The Celebrity Bodyguard Group of Beverly Hills turns 45 posted by on December 28, 2012

Happy Four-Five

The Bodyguard Group of Beverly Hills,
owned by Famous celebrity Bodyguard and U.S. Veteran Kris Herzog,
was founded by his late father in 1967 as a FREE job referral group for U.S. Veterans.

45 years later they are still referring the world’s rich and famous to their Elite Military members,
including Navy SEAL Team Veterans, Delta Force Veterans and any other Tier 1 Special Operations Veterans.
The members of The Bodyguard Group of Beverly Hills have protected an Exclusive members only list
of the who’s who of the world’s rich and famous, check out their website for their 45 year Celebrity Bodyguard
work history in photos and videos.

The Bodyguard Group of Beverly Hills now sells KIDS Armored BulletProof Backpacks and offers
School Survival and Safety training, including Active Shooter drills and Tactical training.
Although their website www.TheBodyguardGroup.com shows over 500 photos and videos of the Celebrity Bodyguard work,
it ONLY shows about 1% of their 45 year history, as 99% of the time, their work and clients names are classified and confidential.
Their motto is:
A 45 year PERFECT RECORD ~ NO ~ Client injuries EVER since 1967.
100% U.S. Veterans, Hire US & a U.S. Veteran gets a Job.
Anything ~ Anywhere ~ Anytime ~ NO EXCUSES ~ JUST RESULTS
Please check out their 45 year history in photos and videos here:

The Bodyguard Group of Beverly Hills Est. 1967
100% U.S. Veterans ~ Hire US & A U.S. Veteran gets a Job ~ Support the Troops
Over 45 years 100% FREE job placement for Navy SEAL, SF and ALL U.S. Veterans
We pay YOU a CASH referral fee up to $ 1,000.000.00 for any jobs you refer to us
A 45 year NO EXCUSES PERFECT record: NO client or team members Injuries EVER !
GOD BLESS and Pray for The Men, Women and Families of the United States Armed Forces

Please view our 45 year Navy SEAL history, work photo’s & video’s at: www.TheBodyguardGroup.com
This post sponsored by www.TheBodyguardGroup.com
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Donate To The Navy SEAL & Special Forces At The Bodyguard Group
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The Bodyguard Group Exercises Your Right To Bear Arms… With A Level 10 Armored Lincoln
Donate To The Navy SEAL & Special Forces At The Bodyguard Group
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