Giulini Wever.. A Lethal Weapon For Hearts To Remember posted by on October 22, 2012

Holy Hot Dayum... Feast Ur Eyes On Giulini Wever... When It Comes To Lookin Lethal.. She's Playing Games Never

For The Month of November….

Giulini Wever has been chosen to grace the pages of the November issue of Muscle & Fitness Magazine, on Newsstands now !!

Yes, Giulini has been highly touted for her physical fitness prowess, as not only a Personal Trainer to the the Stars, like Mischa Barton and Kate Upton, but girl kicks Major A$$ with her 2nd Degree Black Belt tucked nicely in her continually growing catalog of Talents and Beauty.  So yes, not only are the Aesthetics of this Celestial Being Lethal… But she’ll hand yera$$ to you as well !!

And… judging by the looks of this Spread in Muscle & Fitness, these damn Publication are certainly on Point for showing off the physique that takes years of Martial Arts, Kickboxing and Yoga to chisel.  A Work of God Art Indeed.

Pick Up This Issue Which Features Giulini Wever.. Believe You Me, It's A Moment To Remember

And Keep Ur Eyes out for this New York Native, Cause we can Absolutely Guarantee that quite a few more Glossy Pages are gonna wanna jump on the Giulini Bandwagon… And leave all yer tails waggin

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com

Photo: Muscle & Fitness Magazine

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com

Photo: Muscle & Fitness Magazine


Nikki Giavasis And Her Goddess Girls Takeover Hollywood For “GG Magazine” posted by on September 24, 2012

Nikki Giavasis & Her Goddess Girls... In The Hottest Heavenly Takeover Hollywood Has Ever Laid Eyes On

Hottest Hollywood Takeover Ever !!!

Model & Author Nikki Giavasis Took Over Hollywood… Complete With Her Golden Army of “Goddess Girls” which consists of Such Hottness and SunOfHollywood.com Favorites as Korrina Rico, Gricelda Chavez, Christiane Kroll, Siri Blomquist, Amber Cosich, Skye MacDonald, Karina Chapa, Ashley Le, Gina Alexandra, Monica Weitzel, And The Page Twins.. Catherine & Noel.

Their Takeover Journey Began with a nice, Hopefully Non-Radioactive Sushi Dinner at Katsuya in Hollywood, where they def bedazzled over all other tables in the vicinity.

The ladies then took the celebration over to Infusion Lounge at Universal City Walk, where they partied the night away in Definitely THE ABSOLUTELY HOTTEST VIP TABLE in the House…. Haha… And if y’all were there, you know the Double Entendre.

Nothing wrong with a buncha Hot Chicks gettin EVEN HOTTER in VIP… Believe You Me !!

But the Real Reason It’s all For is to Launch Nikki’s Very Own Imprint of Issues… “GG MagazineDesigned to Empower Women both Personally AND Professionally, with the Goal of Celebrating Women Who Are Truly the Legitest of Triple Threats… Those With Beauty, Brains AND Talent !!  Much Props to Nikki for focusing on Inspiring Women to Succeed on Their Own.

Yes, we got lots to show you from this night, so you better Stay In Tune… If You Want Your Heart To Skip More Than A FEW Beats


I Guess You Could Just Call This Table "THE BEST SUPPER"

The Cover Of Attention

Nikki Giavasis Is Red HoTT

Yikes !! If Looks Could Kill... Youda Been Dead Before You Were Even Born !!

You're Seeing Double.. And A Hott Triple


Mesmer-Eyezed... One Mo Gen

Either Way You Look At It... Cardiac Arrest !!!

Party Over Here !!! Get Widdit !!

Korrina Rico Keepin It Peaceful... Drop Dead Gorgeous, Her Beauty Is Beast Mode

You Wish This Siri Would Respond To Your Questions

Christiane Kroll and Siri Blomquist... The Sisters Of Scandinavia

Social Saturdays at Infusion Lounge... Sorry Y'all... It's All Downhill From Here

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com

Photos: SunOfHollywood.com


Photos: SunOfHollywood.com


SunOfHollywood.com Explores The Talent, Beauty And Artistry Of Celeste Thorson posted by on January 19, 2012

Celeste Thorson's Heart And Soul Are Exotic As She Appears

Celeste Thorson is not just a woman who is seemingly able to relate to all walks of life… But she actually Embodies all walks of life, both inwardly and outwardly in her life’s experiences.

Celeste carries within herself an ecclectic genetic mix, being of Korean, Scottish Irish, Lebanese, Apache American and Spanish Descent.  But aside from her exotic background, she comes from an even more exotic upbringing.  Celeste has lived an incredibly full life, with her Mother and Grandmother both being Artists, and her Father as a US Marine, Celeste is a Rare Jewel who not only encompasses an inward beauty, but an outward beauty that is a direct result from the loving family she was raised in, and the various experiences she was handed by those who cared for her.

Celeste Thorson Is A Beacon Of Light In An Industry Known For Losing The Fight

I Suggest You Be Left Speechless Right Now

Beauty, Brains, Talent And Brawn / With A Combo Like This You Have To Press On

Celeste was born in Orange County, California, but grew up in New Mexico, Texas and California, and also spent time in Guanajuato, Mexico while studying at the International Art Colony of San Miguel De Allende, following in the footsteps of her Mother and Grandmother.

And what makes this Amazing Wonder tick is not just beauty, art, talent and intellect, but she also an amazing heart… becoming incredibly involved in Political Activism while still a teenager working with groups like Sierra Club, GreenPeace, HRC, Calpirg and Save the Children.

A Smile That Means The World... No, I Mean Literally

Across Ocean Shores, The World Be The Canvas To Which Her Heart Pours

But it’s when Celeste began to scratch the surface of her 20’s when she finally began to step into her calling in the Entertainment Industry.  Celeste has gone to star in shows like “How I Met Your Mother” starring Neil Patrick Harris, and Destination X, where she not only hosted, but also wrote episodes for and even performed her own Death Defying stunts on camera, showing that her beauty also encompasses brawn.

Corona Light Aynt Got Nuffin On This Celestial Light

But with that strength comes the heart of a true Pioneer and Innovator who is not just one to take opportunity, but also one to make opportunities.  Celeste has already become deeply involved in Writing, Producing, and even Directing her own projects, like her latest work “Hit Girl”, to not only express herself with greater control and artistic license, but also to give opportunities to rising artists who have a tendency to be overlooked in a Superficial Hollywood.

What you get is one of those Women and Individuals that you wish this Entertainment Industry had more of.  A true mover, shaker and motivator in a realm where the Status Quo is exactly what it is, stagnant and questionable.

Oh yeah... She'll Probably Kick yera$$ too !!

We at SunOfHollywood.com are excited to have had this Exclusive Interview with an incredibly gifted Young Lady who will clearly move Mountains when Change and Hope in the Entertainment Industry are just as bleak as the World it originates in.

So Congratulations to the Beautiful and Incredibly Talented Celeste Thorson, and we guarantee she will be your Heroine too.

Just don’t get too addicted to lookin at this Heroine’s pics ya heard ?

Just As Sure As A Flower May Bloom / Heads Will Turn When Celeste Enters A Room

Visit Celeste’s Official Site at www.CelesteThorson.com

And Follow her on Twitter at twitter.com/CelesteThorson

And be sure to check out our Exclusive Interview with this Dyanmic Inspiration by clicking on the Video below

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com







Lindsay Lohan Wants To Get Beat By Chris Brown… I Mean, Meet Chris Brown posted by on August 30, 2011

I Think Lindsay Lohan Has Taken Too Many Blows To The Head... And Is Begging For More

Lindsay Lohan looks like she may have done one too many pharmaceuticals this week !

After praising Chris Brown’s performance, which Jay-Z refused to recognize, Lindsay sent the following statement from her Twitter:


And it looks like she was thinking about Chris’s performance all night long, cause then she decided to ask him the following day, also via Twitter:

And Dumber

If Rihanna is Lindsay’s Idol, I think she should go about it a different way.  I don’t know about you, but Lindsay’s antics in the past few years have definitely begged the question as to whether or not the Trainwreck has a screw loose… And she’s proven it now that she wants to screw a loser.

Don’t get me wrong.  Chris Brown is in fact a very talented man.. in more ways than one.  But dude really needs to stop acting like a kid who was privileged and praised since a child who never learned how to mature into a man.

Until then, I kinda feel sorry for “LiLonely“.  She doesn’t know which gender to go for, she has no jobs, and she looks like she’s losing all her physical features to health deteriorating substances.  That with lawsuits against Pitbull for Freedom of Expression, it really looks like Lindsay has completely spiraled out of control.

While some new couples trade vows… These two can trade Rap sheets.  And I’m not talking about Lyrics.


Photo: www.SunOfHollywood.com


Photo: www.SunOfHollywood.com