Lil’ Wayne’s “Sorry For The Wait Part 2″ Is Straight Fire posted by on January 23, 2015

2 Things You Won’t Hear “Wayne Quit”

Lil’ Wayne let off a Barrage of Bullets in the direction of Cash Money CEO Baby.

Sad state of affairs in Hip-Hop.  But dangit the track is fire… just like anything else Wayne does.. only this time it’s coming from the perspective of a Fed Up Artist for whatever reasons we may know of or not know of.

Truth be told… Cash Money/Birdman & Lil Wayne both have Baby and Lil Wayne ot thank for all their success.

Had it not been for Baby finding a 9 year old Lil Wayne out of Hollygrove in New Orleans, Louisiana, he may never have got to the point he’s at today. Who knows.

And had it not been for Lil Wayne, Cash Money wouldn’t have got to where it is today after everybody bounced… as Wayne mentions on the Track.  Who knows.

What we do know is what has got them here. And what has got them here now has em beefin on some Standard Industry Contract BS.

Nobody wants to be Owned. Especially not in Music. Personally Lil Wayne doesn’t even need Master P. But we’ll see where all of this leads.

Another Monumental Moment in Hip-Hop… Solidified with a Beef Track

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Guy Ritchie Directs Short Film Starring David Beckham For H&M Spring 2013 posted by on February 6, 2013

Guy Ritchie Directed David Beckham in a few gratuitous running shirtless scenes in crotch hugging boxer briefs to celebrate the launch of H&M’s 2013 Spring Collection of David Beckham’s “Bodywear”

The Former L.A. Galaxy Player and No Longer Los Angeles Resident is seen running after a Range Rover that’s taken his Robe, with the squeaky voiced footballer racing through the streets of his old Beverly Hills / Bel-Air Neighborhoods.

I bet you miss those Sunshine days now that ur back across the Pond… donchya David.  Heard your kids wanna come back.  But I’m glad Los Angeles saves $50 Million A Year by not paying for a dude who sits out with a fu@ked ankle for 80% of his contract.

But i take it Calvin Klein didn’t want you back.  Suppose they no longer found you a good investment since ur not in the States no mo

Oh Becks ! The States will Miss You. Sorta Not Really

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Atlantic Records Tries To Entice T.I. Into A Returning Contract… Bribing Him With Spaghetti posted by on February 6, 2013