Paula Labaredas And Dr. Susan Block In “Girls And Corpses” posted by on August 13, 2011

Paula Labaredas... The Most Addictive Comic Book Heroine

The magazine “Girls And Corpses” celebrated the release of their July Issue last night at Meltdown Comics in Hollywood.

Paula Labaredas And Dr. Susan Block... Without Their Issues

Paula Labaredas and Dr. Susan Block with the July Issue of "Girls And Corpses" and Paula's Sexy Nurse Photo Shoot

Paula Labaredas and Dr. Susan Block with the July Issue of "Girls And Corpses" showing us what Dr. Suzy's Made Of

Paula Labaredas stopped by and gave a sexy photo shoot with some peculiar characters and was joined by Sex Radio Talk Legend Dr. Susan Block.  Now according to the “Girls And Corpses” website, they consider themselves to be a “Maxim meets Dawn Of The Dead” type of a publication.

Paula Labaredas Featured In The July Issue Of "Girls And Corpses" Magazine

Even Hot Chicks Can't Seem To Keep Their Eyes And Hands Off Of Paula Labaredas

So yeah, in case you’ve never seen the mag, it basically mixes hot chicks wearing next to nothing, with bloody gruesome staged horror.  Kind of a sick combination, but I guess that’s what some folks out there are looking for.

This Must Be Every Comic Book Fan's Fantasy

The Luckiest Not-So Lucky Fingers In The World

Right Now... Somebody wishes they were the Shrunken Dead

Both Paula and Dr. Suzy have photo spreads in the magazine.  Paula is the Hottest nurse out of three trying to resuscitate a dude back to life after being attacked by a giant squid… only to find the squid has a few wandering appendages of his own.

"Right Stroke, Left Stroke, What's The Best Stroke? Death Stroke, Tongue All Down The Throat"

As far as Dr. Suzy’s spread is concerned, well, let’s just say the title is “Squirtology 101“… Yeah.


I Wonder If Her Kiss Can Turn This Guy Back Into A Prince

Scorching Hot Memories

She's Got The Whole World In Her Hands

Other guests at last night’s party included Porn stars Tera Patrick and former Tiger Woods Mistress, Joslyn James, both of which also had spreads in the magazine.


Hottness Always comes In 3’s
Paula Labaredas Causes A Meltdown In “Meltdown”

Check Out The Rest Of The 69 Smokin Hot, Bring You Back To Life Sexy Pictures Down Below


Photos: www.SunOfHollywood.com


Photos: www.SunOfHollywood.com 

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