VH1’s Vikki Lizzi Signs LA Fashion Week’s Hottest Designer Andrea Ward Onto “The Devil’s Dilemma” posted by on October 13, 2017
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“The significance of the Queen and 2 guys theme in my show are symbolic in that
Women are Queens, created to be protected by Kings”
~ Madame Wicked
Madame Wicked… aka the stunningly powerful Andrea Ward steps out onto the LA Fashion Scene this week as one of the hottest, future Fashion Icons invited to showcase her latest collection “Redemption” at the much anticipated “Art HeartsFall Fashion Week at The Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills.
The provacative designer shares her darkest tragedies of the heart and history wherein she suffered a long period of terrible abuse that kept her in a world of pain, suffering and deep depression when at 23, she found herself in a physically abusive relationship the likes of which horror movies are made. One day she overcame the fear which kept her victim for 3 years. 330 pounds later and learning how to hold her newborn baby girl in one arm and studying killer martial arts moves in the movements of Moi Toi and the intensely skilled military training of Krav Maga with the other arm, she learned how to fight back and no longer play the victim. She then moved and started her own company called Wicked Things Boutique to set an example of what can be accomplished, and that anything is possible by the Grace of God, blessed with a baby girl who motivates and encourages her everyday. She discovered her voice,  transforming her personal heartache and experience with abuse into fashion design… and into a world she never even knew she belonged in, until she discovered her hidden talent when she drew her first sketchings. “Each design I create tells a story of the darkest moments of my life. I speak out proudly against abuse to make a difference and to share my story in the hopes that it might help someone who may be going through the horror I did”.  (Madame Wicked’s memoirs will be released in Spring of 2018.)  
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Her brand caught the eye of Vh1 Reality TV Star and actress on the Emmy Winning Series “The Bay“, Vikki Lizzi, former fiance’ to the late Movie and TV Actor Jeff Conaway, (Grease, Taxi), who has begun production on the Supernatural, Martial Arts Action Thriller “The Devil’s Dilemma” written by Vikki and Jeff which is slated to begin shooting next year and boasts a star studded cast including several Martial Arts Legends with legend himself, award winning Director/Producer Art Camacho,  joining forces with Vikki to Exec produce the Epic modern day God vs.Lucifer Trilogy.
 Vikki recently signed the talented Diva onto the Film Production, to help design the darkly enigmatic, jaw- dropping, cutting edge fashions, which will share center stage in the film. VIkki sat front row with Celebrity Designers Patrick Simpson and Pol Atteu (Pol’ Atteu Haute Couture ~ Beverly Hills) who showed their support for the Wicked Things CEO’s eclectic runway show at the Hilton, with VIkki wearing one of Madam Wicked’s very first creations, a White and Gold 70’s inspired jumpsuit which Vikki fell in love with at first sight, stating that “Drea’s designs transport you to another era where the magic of the chosen fabric, and fit-like-a-glove cut, makes you feel like you’re on a cloud and you never wanna come off that cloud. That’s how every girl should feel”. Vikki and Drea are co-hosting a charity benefit this holiday season, with proceeds going to the various shelters which assist the victims of Domestic Violence and Abuse. 
Andre Soriano Show Brings Out Bai-Ling, Vikki Lizzi, Heather Chadwell, Charlotte Kirk & More For Style Fashion Week posted by on March 23, 2015

Vikki Lizzi, Bai-Ling, Heather Chadwell & Andre Soriano... Pre-Game

Andre Soriano Had the Fashion Show of the Evening at Style Fashion Week on Saturday Night.

Bai-Ling, Vikki Lizzi & Rock Of Love’s Heather Chadwell are seen here backstage before the Big Show.

And Vikki & Heather are seen startin Fires along the runway with Charlotte Kirk who you can see in Bruce Willis’sVice” and the upcoming film “An American Mystery” playing Nicole Brown Simpson.

We’ve got more to share with you from this evening and Andre’s Major Game so Stay In Tune

Heather Chadwell, Vikki Lizzi & Charlotte Kirk... Startin Fires Along The Runway

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Johnny Depp Joins Steven Tyler & Aerosmith On Stage posted by on December 4, 2012

Party Time !!

Johnny Depp has been letting his inner Rocker out lately, and continued the trend by joining Aerosmith & Steven Tyler on Stage at the Staples Center last night strumming electric guitars.

Being Sandwiched Between Women Means You're Not Lost Boy

The Aerosmith Crew then took the Afterparty to Pink Taco in Hollywood, where they were joined by Corey Feldman, Vikki Lizzi and Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff. Unfortunately, Edward Scissorhands.. or in this case, Guitarhands, didn’t make it out to Pink Taco. Perhaps he was afraid to get bombarded by Autograph hounds, fans and photographers like Steven did. I’m sure it didn’t help that Steve announced the location of the Afterparty to the entire Staples Center.

I’m sure that freaked him out. No need for Fear & Loathing in Los Angeles Johnny.

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Vikki Lizzi’s Star Studded Birthday Bash… Complete With Hectic Mishaps !! posted by on October 9, 2012