EXCLUSIVE: Life Is Still A Walk In The Park For Melissa Molinaro And Her Besties posted by on June 25, 2011

Not Even SunOfHollywood.com Can Stop This Girl From Livin Her Life The Way She Lives It

Melissa Molinaro decided to tell the world to quiet all its hootin and hollerin for a minute, and took some time out to do what she does best… And that’s being a mom to her besties.

Yes my friend... Most Men Chase Melissa Molinaro With Very Little Success

She was spotted yesterday taking a walk in the park with her two domestic pets… or shall I say more like her little childrens, just to show the world that all its madness surrounding her recent discovery means nothing when it comes to living a life just as normal as the next person.

Media Scrutiny Can't Wipe The Smile Off This Supernova's Face

So we all have heard this week that it’s been revealed she is currently dating New Orleans Saints Running Back, Reggie Bush.  Of course you heard it, cause apparently everybody heard it… Catapulting searches on “Melissa Molinaro” and related searches to #1 On Google… And her name stayed atop the Google Trends Charts for pretty much the better part of the day on Thursday.  Imagine how your phone must be ringin off the hook if millions of people are looking up your name?  Yeah, that’s madness.

Nobody Bursts Melissa's Bubble, Cause Melissa's Bubble Is Just Too Firm ;)

But not to Melissa Molinaro.  She just flew back from the UK after a whirlwind promotional tour for her new film “Honey 2” which also included some personal performances of her music.  And things are slightly different for her now that she’s returned from the other side of the pond, but she is looking  just a bit unphased.  She’s pretty much walking her dogs like any other person would…

Even When Pulled In Different Directions... Melissa Molinaro Always Maintains Her Balance

!!! You Lucky Dog !!!

Aside from the fact that she’s super hott, super talented… will dance circles around thata$$, and is wearing the kind of short shorts that’ll put Nair to shame and  make most men forget their name.

See Her Technique Of Perfection... Her Form, Her Balance... Her Power

"But I have to go really bad !!" "Not Right Now.. That Guy's Still There... It's Embarassing"

"I can't Hold it anymore !! I don't care if Millions of people see me on the internet tomorrow"

Yes, Melissa keeps herself poised and balanced… As she should, Because…

Superstardom Of Supernova Status Is Suddenly Here To Stay


Wouldn't you hate it if you had to watch her walk away from you? Yeah... I didn't hate it much either ;)


Exclusive Photos: www.SunOfHollywood.com


Exclusive Photos: www.SunOfHollywood.com