This Dude Turned Himself Into A Mechanized Drill-Powered Centaur posted by on July 15, 2015

Izzy Swan is a creative dude… he tinkers around with normal household items and creates working mechanisms that are usually powered by nothing more than a cordless power drill.

Well, it seems like he’s created the ultimate invention for a power drill, and that’s this amazing walking mechanism you see here. It reminds me a bit of a Chariot straight out of Spartacus, mixed with the ergonomics of the rear legs of a horse, giving a virtual illusion that you’re being followed by a Centaur.

Izzy was inspired by Theo Jansen’s Walking Beasts… you might have seen them. He creates huge animal like walking structures, such as an elephant, and this was Izzy’s inspiration.

I can’t wait to see these things mass produced. Cause I would definitely buy one

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