Toni Monroe Keeps It Universal For Her Big Girl Cookies posted by on January 7, 2012

Toni Monroe... The Universal Symbol Of Female Self-Empowerment Through Hip-Hop

Toni Monroe was spotted arriving at the Sheraton Universal in Universal City just before her scheduled appearance and performance at Infusion Lounge in the Universal City Walk.

There's that TMZ guy again... Yori U and the Toni Monroe Interview

Toni was getting ready for her show to celebrate the release of her “Big Girl Cookies” mixtape.  We caught up with the Lyricist and talked about a few things, like her name, her mixtape, and she was even kind enough to give us a taste of her Big Girl Cookies, with a vicious verse potent enough to knock you on yo back.

Big Girl Cookies... Available Now !!

Be sure to check out not only her interview, but also her show at Infusion Lounge by clicking on the videos below

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com

Photos: SunOfHollywood.com

Video: SunOfHollywood.com and YouTube.com/Judastarr


Photos: SunOfHollywood.com

Video: SunOfHollywood.com and YouTube.com/Judastarr


Photos: SunOfHollywood.com

Video: SunOfHollywood.com and YouTube.com/Judastarr


Photos: SunOfHollywood.com

Video: SunOfHollywood.com and YouTube.com/Judastarr

Global Grind Uses SunOfHollywood’s Footage Of DMX Getting Attacked On Stage posted by on January 6, 2012


SunOfHollywood Brings The World To Global Grind As Well... And Every Other Damn Blog Out There Talkin Bout DMX Right Now

GlobalGrind.com uses SunOfHollywood’s footage of DMX Getting Attacked On Stage, as seen on TMZ.

Actually, The Video Has Gone Completely Viral On The World Wide Web.

Just Check Out The Google Search By Clicking Here

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com

DMX Is Attacked On Stage In Long Beach… And Keeps The Party Rydin’ posted by on January 6, 2012

DMX Proves Once Again That He's A Legend Not To Be Fu@ked With

DMX Was Seriously Tearin Down The Stage in Long Beach !!!

Then Some Dummy Had To Be A Dummy And Carried Away Like a dummy…

No doubt. DMX was on stage, rockin it like the Legend He Is, then some drunk dude outta Long Beach just hops on stage and tries to grab DMX by the neck !! No JokE !!

DMX performed at Cafe Sevilla and the event was sponsored by DGK Skateboards, as you see X is wearing a DGK Hoodie with his hometown “Yonkers” written across it.  DMX Was rockin the stage went dude just went nutzo.

But luckily for Cafe Sevilla’s Alert, Able And Ready Security Staff… Dude was hauled off like a little Chihuahua before he even had the chance.

I don’t know, when he grabbed his neck, he kinda looked like a crazed female fan trying to get his smooch on, but either way, no bueno.

By the way… Folks were just damn rowdy up in there. I even had a glass thrown at my head from someone in the crowd.

May God have Mercy On Your Soul. #DontMessWithGodsElect

But DMX kept the party rollin, and wasn’t givin a s#!t. After all, he had a crowd to please, and nobody pleases crowds greater than X.

Bringin Houses Down From Yonkers To Long Beach

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com

!! Check Out The Video Filmed by yer Boy Prophecy at TMZ.com and on TMZ’s TV Show tonight !!

Visit DGK Skateboards at www.DGK-Skateboards.com


Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com

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Video Filmed by Garry “Prophecy” Sun for TMZ.com

Visit DGK Skateboards at www.DGK-Skateboards.com

The Summer Sun Has Already Set, But Don’t Fret, We’ve Had Memories We’ll Never Forget posted by on October 4, 2011

Standin' Stiff, Still And Stunned... At The Blinding Debilitating Power Of The Sun

Whaddup peeplez,

Time passes quickly, this year is already nearly gone, and the Summer just came and went.  But guess what, Summer 2011 was the Bom Diggy.

And just to let you all know how Bomb it was, we’re gonna look back at some of SunOfHollywood.com’s Favorite Moments, and some that you haven’t seen yet.  So get ready and let’s look back at some of Summer 2011’s most memorable moments.

Hope you enjoyed yours for a lifetime.



Earthquake In Virginia Affecting New York And The Pentagon Raises Questions About End Times posted by on August 24, 2011

Citizens of New York Flood The Streets After Having Their Earthquake Cherries Popped

Many people are not only shocked and surprised by the 5.9 Magnitude Earthquake that impacted the Northeastern Seabord, but many have agreed … The End Is Near !!

Well, when it comes to the End of the World… Anybody who knows anything knows we will never know the day or the hour.  But strange occurrences, like Earthquakes in regions we know they did not exist before, has raised a lot of questions of the state of our world… Especially since our World is still feeling the residual effects of the Earthquake / Tsunami / Nuclear Disaster Trifecta that affected Japan, and ultimately our Global Ecosystem.

Regardless if these events are acts of God, Mother Nature, or “The Invisible Hand” of Man, they are still happening, and should definitely cause us as a people to choose to look inward as we face the times ahead.

I will say one thing… You should learn about HAARP, especially since HAARP is not the only of its kind, as there are mechanisms like HAARP, with the same technology found throughout our entire globe, just not on the same scale.

Those that know of HAARP, its power, technology, and science behind it, knows that this type of weaponry can definitely do what it is theorized to do, since its technologies are also built around the original invention of “The Earthquake Machine“, invented by our Human History’s most revolutionary Mind of Electrical Sciences, Nikola Tesla.  While Nikola Tesla desired for his discoveries to further the progression of Humankind, ridding the world of poverty, hunger, and wars… Those in power have managed to use his discoveries for selfish purposes of control and domination.

Those familiar with HAARP even thought it may have been responsible for the Earthquake in Japan, just as Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez accused those in control of such an “Earthquake Machine” to have tested their invention on Haiti, when they experienced their devastating 7.0 Magnitude Earthquake on January 12th, 2010.

Well, in Theory, if HAARP was used to do what it is theorized to do, the effects on an Ecosystem like ours will last far beyond an immediate Earthquake and Tsunami.  The residual effects could have been responsible for why the Midwestern United States experienced such severe Tornado systems this year.  And of course with all these events, added after the massive flooding in Queensland, Australia… one can definitely say these times are looking quite Apocalyptic.

And now to the Earthquake that rattled Virginia, The Pentagon and New York yesterday.  While many skeptics may think that our world is too large to manipulate with events such as these.. Then maybe a major quake in this region could cause someone to reconsider their opinion.  And God forbid, we as the public masses become victims of a Tit-for-Tat battle between the powerful and controlling entities that dominate our world, targeting disastrous and unstable areas, like Nuclear Power Plants and Offices of Defense, with our lives as the sacrifice and collateral damage.

And to give this entire scene an even greater sense of purpose… The Earthquake even interrupted a New York Press Conference being held by Cy Vance, the Manhattan District Attorney, who was preparing to discuss why his offices decided to ask a judge to drop the Sexual Assault Charges against Former IMF President, Dominique Strauss Kahn.  Now if events like these don’t sound like Divine Interventions to you, then I guess some of us choose to live in denial more than others.

Whoever is responsible for what is not the issue… The issue is that the times are here, and they are now.

Brace yourselves… It’s About To Get Hot And Heavy.

Times are Gettin Serious Ladies And Gentlemen.  This is the Time of Prophecy.


Lyfe Of Rime: “The Kingdom Has Come” by Prophecy posted by on July 16, 2011

"The Kingdom Has Come" by Prophecy The Sun Of Hollywood"

Click On The Image Above Or The Players Below To Listen To

“The Kingdom Has Come” by Prophecy : The Sun Of Hollywood


This is about to be the first time that I’ve actually posted one of my songs on this blog.  And to help make your experience more enjoyable, I’m including all my lyrics to this song “The Kingdom Has Come“, Produced by Sol Eternity and Co-Produced by Jamie-Ill, Rich Juzwick and myself, Garry “Prophecy” Sun, The Sun Of Hollywood.  Performed, Vocals And Written by Prophecy.

For those who are deep into Hip-Hop Lyricism, I definitely recommend you read along to these lyrics for this one while listening to it in order to get the full impact… That is of course, if you can keep up.  My songs will definitely take you on a journey of what’s wrong with our world, the people in it, and what solutions we need to follow in order to make this change.  I dare you to examine the thoughts, words and rhyme patterns in this song.  You will be left nothing short of amazed.

But This Is What I Really Do.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with my music, this is the tip that I’m on, and I’m definitely on one.

If y’all like it, don’t worry, I’ve got more to come.  Enjoy.


Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.



Photo, Music And Lyrics By: www.SunOfHollywood.com


Whoah.. Whoah… Boom !!

Mr. Sun The Prophecy

And Soleternity, Together As One.

The Kingdom Has Come


Verse 1

Speak Of The Sun, I’m Like Freedom To Some

Release My Seeds To The Beat Of A Drum

Don’t Like This Style ? Got A Few Different Ones

But The Problem Is You Only Listen To Dumb

Don’t Blink Or You Might Be Missin’ The Fun

As We Sync And Unite Mr. Prophecy Sun

With The Soul Of He Known As Eternal One

Runnin’ The Race With Our Turbos On

Makin’ It Hard Like “Barbed Wire” is On

With Seduction From Pam Anderson

I’m Reppin’ The Prophecy, Mr. Sun

And Soleternity, The Minute He Comes

Bringin’ This Heat And He’s Givin’ Me Some

That’s All You Need When You Live In A Song

From Kingdom Come To Armageddon

Ima Blaze Each Track That Ima Get On

Then Me And Ill-Legal Get Our Market On

Trust Me Son, Aint Far Too Long

I’m Feelin’ Our Deaths Around The Corner

“Where Da Party At?”… Grab A Round Of Coronas

Celebrate The Fact We’ll All Be Goners

When We Face Our Fate The Day After Tomorrow

You Know This Truth Is Hard To Swallow

But Count Your Blessing, Every Second’s Borrowed


Chorus 2x

Kingdom Come, Sol And Sun

These Two Become The Coldest Ones

Prophecy And Soleternal

Watch Your Back, They Burn Infernos

“I Named You Mr. Sun, En Espanol, I Gave You Sol”

“I… I… Am… Am… Eternal”


Verse 2

Got Homeland Security Taking Funds

Now Oil By The Boatloads, Makin’ Tons

While Those At War Risk Life And Limb

Who’s The Real Dude We Should Be Questionin’?

When Too Much Power Is Vested In

Self-Motivated Profits Of Incompetence

Use A Little Bit More Common Sense

Do I Not Speak Truth In These Consonants?

Do I Not Fill The Void Of What’s Been Missin’?

Like Vince Vaughn To Jennifer Aniston?

“And The Bottomless Pitt Of Brangelina

Look What The Brand New Baby Ushered In

Not Usher The Artist Surname Raymond

But Usher In A Phase Of Adu-” … Ssshhh !!

I Bring A Cautious Wind

Questions Or Comments I Won’t Rescind

Deceptive Modes They Operatin’ In, And Fakin’ In

And All The Dough They’re Rakin’ In

You Sold Your Soul, So I Wave A Pen

From A Dying Breed Of The Bravest Men

Ain’t Too Much Can Save A Man

When He Speaks His Wrongs Then Says It Again

Last Man Laughin’, Know What Happened?

Come On Homey, I Had To Slap Him

Red In The Face Like My Man Sebastian

“Under The Sea” When His Claws Are Claspin’

“Proph ! Your Flows So Cold As Aspen !

Left Em Gaspin’ And Now They Askin”

“When You Comin’ Back This Way For Travellin’?”

“Pierced Us With Your Rhythmic Javelins !!”

“All Emcees These Days Are Babblin”

“I See You Fly Solo In The Class That You’re In”

Yes Misseur, In A League Of My Own

Either Love Me Or Leave Me Alone

No Time To Waste, I Gotta Stay In A Zone

With Ways Of Today Even Afraid Of My Own

Tossed And Thrown From The Trials I’m Hurled In

Costly Is Life, Like Feedin’ Your Girlfriend

Feel The Meteoric Rise Of This Media Whirlwind

As I’m Caught On Tape More Than The World Trade Twins


Chorus 2x

Kingdom Come, Sol And Sun

These Two Become The Coldest Ones

Prophecy And Soleternal

Watch Your Back, They Burn Infernos

“I Named You Mr. Sun, En Espanol, I Gave You Sol”

“I… I… Am… Am… Eternal”


Verse 3

I’m Trying To Supply This Growing Demand

Of “The Golden Child” Grown Into A Man

On Success I’ll Bet My Whole Advance

Ladies And Gentlemen, Time To Dance

As The Horses Are Runnin’ Straight For The Gate (Hee-Haw)

Hope Is Comin’ To You Not Too Late

Diseased Our People, I Inoculate

From The Birth Of The Seed That I Ovulate

Fashionably I’ll Be Late

To Your Great Events And Take The Cake

Crashing Banquets, Flippin’ Tables

Like I’m Strung Out On Caine Showing All Who’s Able

I Came Here To Do Us All A Favor

Hip-Hop Needs A Soulful Savior

Our Very Own Professor Xavier

“Mind Over Matter” The Lesson For Today, So…

Grab Your Books And Run On Home

Call The Cops And Tell Your Moms

Prophecy Been Doing Wrong

Like Anchorman Saying “When In Rome”

Leaving All Your Brains All Bent, I Know

Man, These Brainwaves Leave ‘Em Blown

And The Flow’s So Bad To The Bone

Me Fall Off ? Unfathomable

But Be Known As Official ?  Man… Fa-Shizzle

Even Though He Don’t Pack A Pistol

But The Verbals Get You Like A Gatling Missile

I’ll Spit It Twice And Throw It Right Back At You

Packin’ A Punch On Those Thought They ILL

Whacker Than Drama Of The Hollywood Hills

And This Ain’t No Act, No Vaudeville

Man At Last Year’s Shows

They Applaudin’ Still


Chorus 2x

Kingdom Come, Sol And Sun

These Two Become The Coldest Ones

Prophecy And Soleternal

Watch Your Back, They Burn Infernos

“I Named You Mr. Sun, En Espanol, I Gave You Sol”

“I… I… Am… Am… Eternal”


Written by Prophecy


Click On The Image Above Or The Player Below To Listen To

“The Kingdom Has Come” by Prophecy The Sun Of Hollywood


Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.



Photo, Music And Lyrics By: www.SunOfHollywood.com



EXCLUSIVE PHOTO GALLERY: Sam Jones And The Shannon Twins Have A Royal Memorial posted by on May 31, 2011

Aint No Party Like A Sam And Twins Party Cause A Shannon Twins Party Don't Stop

Sam Jones just keeps cashin’ in on his “2-For-1 Shannon Twins Special“, as displayed by spending a Royal Memorial at “XIV” with the two Blonde Bombshell-alikes this past Sunday.

No... You're not seeing Double. But If You Did, There Would Be 4 Of Them... Which Is NOT A Bad Thing

These girls have been hittin up pool parties like mad with Black Hef, and they def had what looks like a Celebratory weekend.  XIV was mad crackin on Sunday too, as the Drai’s Pool Party crowd found their way around there come late afternoon.

Sam Says... "I'm Lovin' It"

The Trio were mad late though… I guess they had to make a stop at the McDonald’s Drive-Thru.  McDonald’s really aint on their speed game these days.

All Of "XIV" Pauses... And Takes A Deeeeeep Breath

Scott Storch even dropped by the party, in his Silver Ferrari.  Really XIV was looking more like a Beach than a Lounge spot, but we all know, the party didn’t get really krackin till Sam showed up with Karissa and Kristina.

Kristina Shows Karissa The New Trick She Learned With SunOfHollywood.com

Even In A Celebration Fit For A King… Few Can Dream Of These Two Queens

Yeah, you know you wish they were lookin at you the way they look at SunOfHollywood.com


Exclusive Photos: SunOfHollywood.com


Exclusive Photos: SunOfHollywood.com




EXCLUSIVE: Before Mother’s Day Is Over… Here’s What The World Really Thinks Of 2 Reality TV Show Moms posted by on May 8, 2011

Daaamn !!! Looks like Kris Jenner and Lynn Patridge need to clean up their act

Wow… this is just downright sad.

So ya know, anybody who has a blog site can get their statistics measured in many different ways.  One of those ways, is how people found your blog site after searching you out on search engines, such as Google, Yahoo or Bing.

And these two common themes keep popping up on how people are finding my site, which of course has only been up for about 5 weeks now.

1) Kris Jenner is Greedy

2) Lynn Patridge Alcoholic

So to the mother’s of the Kardashian Klan and Audrina Patridge

Please clean up your act.  Sad to say, you may be on TV and all, but this is what the public really thinks of you.

These search terms, or terms like it keep coming up.  They literally stare me down in the face each and every day.

And sadly, the terms “Lynn Patridge Alcoholic” keeps climbing, and not a day goes by where I don’t see it.

Ladies, you’re embarassing your daughters.


Exclusive Photo: www.SunOfHollywood.com

PREVIEW: Lindsay Lohan Hides Behind Tyler’s Shields posted by on May 8, 2011

Just To Get You Starting On This All Night Partying

Lindsay Lohan was the Guest Of Honor at tonight’s Art Exhibit held by acclaimed artist and photographer Tyler Shields in Downtown Los Angeles tonight.

Lindz def did her best to hide behind Tyler’s Shields… Complete with fake Ak’s and Bodyguards in play

Check back for more on tonight’s party and Lindsay Kleptohand

Photo: www.SunOfHollywood.com