EXCLUSIVE HOTZPOTZ: Christopher Walken Out In Hollywood Walkin posted by on November 20, 2011

Silence Is Unfoldin

The Man Of This Hour, Mr. Christopher Walken was actually spotted out in Hollywood last night, taking a leisurely midnight stroll by his lonesome out on Sunset Blvd. before walking into Chateau Marmont, where he is likely staying.

I highly doubt Christopher Walken is in town for the American Music Awards, so I would honestly have to say, there’s a good chance he’s in town to take part in what is about to go down as one of the most scandalous Hollywood Stories of all time, the re-opening of the case surrounding the death of Natalie Wood an a Catalina evening spent along the waters of Catalina with Christopher Walken and then husband Robert Wagner.

It has recently been reported that Christopher Walken has lawyered up due to new evidence causing the LAPD to reopen their investigation after 30 years.  The Captain of the Ship, Dennis Davern, has also been interviewed by Vanity Fair and NBC’s Today, telling the world that he made mistakes by not speaking more openly with authorities regarding the circumstances surrounding that evening and that he didn’t want his life to pass by without speaking out about the Truth.

What we do know… There is at least another person that has not spoken up the truth about what really happened that night, and it’s likely looking to become a showdown between Robert Wagner, Christopher Walken, and The Truth To Be Revealed.


Image: Artist Sebastian Kruger. Check out more of Sebastian Kruger’s Artwork at www.SebastianKruger.com

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