Lil Wayne Demands An Apology.. Robert DeNiro Style.. At DirecTV’s Celebrity Beach Bowl posted by on February 3, 2013

Lil Wayne – Look At Me by PaperChaserDotCom

DirecTV held it’s annual Celebrity Beach Bowl yesterday in New Orleans.  There were two teams playing, which included celebrities like Maria Menounos, Tom Arnold, Snoop Dogg, Chace Crawford, Lolo Jones, Josh Hutcherson, Katharine McPhee and More.

I'm A New Orleans Ni@@a I Don't Take No Sh!T !!

But the standout moment was when Lil’ Wayne demanded an apology from a Spectator during the closing ceremony, where Dwayne Carter was seen yelling “Look at me motherfu@ker… Look at me when you apologize”.  That’s why he go hard hoe !!

Was slightly reminiscent of those depo tapes with the Quincy Jones III Lawsuit.  Actually, it also reminds me of when Robert DeNiro’s Character in “Heat”, Neil McCauley killed Waingro, and demanded he “Look at Me” before ending dudes life with a bullet to the dome.

Nobody knows why Wayne went off, but we also know he’s a “New Orleans Ni@@a I don’t Take No Shit !!”, but I’m sure DirecTV’s gonna get their sponsorship moneys worth of publicity from this one

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Audrina Patridge Is A Red Carpet Woman Of Wonder posted by on March 4, 2012

Audrina Patridge... The New Wonder Woman... At Least On Vegas Red Carpets For Now

SunOfLasVegas.com Audrina Patridge is becoming the new Wonder Woman of Red Carpets in Vegas… Cause just when you thought it was safe to open your eyes… You’re Blinded by the Extreme Hottness that is Audrina in Vegas… Just imagine what happens if she stops by when the Summer Heat begins for 2012 !! Just imagine it’ll melt your hearts and minds.

So since she made her Sugar Factory stop in the  MGM Grand yesterday, it’s only natural she would stop by Chateau in the Paris Casino & Hotel.  Oh yes, and we hear she partied away as the night went on, after holding lollipops till your mind is gone.

Don’t be surprised if she ends up starring in the Non-Nude version of Peepshow on the Vegas Strip one of these days.

And since I said it, you remember how David E. Kelley was unable to get NBC to go forth with Wonder Woman, as played by Adrianne Palicki.  Perhaps the project just wasn’t right in that scenario.  But, I think if anybody could revive Linda Carter’s Iconic role as Wonder Woman, it IS and SHOULD be Audrina Patridge.  But that’s only if she’d be down for that kind of thing.  And perhaps it would be better suited at that point as a Film rather than a Television Series.  And… that whole Action thing.. may not be her cup of tea since she’s so used to sitting poolside at The Palazzo across from The Grove… Like how she was discovered to be on MTV’s “The Hills”.

So my suggestion… one of y’all should discuss, and see what ya think… Ya heard ????

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Photos: SunOfHollywood.com

LeBron James’s Big Soccer Team Purchase Overshadowed By Even More Crazy Mama Drama posted by on April 8, 2011

“What’dyu Say About My Momma ?!?!”… “I Don’t Want Any Twubble Just Get Out !!” – Opening Scene, Menace II Society



I guess you can never have it all can you?

News broke late Wednesday night of LeBron James making an extreme power move.  By partnering his own marketing and  management firm, LRMR, with Fenway Sports Management (FSM).  This would put LeBron at an elite position at just 26 years old.  By partnering with FSM, he would now have an ownership in Liverpool Football Club, as that is one of the clubs in the FSM portfolio.  FSM purchased Liverpool F.C. for $488 Million.

The goal is to expand LeBron James’s global presence, and FSM also believes that by partnering with Lebron, doors and opportunities would open for both parties in a very powerful way through expansion of their global brands.

But no sooner than 12 HOURS LATER !!!!

News breaks all over the world of his mother, Gloria Marie James getting arrested for the 2nd time !!!  So much so that people don’t even know that poor rich LeBron just got in on the Liverpool gang.

Gloria was arrested at the Fountainbleu Hotel in Miami, where the Heat lost to the Milwaukee Bucks.

After a long night of partying at LIV Nightclub, it is reported that Gloria got angry at a Valet attendant as she was trying to leave.  Eyewitnesses corroborated with the claim that Gloria slapped Sorrell Rockefeller, and that she smelled of alcohol and appeared to be very intoxicated.

Now this has to be rough for LeBron, but let’s face it, this is like the umpteenth time in a long string of hits from Gloria Marie James.  Let us never forget that they couldn’t wait a few months to show off that Champagne Hummer in the middle of bumf#k Akron, Ohio, shinin all pretty in the snow.

Or the fact that Gloria was supposedly, possibly “dating”, if ya know what i mean, Delonte West, LeBron’s former colleage at the Cavs.  Then there’s of course the DUI in 2006, which was her first arrest, and now we have this.

Well hey, at least ya got that Liverpool / FSM deal to balance it all out.  I guess Momma was just a little too happy and proud last night, and who can really blame her.  LeBron is ballin outta control, both on and off the court.

I mighta got drunk and smacked up a few dudes too if I was his mama.  Straight up !!  I’d be like, bow down !!

My son is LeBron!!