Paula “The Bare Ass” Labaredas Lives Up To Her Legendary Name posted by on September 29, 2011

I Think The World Finally "Ended"

Ever since Paula Labaredas Has Been Running Circles Around The Industry And All Those Who See Her…

She mysteriously picked up the nickname “The Bare Ass” even though she never even showed her bare ass… That is Until TODAY !!!

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, Today is your lucky day. “The Bare Ass” has truly come at last. Now while all couldn’t deny that she had an incredible derriere underneath all those tight jeans and small outfits she would wear, it was still all left up to the imagination.

Well imagine no more folks !! Cause Paula has set to reveal to all just how perfect a round bottom she has… thanks again to her Portuguese roots and strict Vegetarian Diet, along with some powerful Yoga and stringent Workouts to keep her body in the proper shape… for all your eyes to enjoy !!

I Don't Think Anyone Would Mind A Girl Like Her Pointing A Gun In Their Direction

So enjoy… As Paula gives “Vampirella” a huuuge run for her moneymaker, even sporting Caramel Brunette Tresses just to fit the part.

This was a photo shoot Paula recently did at Meltdown Comics in Hollywood, to promote her role in the upcoming Documentary, “ComicCosplay” Directed by Dave Edwards. The same guy who was lucky enough to be behind the lens of this behind.

I think the World Wide Web Will Catch On World Wide Fire From Here On Out.

After All… Labaredas is Portuguese for “Flames

Paula's Perfection


Photos: Dave Edwards


Photos: Dave Edwards 

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