Lindsay Lohan Receives A Comically Memorable Gift From Pop Artist Sham Ibrahim posted by on November 6, 2013

With a person like Lindsay Lohan, we’re pretty sure she’s surrounded by Takers.  Which is nice when our World’s Givers get a chance to Shine.

Pop Artist Sham Ibrahim Managed to Capture that moment when Lindsay walked right by him on the Red Carpet at LA’s Style Fashion Week.

He dodged a few of Lindsay’s handlers to hand her his Portrait, a Comic-Style version of a Would Be Lindsay tabloid, or Media Site.

I wonder which room she’s going to put it up in.

Sham Ibrahim is well known for his celebrity pop art and has given portraits to stars like Joan Collins, Paris Hilton, Janice Dickinson, Tammy Faye, Heidi Fleiss, debbie Harry, Perez Hilton, Tori Spelling and Ru Paul to name a few.  He is most known for his controversial portraits of Rihanna’s face after the Domestic Violence  altercation with her Then Boyfriend Chris Brown, which gained international media attention from NBC News and E! Entertainment, as well as his portraits of Marilyn Monroe and Casey Anthony.

Sham recently filmed an episode for the second season of “Life With La Toya” La Toya Jackson’s show on Oxygen Network, where Sham also gifted her with Portraits of herself and her Legendary Brother Michael Jackson

Lindsay's Life from The Eyes of Ibrahim

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