April 1, 2011

You Mean Snooki Aint Worth More Than Toni Morrison??

Students at Rutgers University took to their Twitter pages to express their disdain over the school’s choice to pay Snooki $32,000 for a recent appearance to speak to their student body… a whole $2,000 more than Nobel -prize winning author Toni Morrison.  The school defended their decision noting that the student body as a whole chooses who they want to appear to speak for educational and entertainment purposes, and Snooki was their entertainers choice of the hour.

Snooki spoke to a sold out audience, so I guess when it comes to simple principals of supply and demand, they may have made the right decision as based around sheer business motives.  And while we seem to be in a generation that doesn’t like to read novels very often, they definitely like to see a little T&A…

Maybe that’s why they paid her so much more 

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